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LAM NGUYEN 106 Chestnut Ct Royal Palm Beach, FL 33411 Dear Mrs. or Mr.

Human Resources Manager, I am interesting in obtaining a Manufacturing/Mechanical Engineer in your company. During a many years that I have been working for the manufacturing field such as Aerospace, Automotive, Packaging and Appliances, and I have been learned a lot of experienced that will help me become an ideal candidate in this position for your organization. I am currently working for BE Aerospace Inc at Miami, Florida, as Senior Manufacturing Engineer. My primary roles was improved assembly process; quality and minimize cost of the product at early design stage and during product development. In order to approached to the ultimately goals, I developed a clearly plan and apply a several method such as: Design Jigs & Fixtures for the assembly to improve a quality and reduce a cycle time; apply lean manufacturing method to balancing work between processes reduced a waste, and work in process (WIP); apply a DFM-DFA and concurrent engineering method to minimize # parts, hardware count, minimize cost to fabricating part, and inventory; review raw materials and manufacturability. I have a strong background in Mechanical Engineering, Lean manufacturing, and proficient in AutoCAD, 3D Pro-E, NX7.5 and Solid Work that help me become a great force for the BE Aerospace. The enclosed resume demonstrates of my education and experienced. I am looking forward to speak with you to describe more details of my qualifications through a personal interview. Please contact me at 561-779-1801 or email at Finally, I appreciate all your time and your considerations. Truly yours,