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NAME BAR CLOSE VOLUME SPREAD CHANGE UP-THRUST - Trap up move down low avg vwide wide UP-THRUST

- Basic up low vhigh vwide avg UP-THRUST - Basic up low high avg narrow UP-THRUST - Basic up low low avg narrow UP-THRUST- Trap up move down low vhigh uwide wide UP-THRUST - After weakness down low avg wide narrow REVERSE UP-THRUST up high high wide nop SHAKE OUT up high high wide vwide LIKELY MARKET TOP up high high narrow narrow ABSORPTION VOLUME down high uhigh uwide unarrow STOPPING VOLUME Gap down/down high high narrow narrow FALLING PRESSURE down low low wide wide BUYING CLIMAX up high vhigh vwide nop EFFORT TO RISE up high high wide nop EFFORT TO FALL down low high wide nop SELLING PRESSURE up high high vwide uwide SUPPLY COMING IN down low high vwide wide END OF A RISING MARKET Gap up/up middle/h igh high narrow vwide NO DEMAND up middle low narrow vnarrow NO DEMAND up high vlow narrow vnarrow NO DEMAND up high low average average NO PROGRESS ON UP VOLUME (not a tradeguider indicator) Gap up/up middle high average/wide vwide INCREASE SELLING- SUPPLY PRESENT down low uhigh uwide uwide SELLING CLIMAX down/up?(doubts) high high/vhigh wide/vwide nop NARROW SPREADS AND HIGH VOLUME (SQUAT BARS) up high?(do ubts) high narrow nop BAG HOLDING down low high/vhigh narrow nop (not sure if this is a TG indicator. Ive seen it in a forum)

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