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BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT- ASSIGNMENT TOPICS 1) Write an exhaustive notes on the various micro environmental factors that influence a business?

2) Discuss the various macro environmental factors, which can have an impact on business? 3) What is environmental scanning? Why is environmental scanning important for running a business. Illustrate with the help of an example? 4) Prepare an assignment on the role of ethics in decision making in the Indian corporate? 5) Ethics and profit go together, Discuss this statement? 6) Expenditure in social responsibility is not an expenditure, but rather an investment, Discuss the statement. 7) Discuss how organizations are using social responsibility strategically? Illustrate with a help of a real business example? 8) Write short notes on social audit, its benefits and methods of social audit? 9) What is corporate Governance? Discuss the scope and importance of corporate governance? 10) What is the difference between society and culture? Discuss the role of family in decision making while purchasing something. 11) Explain the impact of socio-cultural environment on business? 12) Discuss the family Life cycle and its role in decision making of an individual? 13) Discuss the changing role of women in the present society? 14) Describe the various cultural values and how they influence the individual as a consumer? 15) Discuss how government influence business?

16) What is a financial system? Describe in brief the various components of the financial system? 17) Discuss the characteristics of the Indian money market and also describe its various instruments? 18) Write notes on mutual funds,& capital market and its relevance in business? 19) Write short notes on various development banks like IDBI, IFCI, SIDBI?

What is the role of development banks in the economy?

21) Describe briefly the development of stock exchange in India? 22) Discuss the function and power of SEBI? 23) Explain the terms, ORTCEI, NSE & BSE? 24) Write notes on structural changes in the economy after independence? 25) Explain the policy, structure and performance of agricultural sector on business? 26) Explain the policy, structure and performance of Industry sector on business 27) Explain the policy, structure and performance of service sector on business 28) Discuss the impact of globalization on business? 29) Explain the term national income and its methods of measurement? 30) Explain how national income act as an indicator of development of economy? 31) Explain the role of human & physical infrastructure for industrial development 32) Discuss the role of PSUs to the Indian economy ? 33) What is disinvestment? What is the difference between privatization and disinvestment? what are the problems with privatization in India?

34) Write notes on various policies like industrial policies, export and import policies and its effect on business?

What is globalization and Write short notes on WTO, IPR, TRIPS AND TRIMS

and their functions? 36) In todays dynamic world it is only technology/ innovation which can give strategic advantage-Give a critical comment on this statement? 37) Discuss the role of technology in the development of business in India? 38) Explain in detail the economic effects and social consequences of technology and its changes? 39) What is monetary policy? Discuss the factors which influence the supply of money in the economy? 40) Monetary policy and fiscal policy are complementary? Discuss the statement 41) Discuss how monetary policy influences inflation? 42) Discuss how RBI regulates the supply of money in the country?