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FROM BISHOP KEVIN VAN K NN: Notif fication of Communication To f ools

Dear Bro others and Sisters in Chris st,

We live in an age of in nstant commu unications. While our Chur and faith are firmly roo W rch oted by centur ries tions, we mus learn to acc st commodate what is "new" and to adopt those tools w old tradit and adva ances that ma appropriat ay tely enhance the fulfillment of our missio as Catholics. t t on The Dioc cese of Orang is adding important new components to its alread proven inte ge w s dy ernet platform m www.rcb Our web bsite was visit 244,068 ti ted imes last year alone - and recently enab bled news of my installatio on as your new bishop to be shared with millions more. Now, w add to this an all-new Fa o w m we acebook page e, onal Bishop's Blog, and for those favoring only the b s briefest form o communica of ations...a Twit tter my perso feed. My goal is to provide all regional Catholics with accurate, com C mprehensive information. While our parish nities remain the bedrock of the Church, each of you is also a citiz of the tenth-largest, on of t o zen ne commun the most economically and culturally diverse Ca t atholic dioces in the natio se on. By adopting a broad spectrum of communicatio tools we w better serv your inform s c ons will ve mation needs deliverin timely news in the mann you most prefer, and in the language most worka ng s ner n able for you. In this way the social me edia means of communica o ation can now become an e w even more eff fective means of s ching the Gos spel anew to t people of our time, in t era of the the f the living our Catholic Faith; and preac vangelization." "New Ev To learn how to use Facebook, to establish a Tw F witter accoun or to subsc nt, cribe to my Blog - please v visit and follow the direct tions provided on the open d ning page. www.rcb

Happy New Year, and welcome to our commun N d nications futur re!

Diocese of Orange Media Re O elations Office | 714-282-3075 | m 7 | https://www.rc g