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Teacher Training College Language and Culture II

Questionnaire on WWI.

1. Which were the indirect causes of WWI?

2. What sparked the beginning of the war?

3. Why was the trench warfare so important?

4. What did the Schiefeld Plan consist of and why did it fail?

5. Which were the most important battles during the war?

6. Why did the U.S.A. enter the war? Why was this so crucial?

7. What happened to Russia on the Easter Front?

8. In which battle was gas used for the first time?

9. What type of jobs did women have before and after the war?

10. Why did women gain the right to vote?

11. Why were weapons and technologies so important?

12. Which was the most powerful weapon used in WWI and why?

13. What type of food was available?

14. Which were the most serious health problems?

15. How was the League of Nations organized?

16. Which were the terms of the Threaty of Versalles?

17. Which were the geographical changes at the end of the war?