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Questionnaire on Discurse

1. Chapter III

a. State and describe the elements of communication and the

macrofunctions of language.

b. Comment briefly on Speech Act Theory’s origins. What do we mean by

declarations and performatives?

c. Define these technical terms:

i. Locution

ii. Illocution

iii. Perlocution

d. Summarize 3.15

2. Chapter IV

a. What is the Birmingham School of Discurse Analysis?

b. Why is the contribution of this school so important?

c. What type of division of Discourse Typology have we traditionally had?

What new one does Cook suggest?

d. Can we include conversation as a type of discourse? What do we mean

by Conversation Analysis?

e. What is the gist in 4.9?

3. Chapter VII

a. Mention the two approaches to discourse processing and explain them.

Which can be considered as holistic and which one is atomistic?

b. Which type of argument would be considered against traditional

atomistic approach?