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LAST CRUSADE Spain: (936 by WARREN HL. CARROLL Copyright © 1996 by Waren H. Cael Allright reserved “Manufactured in the United States of America, All inguiis should be addressed to: Christendom Press, Frnt Royal, VA 22630 [No part of this book may be reprodueed in any form by any slectronic or mechanical means, including infermation storage and retieval systems, without permission in writing from the publisher except by a reviewer who may quote brief passages in ISBN: 0.931888-67.0, DEDICATED to my beloved crusaders ‘TIM AND CATHY O"DONNELL president and first lady of Christendom College Knight and Lady of the Holy Sepulchre well met at El Escorial in Spain, 1973 Viva Cristo Rey! Acknowledgments 1 would like to express my panicula ratinde to my mentor in 0 many respects, De Fredorick Wilholmsen, Professor Emerita of Philosophy and Polites atthe University of Dallas, ‘who introduced me to Spanish Carism and some of its heroes oF a crucada in the simmer of 1973 in Spain; my special ‘appreciation for the inispensable help given to me by Andres: ‘Armstrong, assistant librarian of Christendom College, in researching Spanish sources forthe events of 1936; and, as eve, rly gratitude to my beloved wife Anne, who is the first to read teach chapter of ll my books aris writen, ‘The map of Spain on page vil is from Spain:A Companion to Spanish Studies edited by P.E, Ruse its used by permission from Methuen & Co, London Cover photo by Timothy O’Domell Cross athe Valley of the Fallen in Spain Table of Contents Introduction Winer... Spring. July ‘August September... 129 October. o 163 November-December... 181 Road to Vietory 203, Bibliography. 219 Index. 223