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DISCOURSE ANALYSIS Continuum Discourse Series Series Editor: Professor Ken Hyland, Institute of Education, University of London Discourse is one of the most significant concepts of contemporary thinking in the humanities and social sciences as it concerns the ways language mediates and shapes our interactions with cach other and with the social, political and cultural formations of our society. The Continuum Discourse Series aims to capture the fast-developing interest in discourse tu provide students, new and expcrienced tea- chers and researchers in applied linguistics, ELT and English language with an essential bookshelf. Each book deals with a core topic in discourse studies to give an in-depth, structured and readable intro- duction to an aspect of the way language in used in real life. Other titles in the series (forthcoming): Metadiscourse: Exploring Interaction in Writing Ken Hyland Using Corpora in Discourse Analysis Paul Baker Spoken Discourse: An introduction Helen de Silva Joyce and Diana Slade Historical Discourse: The Language of Time, Cause and Evaluation Caroline Coffin Media Discourse Joanna Thornborrow Professional Discourse Britt-Louise Gunnarsson An Introduction to Critical Discourse Analysis Carmen Rosa Caldas-Coulthard and Malcolin Coulthard Discourse Analysis An Introduction Brian Paltridge NS continuum aaa maa P 2020 P23 2°86 ‘continuum aw ‘The Tower Buiiding 80 Maiden Lane 41 York Road Suite 704 Cc Tondo SE1 7NX ow ontents New York, NY 10038 © Brian Paltridge 2006 : Reprinted 2007, 2008 List of Boxes ix . List of Figures x All rights reserved. No part uf this publication may be reproduced or trans- | List of Tables xi mitted in any form or by any imuwans, electronic or mechanical, including Acknowledgements xdi Photocopying, recording, or any infurimation storage or retrieval system, without prior pormission in writing frou: the publishers. Chapter 1 What is discourse analysis? 1 Rrian Paltridge has asserted his right under the Cupyright, Designs and Patents Act, 1988, to be identified as Author of this work, , net is Giscourse analysis? analysis ; Casablanca used courtesy of Wamer Bros, Entertainment Inc. 1.3 Differences hetween spoken and written Sex and the City used courtesy of HBO, A Time Warner Entertaimuent Gom- discourse 13 pany 14 Summary BR 19 1.5 Discussion questions 20 British Library Catalnguing-in-Publication Data 1.6 Directions for further reading 21 A catalogue record for this hook is available from tho British, Library. ISBN: HB: 978-0-9264-8856-4 Chapter 2 Discourse and suciely 23 PB: 978-0-8264-9557~1 2,1 Discourse communities and speech communities 24 2.2 Speech communities and spoken and written discourse 27 2.3 Discourse and language choice 29 2.4 Discourse, social class and social networks 31 2.5 Discourse and gender 31 2.6 Nisenurse and sexuality a7 2.7 Discourse and identity 38 2.8 Discourse and ideology AS 2.9 Conclusion 48 2.10 Discussion questions 48 2.11 Data analysis projects 49 2.12 Directions for further reading 50 Chapter 3 Discourse and pragmatics 52 Typeset by YET Ltd, 1 3.1 What is pragmatics? . 53 YP’ y d, London 3.2 Language, context and discourse 53 Printed and bound in Great Britain by MPG Books Ltd, Bodmin, Cornwall 3.3. Speech acts and discourse 55