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1) Company Introduction4 2) History...4 3) Mission statement.4 4) Vision statement...4 5) Main goals.4 6) Marketing mix..5
o Products..5
Metro bikes.6 Metro washing machines....7 Metro automotive parts...8 Metro fans..9 Product positioning...16

o Pricing16 o Placement..18 o Promotion..19

Internal programs..19 External programs..20

7) References .......22

Company Introduction
Owner CEO of company is Mirza Imtiaz Ahmed. There are many products of Metro Group of Companies which are Metro Motorcycle, Electrical Fans, Washing Machines and automotive parts Now a days monthly production of metro motorcycles is four to six thousand. Head office Metro Group of companies 23-H3 Johar Town Lahore. Lahore PUNJAB PAKISTAN 56700

Metro Hi-Tech is a private limited company incorporated in Pakistan under the Companies Ordinance 1984, previously which was YUNAS Group of Industries (PVT) Ltd. and then separated in 1970. First product of metro is Electrical Fans. First Metro Motorcycle was made in 2003. Daily production of Metro Motorcycles at initial stage was ten to twenty.

To build better relations with stakeholders especially with customers and tailor sophisticated products at affordable price to serve local and global markets.

To be a leading industry manufacturing contemporary high quality durable products making life truly pleasant.

Achieving international standards in production. Innovating new products and improving present products. Adopting highest level of customer services. Developing more focus customer-approach.

Marketing mix
The marketing mix consists of Product, Price, Place & Promotion strategies that a firm uses to help them reach their objectives.

Following are the products of metro group of companies: Metro bikes Metro washing machines Metro automotive parts Metro fans

The width is 32. Product line Metro bikes Metro washing machines Metro automotive parts Metro fans length 2 5 17 9

Metro Bikes
Metro motorcycles are second to none in design, workmanship and affordability. Fuel efficiency and peak performance have won the heart of bike lovers across the country. Metro MR 70 Fuel Tank (Capacity) 9 Liters/1 Liter Reserve Dry Weight 82 Kg (180 lbs) Oil Capacity 800ml (first fill) 700ml Liter (at changing intervals) Fuel efficient New eye-catching graphics Comfortable seat and the new utility box

Metro MR 70 Oil Capacity 1100ml (first fill) 1000ml (at changing intervals) Fuel Tank (Capacity) 11 Liters with 2 liters reserve Dry Weight 96.5 Kg (180 lbs) Fuel efficient Brighter Headlight and indicators

Metro washing machines

Following are the features of METRO washing machines Best in quality and elegant in design. Plastic twin tub and high speed spin make these machines the best choice.

Following are the different models of Metro washing machines Washing machine WM 786(metal body) Washing machine WM 250(plastic body) Washing machine WM 333(double metal body) Washing machine WM 215(metal body) Dryer machine

Metro automotive parts

Scaling popularity of metro motorcycles all across Pakistan calls for their spare parts. At METRO AUTOMOTIVE PARTS, Metro specialize in manufacturing all kinds of spare parts and lubricants for motorcycles and these are easily available at Metro countrywide dealership network for customers and other bike lovers. Following are the some Metro automotive parts: Back Light Back Wheel Cover Back wheel shock absorber Cover Cylensor Digital Speedo Meter Front light Front Wheel Cover Fuel Tank Metro Oil Metro Oil saver pack Metro Seat Side Cover (Battery Cover) Speedo Meter Speedo Meter 125 Wheel Ring Indicator lights etc.

Metro Fans
There is a wide range of models and types of Metro fans which are as follows: Ceiling fans Circumatic fans Exhaust fans Louver fans Pedestal fans TCP fans Wall bracket fans Wall fans Table fans

Ceiling fans
Following are some models of ceiling fans New crystal Model: MCRG Sizes: (1200, 1400)mm

Rose gold Model: MCG Sizes: (1200, 1400)mm

Crystal gold Model: MCCG Sizes: (1200, 1400)mm


Orient gold Model: MCOG Sizes: (900, 1200)mm

Galaxy Model: MCHG Sizes: (1200, 1400)mm

Crystal Model: MCC Sizes: (900, 1200, 1400)mm


Super model Orient Deluxe Model: MCD Sizes: (900, 1200, 1400)mm Model: MCO Sizes: (900, 1200, 1400)mm Model: MCSM Sizes: (900, 1200, 1400)mm


Pedestal fans
Model: MCC, MPN Sizes: (500, 550, 600)mm

Louver pedestal fans


TCP fans


Louver bracket fan

Model: MLP(TOUCH CONTROL) Sizes: 350mm

Bracket fan
Model: MPBR Sizes: (400, 450) mm

Circumatic fan
Model: MCIR Sizes: (400, 450) mm

Table fans


Exhaust fans
Exhaust fans (METAL BODY) Model: MEM1 Sizes: (250, 300, 400, 450, 500, 600) mm

Exhaust fans (METAL BODY) Model: MEM2 Sizes: (250, 300, 400, 450, 500, 600) mm

Exhaust fans (METAL BODY) Model: MEM3 Sizes: (250, 300, 400, 450, 500, 600) mm

Exhaust fans (PLASTIC BODY) Model: MEP Sizes: (200, 250, 300,) mm


Product positioning
The company initiated an energizing advertising campaign on the electronic media. The advertisements were instrumental in reinforcing Metro's quality and brand in the consumer mind through the very popular DHOOM MACHAY SARAKOON PAR, METRO KA VADAH PETROL KAM SAFAR ZIYADAH, CHAK DY PHATY & JITNA JE CHAHY CHLAOslogans. In times of excess demand, the recall value of the ads has been so powerful that all over the country customers are willing to wait for the company's product rather than purchase an inferior one.

Metro uses cost based pricing strategies to set the prices of its products. Following are the prices of some products of metro:

Ceiling fans
Orient Super model New crystal Orient gold Deluxe Deluxe Deluxe Crystal Crystal Metro gold Crystal gold Rose gold Galaxy model Circumatic fan Pedestal fan Pedestal fan Pedestal fan Louver Pedestal fan remote Louver Pedestal fan Louver bracket fan

1400mm 1400mm 1400mm 1400mm 900mm 1200mm 1400mm 1200mm 1400mm 1400mm 1400mm 1400mm 1400mm

2275 2275 2275 2350 2175 2475 2550 2475 2550 2635 2635 2375 2375 2400 3615 3725 3800 3300 2950 2200

Circumatic fan

Pedestal fans
500mm 550mm 600mm

Louver fans
350mm 350mm 350mm

Following are the prices of some products of metro:

Bracket fans
Bracket fan Bracket fan Exhaust fan(metal body) Exhaust fan(metal body) Exhaust fan(metal body) Exhaust fan(plastic body) Table fan TCP 400mm 450mm 2550 2650 3050 3050 3050 1725 2800 2825

Exhaust fans
600mm 600mm 600mm 300mm 450mm 450mm

Table fans Washing machines

Washing machine Washing machine Washing machine Dryer machine

Model no
250 786 215

6450 7950 7125 6150

Metro bikes
MR 70 MR125

38800 68000


Metro has developed its own after sale services network. The company has made its 1 to 5 S dealers through out the country. These 5S stands for

Sales Services Spare Parts Second Hand Exchange Special Sales (credit)

According to the company these are not the simple selling points but these are the complete Metro Company. The presence of the dealerships has resulted in improved sales in relatively weak or unfocused areas. COVERS ALL PAKISTAN The company focused all over the Pakistan, they sale their products by their authorized dealers. Delivery System Metro has its own buses for delivering their products to their sales points.


The company focuses on its promotion campaign very seriously. There are several internal and external programs to increase its sale.

Internal programs
Service Development Department The company has made Service Development Department, which is responsible for the coordination with dealers and training of mechanics. Department conducts massive campaigns to familiarize and train the service and sales dealers about the technical features of new models. Dealer Promotion For the promotion of its dealers the company arranges meetings and buffet dinners. Technicians Training For the promotion of its products several mechanics are trained every year in three day extensive training programs. These mechanics are not only providing repairing services to the people but also publicize the products of company by word of mouth.


External programs
Print media The company is giving different types of commercials on different print periodicals. Some are following:


Electronic media The company is giving different types of commercials on different channels. For the safety of customers and promotion of company. Metro has always been at the forefront in promoting Customer Care activities. Metro has consistently promoted environment consciousness and safety-riding activities through its Customer Education Programs. A new initiative is now being envisaged as the company roles out a nationwide Safety Riding Program. In fact, the program has already come out of the planning stage during the year and made a soft start through training of the Metro Chief Instructors by an overseas trainer. One hundred & fifteen service dealers and Metro staff have been trained. They, in turn, will train the company's customers as part of the new Customer Care program. Metro is also in the process of establishing a Safety Riding School to centralize the effort on a sustained basis.


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