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Alpha Mind Power

Brain wave states

EEG Measures Brain Frequency Beta Alpha Theta Delta 14 21 cps 7-14 cps 4-7 cps 1-4 cps

Beta State (14 21 cps)

Wakeful state Experience stress, tension, depression, self doubt, emotional outburst Experience Negative thinking Left brain Driven

Theta State (4 7 cps)

During deep sleep Disconnection between body and the mind Little awareness of any physical sensations

Delta State

(1 4 cps)

Samadhi or State of Nirvana Coma or unconsciousness One has to transcend the physical and mental planes Leads to Realisation of true self

Alpha State (7 14 cps)

Children up to the age of 12 Relaxed state of Mind Connects to Subconscious Mind Activates Right Brain Makes thinking Powerful, Intuitive and Creative. Get into very resourceful state Creates energy field around you. Helps dream big and achieve goals

Benefits of Alpha
Healthy Body and Mind Immunity levels of body go up. More intuition and creativity to make decisions. Increases clarity of goals Removes negative thoughts Improved Relationships Cure for stress, depression, anger, frustration Enhanced Memory and Concentration

Benefits of Alpha
You can rejuvenate your body You can work on problem solving State of telepathy Enhance Bodys natural healing to the power of 10

Do we get in to Alpha in our day to day activity ?
During sleep and while dreaming or moments of deep creative thought Moments of Shower, toilet, music, quick nap or day dreaming, Prayer, Yoga, Meditation, Relaxation

Stages to enter Alpha

Power breathing Physical Relaxation Mental Relaxation Entering the Alpha Level

15 Mts in Alpha is equal to 3 hrs of Deep Sleep How can we consciously go into Alpha? To enter Alpha
Practice Relaxation Trigger Method