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Space Maintainers

Your child has lost a baby tooth too early.

Sometimes dentists place a space maintainer in the mouth to keep a space open until the adult tooth comes in.

However, studies have shown that: Early loss of a baby tooth may or may not result
in crowded back teeth.

Space maintainers may not always keep the space

open until the adult teeth come in.

Space maintainers may cause harm, including

cavities and gum infections and may block the eruption of the adult teeth. It is for those reasons that Toronto Public Health dental clinics do not provide space maintainers.

Space maintainers may be used if your child:

a) Brushes his or her teeth twice daily b) Has a low sugar diet c) Visits a private dentist twice a year for dental checkups If you have concerns about whether or not your child should have a space maintainer, we advise you to consult a family dentist.