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MINUTES OF FIRST ENGLISH LANGUAGE PANEL MEETING 2013 Date Time Venue Present : : : : 21st January 2013 2.

00 p.m English Language Room 1. Ms. Noraishah bt Mohd Yusof 2. Ms. Mabel Ires Fernandez 3. Ms. Rohana bt Kamaruddin 4. Ms. Evelyn Rita a/p Adickalam 5. Ms. Siti Hajar bt Illias 6. Ms. Nurul Masturah bt Abdullah 7. Ms. Syazza Izzatie bt Mohamad Rasidi 8. Ms. Poh Chu Eng

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Chairpersons Speech Ms. Ires thanked and welcomed all teachers to the first meeting of English Panel 2013. Approval of previous minutes The chairperson suggested the previous minutes of meeting to be approved. Ms. Evelyn Rita a/p Adickalam proposed for the minutes to be approved and was seconded by Ms. Rohana Kamaruddin. Speech by Guru Kanan Bidang Bahasa Ms. Noraishah mentioned that she is satisfied with the PMR 2012 result but there is still room for improvement. Ms. Noraishah thanked teachers for their effort in conducting extra classes and commitment in preparing these children for PMR.

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Ms. Noraishah informed teachers that it is not compulsory to conduct extra classes this year for both PMR and SPM unless there is failure in the class. Ms. Noraishah reminded teachers to inform students to buy NILAM book specifically for English that will cost RM1.60 per unit. Ms. Noraishah informed teachers to remind their students not to continue in the NILAM books that they had used last year. However, if nothing has been written on it, they can still use the last years book. Ms. Noraishah informed teachers to encourage the students to read more to build up their vocabulary and to gear them for NILAM competition. Ms. Noraishah informed that starting from this year, there are no rules to the minimum number of pages that students must read in order write in their NILAM book. Ms. Noraishah suggested that teachers kill two birds with one stone by asking students to read literature texts from their English literature textbook. This is to strengthen their understanding of the text and at the same time to prepare them for NILAM competition this year. Ms. Noraishah reminded teachers to include this NILAM programme as part of their lesson by setting suitable task when bringing them to the library. Ms. Noraishah reminded teachers that when writing in the record books, instead of simply stating NILAM programme, teachers should be more specific by stating the objective for the lesson which can include vocabulary aspect and so forth. Ms. Noraishah suggested that teachers collect money and purchase NILAM books in bulk for students from SEJAYA school koperasi and distribute them in class rather than asking the students to buy on their own. This is to ensure that all students possess NILAM books. Ms. Noraishah reminded teachers to bring their classes to the library for one period once a week for NILAM purpose. Ms. Noraishah informed that she is aware that teachers of English are insufficient to meet demands of the classes that need to be taught. She advised teachers to be patient. Panel Management

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The English panels have agreed that The Railway Children can be taught after finishing the novel How I Met Myself which is the recommended novel for Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur. The chairperson informed teachers to submit the last years Form 1 assesment that they have designed to be compiled and reused. (Teachers can refer to the task distributions table for PBS handed out last year) As for the Form Two students of this year, the panels have agreed to use workbook and not to reveal to students the workbooks that are used to ensure the validity and reliability of the assessment. Ms. Ires mentioned that students who cannot go to the next level/band in PBS must still be given exercise and coaching to help them move to the next level. Ms. Ires reminded teachers to carry out PBS like a normal lesson where teaching comes first followed by appropriate tasks according to the Dokumen Standard Prestasi. Ms. Ires mentioned several activities that are going to be carried out this year and the teachers-in-charge: Choral Speaking Debate Drama : : : Ms. Mabel Ms. Hajar and Ms. Syazza Ms. Poh and Ms. Hajar



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The chairperson reminded teachers who are having problem to conduct or run any programs held under English panels to find a substitute. In-House Training Ms. Poh mentioned that:

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marks for PBS will be accumulative from form one to form three and teachers are to inform students that all marks in every assessment are important. if students are sick for a long time which makes it impossible for them to catch up with PBS assessment, a test paper which incorporates all the bands should be set for them.


if students are having problem such as stammer or they are handicapped and cannot perform the task given, for example oral presentation, students should get the parents to write a letter to explain about this problem. The disposal of students assessment (for long-term assessment) can be done after six weeks or evidence can also be given back to students. headcount and TOV are not required for PBS. students work must be original and if plagiarism detected, he or she is only eligible or qualified for band 4. long term assessment like scrapbook must be hand written. Other matters Ms. Poh reminded teachers who have not finished assessing their students for ULBS last year to finish the assessment before the file is passed to this years teacher. Rita reminded teachers teaching form three to continue with PLBS.

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Tarikh pbs tahun ini. Ulbs - rita tiada surat diteruskan untuk form 3 , 45 Long term and short tem assessment