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1. My ecological footprint turned out to be very low, i.e. 0.8 global hectares of the Earths productive area.

If everybody lived the same lifestyle as me, humanity would require the regenerative capacity of 0.4 planets each year. (lesser than an average Indian) Factors responsible for this: 1) Our hostel lifestyle (2 persons in one room) 2) I keep myself mainly to the campus of IIT Ropar (no transport requirements) 3) Pure vegetarian lifestyle Its very difficult to reduce it even further. One possible way to reduce it even further is put restriction on our use of technology (use of laptop and mobile phones) . I should buy cheaper laptop and mobile phone. 2. Greenhouse gas emission: a) Breathing b) Burning of fuels c) Driving of vehicles d) Maintain farms of animals meant to be consumed as food e) When a forest catches fire by itself f) War g) Erecting buildings by cutting trees h) Power plants, industries i) Eruption of volcanoes Increase in particulates that may lead to solar dimming: a) Flying of aerolanes b) Power plants, industries c) Eruption of volcanoes 3.