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What is a man?

By: Tavias Johnson

School: Central High
Play games, go to the movies, eat
out, and skating.
Both Boys and Girls are Shaped By
their Fathers
► Fathers are Important
A Must Be A Father
Fatherhood is the Crown of
► Discuss African Manhood
► Face the stereotypes and myths
► Set goals
Father of Negative Ideas
► Thomas Jefferson-
Stereo-typed Black Males
► Jefferson wrote, (Black
Slaves) needed less sleep
► No ability to love
► Sex is more important
than love to Blacks
► Blacks are inferior to
Whites (Less than)
Origin the Dozen
► What is the playing the Dozen
► Joking about someone or a person’s mother
► Insult one another
► Humiliate one another
► Abuse one another
► The winner was the cruelest who managed
to keep cool
Society is Cruel to Black Males
Stereotyping Promotes the Cruelty
► Violence ► Hate
► Dislike
► Evilness
► Racial Profiling
► Jail
► Death
What Does it Take to Be a Man?
► Men must define
► Know who you are
► Control their environment
► Men defend their family
► Men protect woman and
► Men provided their family
► Men live by truth
African American Male
► Must know about the True
Nature of man
► Man is an individual who is
to shape it own character
► Master his own will
► Direct his own life
► Shape his own ends
► There is nothing ordinary
about a real man
Vision of Black Male
► Material things don’t
makes a man
► Sex don’t makes a man
► Violence don’t makes a
► Alcohol don’t makes a man
► Dope don’t makes a man
► True character makes a
► Fatherhood is the crown
of man hood
Strength as an African American Man

► Marriage
► Slow to angry
► Physical strength
► Emotional strength
► Spiritual strength
► Mental strength
Modes of Strength
► Physical- is the ability to ► Mental- is the ability to use
use and develop both and develop your natural
muscular power and intelligence as well as
material possessions academic knowledge.

► Spiritual- is the ability to ► Emotional- is the ability to

accept the influence of get in contact with and
higher value and the accept your feelings and
courage to act. express them in
relationships with other