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Nursing Nursing

Assessment Inference Planning Rationale Evaluation

Diagnosis Intervention

Subjective: Breastfeeding, Inability to (STG) (Independent) The mother

“Palaging gutom ineffective r/t demonstrate After 8 hours of >Explain the benefits >to promote understands the
ang baby ko unsatisfactory proper breast Nursing of breast feeding, the breast feeding importance and
kaya iyak ng feeding process feeding Intervention, mechanisms involve because breast benefits of
iyak” as technique the baby will be in lactation, the milk contains all breastfeeding and
verbalized by the able to stop proper breast care the necessary demonstrates
patient crying ad will and most especially nutrients a baby proper breast
show the proper breast needs for the first feeding technique.
satisfactory feeding position. 6 months of life
Objective: response to >Assist the (The goal was
>the baby breastfeeding breastfeeding process >to promote completely met)
doesn’t respond process as needed bonding between
to other comfort > Increase fluid mother and child
measures given (LTG) intake
by the mother After a couple >Discuss the >Breastfeeding
of months of importance of delays ovulation
Nursing adequate nutrition and therefore the
Intervention, during lactation possibility of
the baby will another
gain weight and pregnancy
will receive
adequate >Breastfeeding
amount of milk helps stop
supply. bleeding after