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Writing Action Words in Sentences/Paragraphs/Stories/Selections

I. Learning Objective II. Write action words in sentences/paragraphs/stories/selections, etc.

Subject Matter A. Topic: B. References: C. Materials: Value Focus: Writing Action Words in Sentences/Paragraphs Listened to PELC: Writing 5 Effective Living Today 5, pp. 50-51 Flashcards of action words, pictures of a family working together Helpfulness


Procedure A. Preparatory Activities Review What are verbs? Give examples of verbs. What are the simple tenses of verbs? When do we use the present form? past form? future form? Motivation 1. Ask: What are shown in the picture? What is each member doing? What do you call the words that you answered?

2. Have the pupils read the sentences and write the correct spelling of the past form of the verb in each sentence. a. (help) I ________ father trim the grass last Saturday. b. (keep) Mr. Gomez _________ their house and its surroundings free from rubbish and standing water yesterday. c. (sweep) Anthony _________ the garage and walks last week. d. (buy) Mother _________ safe household disinfectant for the garbage cans last Tuesday. e. (separate) Father __________ the recycable garbage from wet garbage last Sunday. B. Development of the Lesson Presentation Ask: Do you feel refreshed when you see attractive, well-kept garden on your way to school? On the other hand, do you turn your face and cover your nose because you passed by a heap of garbage by the roadside and smell its foul odor? Listen as I read some paragraphs about helping keep the surroundings clean. Be sure to remember or list down the action words that you hear from the paragraph. Helping Make the Surroundings Clean Everybody enjoys beautiful surroundings that is why, everyone should help maintain an attractive, well-kept, and clean community. You can start in your own home and backyard. Keep your house and its surroundings free from rubbish and standing water. Cultivate a flower garden in your yard. Maintain a vegetable garden and help provide the part of the food requirements of the family. Fruit trees in the yard do not only provide shade but they also give nutritious fruits. Maintaining cleanliness in the yard is easy if you do not allow trash and litter to accumulate. Always pick up bits of trash such as candy wrappers, pieces of paper, dried leaves, and broken branches in the yard. Do not leave empty cans and bottles lying around. Dispose of them if they are not needed. If you have a garden or lawn, trim the grass regularly to keep it neat and to maintain its attractiveness. Always remember: Cleanliness is next to Godliness.
Source: Effective Living Today 5

Analysis and Discussion Discuss pupils answers to these questions. 1. What is the selection about? 2. Why should everyone help maintain an attractive, well-kept, and clean community? 3. How can you help keep the surroundings clean? 4. What should we always remember according to the paragraph read? 5. What action words did you hear from the selection you listened to? (Have pupils write the action words on the chalkboard.) Ask pupils to read the words written on the board. Call on volunteers to write each word in the column of the correct verb forms. Past Present Future

Generalization What are actions words called? (verbs) What are the different forms of verbs? (past, present and future tense) C. Post Activities Application Group pupils in threes for the word sentence strategy Pupil 1: Pupil 2: Pupil 3: Writes a sentence on a pad paper and reads it aloud. Selects the action word in the sentence read. Uses the selected action word in his/her own sentence and writes it on the chalkboard.

Enrichment Let the pupils choose a sentence from the paragraphs heard that attracted them most. Have them draw what the sentence says on a piece of paper.

Values Integration As young boys and girls how can you help keep your surroundings at home clean? Your community? Why should we always keep our surroundings clean? If ever your respective barangays launch projects on cleanliness, what should you do? IV. Evaluation Copy the action words in the following sentences. Opposite each verb, write whether it is in the present, past or future tense. a. I wash the garbage can at least every other day. b. Mr.Carreon separated the biodegradable and non-biodegradable garbage yesterday. c. Mother covered the garbage can this morning. d. Anthony helps pick up the dried leaves in the school ground everyday. e. Father will place the uncollected garbage in a pit on Saturday. V. Assignment List down three ways on how you make your surrounding clean. Use action words in your sentences correctly.