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Failure to attend school regularly is considered a serious breach of school regulations and
will lead to prosecution.

To ensure that pupils recognise the importance of attendance all teachers will give regular
attendance a high profile. The attendance policy is crucial on two levels, checking for
truancy and checking against truancy.

Every pupil must ensure their attendance is marked in the register. Any student arriving after
the 8.35am bell is late.

If a pupil arrives after the registration period, she must report to the General Office and sign

A note from parents is required explaining absence which is unavoidable.

A covering letter plus appointment card is also required for all Medical and Dental

Unexplained absences will be followed up by Form Tutor and Head of Year.

Extended leave (includes family holiday)

Requests for extended leave must be made in writing to the Headteacher. If there is an
absence of more than six weeks, the pupil may have to re-apply for admission.

Lunch arrangements
Y7-Y11 pupils have school meal, or packed lunch. They are not allowed outside the
premises during the dinner break.

Y12-Y13 pupils only may leave the premises during the dinner break.


All pupils should arrive in school BEFORE 8.30am.

On the bell at 8.35am all pupils should go quietly to their form base or appointed class.

When the end of lesson bell rings pupils should wait until the teacher stops the lesson and
dismisses them, they then go quickly and quietly to the next lesson.

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