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Thermal and Plant Efficiencies. Heat Balance and Energy Utilisation. Performance tests on both complete steam power plant systems and on the major individual components:
Automatic Oil Fired Boiler

Boiler trials, superheater and steam turbine performance, turbine alternator and condenser performance, all at full and part load. Demonstration of techniques of operating boiler plant including: Water treatment and feedwater management. Electrical Power Generation studies. Fuel consumption studies.

It is said that small is beautiful but when the topic is steam equipment for teaching and industry, then real results can only be achieved on real equipment. Real in this context relates to equipment of an industrial nature instrumented to meet the requirements of a teaching laboratory; this forms the basis of the steam power plants available from Cussons. The features incorporated and power ratings chosen constitute an excellent representation of industrial practice within the limitations of an educational laboratory, and their design incorporates safety features to minimise any risk in operation.

Cussons P7690 Steam Power Plant is designed as a comprehensive self contained unit with all relevant items of equipment factory mounted on a common steel bedplate. This modular construction and assembly greatly reduces space and installation requirements. The plant can operate as a steam boiler, turbo-generator or complete power plant, and has been specifically designed to facilitate student comprehension and operation. This is achieved through relaying all instrumentation and controls to a central console incorporating a schematic diagram of the complete Steam Power Plant System. A student work surface is provided to allow for manual recording of required parameters, with all variables additionally available as signals suitable for data logging.

Comprehensive facility for complete investigation of steam power plant. Major components utilised are of standard industrial practice.
Rear view showing Superheater 2 , Water Treatment Plant 4 , Condenser and Oil 3 and Water 4 Tanks.

Self-contained single base assembly greatly reduces space and installation requirements. Low capital cost. Low fuel maintenance costs. Comprehensive modern instrumentation with all measured variables conditioned for data logging purposes. Control console incorporating instrumentation schematic for complete operation. 10 Channel Safety Shutdown System and all components built to British Safety Standards.


Rapid start-up for effective use of laboratory time.

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Automatic Oil Fired Steam Boiler with a design pressure of 8.6 bar g and an output of 96 Kg/hr from and at 100C. Automatic Electric Superheater to provide dry saturated/superheated steam, maximum rating 6 kW, 8.6 bar, 200C. Fuel Oil Storage Tank 100 litres capacity fitted with hand transfer pump and contents gauge. Water Treatment System to condition the mains water supply. Boiler water storage tank 100 litres capacity fitted with make up water inlet, condensate return pipe, boiler sample cooling coil, all mounted on common frame with the oil tank. Centrifugal boiler feed pump. Pneumatically Operated Pressure Reducing Valve to control the steam turbine inlet pressure. Steam Turbine Set single stage, single row, single nozzle type. Designed to operate at a nominal 3000 rpm with a steam supply pressure of 7 bar g and producing a maximum power output of 0.75 kW. The Turbine is directly coupled to a 1.5 kW a.c. electric dynamometer connected to the main electrical supply. Condenser Unit atmospheric surface condenser sized to condense all the steam discharged from the steam turbine. Condensate extraction pump with provision to return condensate to the feed tank or to drain. Cooling water circulation pump. Blowdown Tank to allow the safe discharge of pressurised water with atmospheric vent for the discharge of steam exhaust. Control Panel with instrument display and flow schematic, a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) for plant control and safety shutdown, together with electronic controllers for superheat temperature and turbine inlet pressure, all instrumentation, 10 Channel Safety Shutdown System. Instrumentation to provide reading to the following: Pressure Boiler Steam Steam Orifice Inlet Steam Orifice Differential Turbine Steam Inlet Turbine Steam Exhaust Ambient Air Boiler Feed Water Fuel Oil Boiler Flue Boiler Steam Outlet Superheater Outlet Steam Orifice Inlet Turbine Nozzle Inlet Turbine Exhaust Condensate Return Condenser Cooling Water, in and out Fuel Oil Condenser Cooling Water Turbine Turbine Front control and Instrument Panel with data logging facility

Steam Turbine/Dynamometer Unit


Flowmeters Speed Torque

All measured variables are available as independent 0-10V signals for data logging purposes. All necessary interconnecting pipework, valves, fittings, lagging and flue, together with electrical cabling and trunking, is included. All services terminate on the base, together with suitable connections to allow the easy installation of optional equipment. All the above equipment is secured to a common base and is painted, tested and inspected before despatch. Portable instrumentation for the analysis of boiler feed water and of boiler shell water samples is provided. Operating and instruction manuals are available in English, but can be translated into other languages as an optional extra.


The following items of equipment are available as optional accessories for the P7690 Steam Power Plant and further enhance the range of experiments that can be studied. P7692 Cooling Tower - this is sized to suit the condenser, and includes cooling water supply and return pipework. Instrumentation enclosure with mimic diagram, temperature and relative humidity of ambient air and tower exit air, with air flow prediction from fan motor current. - Study of cooling tower performance and efficiency recreating true industrial practice. N.B. This unit is designed to be located externally from the laboratory. P7693 Installation and Commissioning by Cussons Engineers. P7694 Data Acquisition - signal conditioning A/D and digital input interface boards suitable for use with IBM PC/AT/XT or fully compatible computer. Supplied with software to display and store all parameters for use in the clients programme. P7695 Personal Computer for data logging (IBM compatible). P7696 High Speed Printer for P7695. P7660 Separating and Throttling Calorimeter - determination of saturated steam dryness fraction. P8385 Flue Gas Analysis Unit for Co, Co2 and O2 - analysis of the gas constituents. - remote hand set. - integral printer. Relevant Steam Benches for use with P7690 Steam Power Plant Cussons Steam Benches have been designed in a modular format to allow the investigation of various steam experiments in self contained units. These free standing units can be connected with ease to the main steam supply line of the P7690 Steam Power Plant, thus allowing the following additional steam experiments to be studied: P7671 Pressure/Temperature Bench - investigation of the relationship between temperature and pressure saturated steam - comparison of experimental observations with published steam table data P7673 Lagging Experiment Bench - investigation to the efficiency of 2 types of industrially used lagging and chromed tube - comparison of heat loss from lagged and unlagged pipes P7674 Ejector Bench - investigation of the efficiency of an ejector as a water pump - measurement of the heat transfer of steam to cooling water P7676 Steam Engine Bench - demonstration of the method of testing a steam engine - measurement of power, steam consumption and efficiencies of a steam engine P7678 Process Plant Bench - demonstration of the use of steam in a natural circulation reboiler for the heating of other fluids and the distillation process - verification of the change of rate of circulation with increase of boiling temperature P7681 Nozzle Rig Bench - studies of velocity, flow and friction in various nozzles P7682 Pipe Closure Unit Further information on the above equipment is available on request. P7692 Cooling Tower

P7678 Process Plant Bench one of Cussons range of steam benches.


A complete self contained Steam Power Plant with all components factory mounted on a common steel bedplate. Unit comprises: Automatic Oil Fired Steam Boiler max. pressure 8.6 bar output 96 Kg/hr from and at 100C Automatic Electric Superheater, maximum rating 6 kW, 8.6 bar, 200C Fuel Oil Storage Tank 100 litres capacity Boiler Water Storage Tank, 100 litres c/w centrifugal boiler feed pump Water Treatment System Pneumatically Operated Pressure Reducing Valve Steam Turbine Set, 3000 rpm, max. power output 0.75 kW, connected to a 1.5 kW, a.c. electric dynamometer Condenser Unit c/w condensate extraction pump and condensate return Control Panel with system schedule and P.L.C. for plant control and safety shutdown c/w 5 pressure readings, 12 temperatures, 2 flowmeters, speed and torque meters. All measured variables are available as independent 0-10V signals for data logging purposes All necessary interconnecting pipework, valve fittings, lagging and flue, together with electrical cabling and trunking, is included. Comprehensive operation and instruction manuals. P7690 P7692

Electrical Supply: Fuel Oil: Water Supply & Drainage: 380/415 3ph 50 Hz 220/240 1ph 50 Hz 7 litres/hr 35 sec. gas oil Boiler feed water 100 litres/hr Total dissolved solids 600 ppm Total alkalinity 300 ppm pH value 9-11 If Cooling Tower is supplied then 500 litres/hr cooling tower make up, otherwise Condenser cooling water requirement 7000 litres/hr Atmospheric Vents: 75 mm from blowdown tank 150 mm chimney from boiler

Nett Weight kg 2500 1000 Length mm 2500 1000 Width mm 1500 1000 Height mm 2500 2500


The P7690 Steam Power Plant is the latest addition to the comprehensive range of Steam Power Products manufactured and supplied by Cussons Technology. The equipment ranges from small introductory bench top units to large scale plant of an industrial nature and comprises: P7690 Steam Power Plant - nominal output 0.75 kW P7700 Steam Power Plant - nominal output 2 kW P7600 - P7619 Scheme 5 Steam Power Plant (Oil or Gas fired) - nominal output 5 kW P7620 - P7639 Scheme 10 Steam Power Plant (Oil or Gas fired) - nominal output 10 kW P7640 - P7659 Scheme 20 Steam Power Plant (Oil or Gas fired) - nominal output 20 kW The main components of these 5, 10 and 20 kW Schemes are: Steam Boiler and Blowdown Tank Turbine/Condenser Unit Superheater Water Treatment set Further information on the above product range is available on request. Instrumentation Units for Boiler & Superheater Cooling Tower Tanks Sets, Flues Installation Materials Laboratory Design

P7660 Separating and Throttling Calorimeter P7669 Miniature Steam Power Plant P7670 - P7683 Steam Boiler Bench and range of bench mounted Steam Experiments P7665 Boiler Control Demonstration Unit Range of Sectioned Steam Components.

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