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Why I Want a Wife

Tuesday, February 03, 2009
12:52 PM Expository: Explanatory
Purpose: To make someone understand why wives are
Afternoon of an American Boy neglected
Type: Narrative Audience: Men who neglect their wives, wives who feel
Purpose: Share an experience neglected, people who generally do not appreciate
Audience: Anybody old enough to date women as homemakers.
Tone: (humorous), guilty Tone: Rambling, brute, blunt.
Mood: humorous, sympathetic Mood: Angry
Language: 1920's language, mature, less-formal, descriptive Language: Anyone in middle school or higher
Voice: Authentic, honest Voice: Stern, austere,

Why We Crave Horror Movies And May the Best Cheater Win
Type: Persuasive Type: Expository
Purpose: To convince someone that all people are Purpose: To explain why cheating has become so widespread and accepted in America
inherently insane. Audience: People interested in morality or sports, people who care about sportsmanship,
Audience: Liberals who believe that they are 'moral', people who cheat all the time.
people who enjoy horror films, people who enjoy Tone: Explanatory, sarcastic at times,
behavioural analysis, people with violent impulses. Mood: My dad
Tone: friendly, cunning, slightly crazy, analytical, informal Language: College level
Mood: foreboding (hinting that everyone has a dark side) Voice: Persuasive, factual, rhetorical.
Language: High school level or higher, fairly conversational
Voice: Cunning, sly, scary

Shooting an Elephant
Essays Journal Assignment Type: Narrative
- Choose 8 essays that were not discussed in class. (Be Purpose: To explain the futility of Imperialism, or in general organizations that attempt to
sure that you say that you analyze at least one of each of control groups.
the four types). Audience: Anyone who is interested in India, Imperialist Britain, George Orwell's work,
1. Analyze according to the 6 variables the effects of group psychology. Ie. High school - College Students.
2. Identify 3 literary devices found in each essay. Tone: Reminiscent, explanatory, ironic\.
Mood: Frustrated, futile, regretful.
- Metaphor, personification, allegory, simile, hyperbole, Language: Fairly high level, high school to university level. Uses some foreign words.
analogy, onomatopoeia, alliteration, figurative language, Voice: Wizened, reminiscent, sorrowful, descriptive
assonance, apposition, bias, cacophony, consonance
- Due: Tuesday, Feb 17th.
Types of Essays:
Rhetoric: language of persuasion.
Narrative Essay: Tells a story
The Writing Variables:
Expository: Describe or explain
- Purpose: Why am I writing this piece?
- Audience: Who are my anticipated readers?
Argumentative: More argument
- Tone: What is my attitude to the subject? Can be subjective or
Persuasive: Persuasion (more
- Mood: What emotional response do I want to create?
- Language: What language level and type of diction will create the
- Voice: Should I express my writer's voice or aim for a neutral

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