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HNC Graded Unit

Paul Osborne

Culzean country park upgrading

The project comprises of 3 stages: Planning A plan for the completion of the project Development The actual designing and construction methods of the project for example materials, contracts, calculations, methology, procurement, legislation, site layout etc Evaluation Reflect on the project i.e the lessons learned, how well did the project stick to the time line action plan

Planning Report Introduction This report is to establish the plan of action for the upgrading of a section of culzean country park on behalf of south Ayrshire council Upgrading consists of the following improvements: A new access road to the proposed site A visitor centre/caf building and picnic area A new car coach car park A 2m wide footbridge

The main objectives I hope to achieve in this project are: Managing my time so that my time line action plan is an accurate reflection of the time spent on the project Making sure every detail is properly researched to achieve the best possible result for the project The health and safety of the public is maintained at all times especially as a childrens play area is in close proximity of the site The materials used are the most environmentally friendly and practical The layout of the site is the most efficient and secure Ensure that the nearby stream is not polluted by putting suitable drainage systems in and ensuring that the way the site is used during construction mitigates that from happening

To ensure the project is completed in the allocated timescale I will be supplying a time scale action plan which will show my expected timescales in which I expect to complete each stage of the project, upon completion of the project I will reflect on this action plan to see where the project succeeded or needed improvement to ensure future projects didnt suffer the same set backs if any. I will be focusing on the drainage systems that cause the least amount of pollution to the surrounding environment from the materials they are made from to the environmental impact that putting them in causes to the effectiveness of them once they are installed. I feel this is a very important factor

in this project due to the close proximity of a watercourse and childrens play area. Also as water pollution is so closely monitored and controlled by SEPA, new projects never succeed if pollution is a factor during and after construction hence my decision concentrate on it. Also I have very limited knowledge of drainage systems I feel this additional research will enhance my knowledge and make me more aware of how future project drainage systems benefit our environment. A list of appropriate activities will also be included these comprise of: I will be researching into the range and type of materials for the construction of the new elements of the project such as the footbridge, caf, car park etc sustainability, cost, environmental impacts and visual impact will be deciding factors in my choice. I will be looking into methods of construction for the above to ensure minimal disruption is caused and pollution is kept to a minimum. I will be researching the relevant legislation, codes of practice, health and safety regulations, BRE digests and contracts. I will be looking at different foundation types and assessing what will be most cost effective but environmentally friendly. I will be researching previous projects of this nature to see where they succeeded or failed to ensure my project doesnt suffer the same mistakes but follows in the success of other projects. I will be looking at several possible layouts of the car park to ensure maximum efficiency is achieved. I will be looking at possible designs for the caf/visitor centre to ensure it complements the surrounding landscape I will be looking at footbridge designs to see what will work from a design aspect and what will look most appropriate in the surrounding area The access options to the site to ensure safety of the nearby childrens play area is maintained or improved. I will be looking at suitable drainage systems to ensure any contamination of nearby water courses can be mitigated The use and layout of the site during construction to ensure safety, efficiency, and security is maintained at all times.

A list of materials and information required: The materials being used in the project will include: Microsoft word to produce the documents throughout the project Microsoft excel to produce time scale action plan AutoCAD 2012 to produce the technical drawings and layouts of the site College notes and handouts College library to source relevant information required

Work colleagues knowledge of similar projects The internet for researching materials, latest products and technical data etc

The information being used in the project will include: Design manual for roads and bridges (DMRB) Health and safety Regulations Construction Technology (Roy chudley & Roger greeno) Advanced construction Technology (Roy chudley & Roger greeno) Construction planning, programming & control (Brian cooke & Peter Williams) Structural engineers pocket book (Fiona cobb) Building Construction Handbook (Roy chudley & Roger greeno) CDM Regulations BS codes of practice Any other relevant legislation uncovered by my research Types of contracts BRE digests