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Progress Calculation (View and Most accepted Methodology) in Primavera (P6) | LinkedIn Wednesday, April 11 2012, 11:01 AM Progress

Calculation (View and Most accepted Methodology) in Primavera (P6) We are used to calculate progress in excel by applying weightings based on Man-hours, Cost and planned dates by scheduling from Primavera. Further Plan and actual percentage daily, weekly and Monthly wise produced. Also we use Primavera for critical path analysis and comparing deflection of actual from Baseline plan. My concern is that if I want to calculate progress in Primavera (P6) only, I have three options 1Schedule % Complete 2Duration % Complete 3Physical % Complete In Schedule % Complete, Daily, Weekly and Monthly Plan value is not viewable as well Actual % Complete at overall and WBS level. Progress reflects at activity level only. In Duration % Complete, I am only able to view Actual % Complete at Overall and WBS level. Also In Physical % Complete, Daily, Weekly and Monthly Plan value is not viewable as well Actual % Complete at overall and WBS level. Progress reflects at activity level only. Kevin M. If you have costs applied you can use performance % and it should be viewable at activity level and rolled up to WBS and Overall! Kunal S. I agree with kevin. i have applied expenses against each activity based on what weightage i want to provide for each activity. i short first in excel i spread the weightage at WBS level and then further spread the weigtage in WBS into activity level. based on this weightage i spread the expense in Primavera. and it rolles up properly Ram Krishna D. Thanks Kevin. It works with Performance %. So the daily, weekly, monthly plan value will be based on cost only because earlier i assigned resources with man-hours, still progress not reflected at overall and WBS level without applying cost.

muhammad D. also you can apply steps for each activity and each step has it s own percentage and weight, moreover remaining duration for each activity can give you indication about the progress beside using performance % or activity schedule Kevin M. You can use manhours too.Just make sure that the "Default price/Unit for activities without resource or role price/unit" is checked before adding units -1/h! Kunal S. Ram. you can try Expense % Complete. it works the way you want. i.e. the progress rolls up to WBS and project level. Ram Krishna D. thanks kunal, i think you are saying about "Cost % complete" option. Ram Krishna D. Is there any convenient way available to view Plan % Progress alongwith Actual % Progress within P6, other than transfering Planned Manhours from Resource usage spreadsheet to XL sheet and producing plan %.

Kevin M. Schedule % complete should show it. Mohammed S. Dear kevin i am new to p6 m facing problem in resource loading.i am loading resources as manhours.wen i assign resource it is calculating atcompletion correctly. example:the activity duration is 10 days and loaded 10 manhrs/day budgeted is 100 fine. but wen i view it in activity usage spreadsheet it is showing 13 hrs/day. what i hav to do to bring it to 10hrs/day in activity spread sheet? thanks i advance Kevin M. Mohammed, "You have 100 budgeted units over a 10 day duration but your activity useage spreadsheet shows 13 units per day".You need to check your calendars(work hours/day) and if you have any resource curves asssigned. Kevin 22 days ago

Corrado A. Primavera 6.(never ending version) have only the name of the wonderful P3.1. Oracle has bought the name from previous Primavera3.1, but the actual product don't satisfy ours request. From P6.(never ending version) we are not able to print a "S" curve and this is a shame for Corrado a project management software. Oracle must review and return on the market with the fantastic P3.1!!!! I foaming at the mouth of repeating this!!! Give back my P3 Luis A. Corrado, please send me your e-mail. I do have a document that might help you. Regards Ram Anant P. Mr. Luis, Send at please. Thanks in advance.

Luis A. Ram check your email address. The mail service (gmail), has rejected twice my message with attached documents. I'll be pleased to sen you then Dinakar K. Hi.Mr. Luis, Please send me the document you have that helps to print a "S" curve in P6 at my email id: Thanks in advance. muhammad D. hello gentlemen if possible can Mr.Luis send me the said document as well on my email i am also need these documents to help me thanks this is my email address: or Thank you in advance

Ram Anant P. Mr. Luis,

My email id is "" Please mark cc to "" also. Thanks for you kindness.

Ram Krishna D. Luis, Please send doc. to me too at - Suresh D. Corrado, I agree with you. P3 was perfect. It seems, the people who developed P3 were not involved in development of P6. P3e was never stable till P3e 5.0 was released. Luis A. Hi Suresh, I have my doubts regarding the backward steps given my ORACLE. To be honest, I actually deal with one of the Primavera application "CONTRACTOR", to be specific. I recently adquired P6 R 8.2. And I accept that it is another world. Full of gadgets and posibilities. Give me few weeks while I take a general inspection of the application and we'll talk about it. One thing fore sure is that up to know, ORACLE support is Luis excellent. But besides Ram comments, I really would appreciate any other obstacle that I'll be meeting in the use of P6. from you. Perhaps, like Ram's comment will help the people of ORACLE PRIMAVERA to ammend those gaps, Best regards

Femi Wuyi A. Hi.Mr. Luis, Please send me the document my mail is 19 days ago

Cliff L. Primavera purchase Eagle Ray Software Systems. In that aquisition, they purchased what was called P3e and has now evolved into P6 V8.2. While P3e worked in many ways similarly to P3, it is a completely different product. Primavera never ported P3 out of the 16-bit world, instead focusing all development efforts on P6. Cliff I still have P3 in order to produce professional one-page summary gantt's for presentation P6 can't even come close. Dinakar K. Hi everybody, I have a question related to Updating the progress of an activity with the baseline in P6. There are two activities say A & B, and they have FS relationship & has duration of 5 days each. If the activity 'A' status is set to "Started" and shift the start date by 2 days, it shows in the bar chart that the start date of the current bar is shifted by 2 days and when I schedule the project both the current & baseline bars comes back to the data date. This was not the case in P3 or MSP. Kevin M. Dinakar, If your data date is before your Actual start date then the bar will start on the data date as it assumes it has started as it has a tick in actual start, you cannot start something after the data date. The baseline date should not be affected by the scheduling of the project! Muna M. We are looking for building project planning professionals with PRIMAVERA experience . Suresh D. Hi Dinakar, It looks like you have assigned current project as baseline. Go to "Project/ Assign Baseline" and check whether proper baseline is defined or not, if not click on "Maintain Baseline" and add the baseline project. If baseline doesn't exist, you have the option of copying the current project and making that as baseline. Make sure current project doesn't have any progress update on any of the activities. Suresh

Dinakar K. Thanks Mr.Suresh & Mr.Kevin, I have assigned the baseline as "Project baseline" after creating from "Maintain baseline" Like Mr.Kevin pointed out that -you cannot start something after the data date, I tried to change the "Current data date" by 2 days in the "Schedule" it worked. Thanks again. Ram Krishna D. Luis, Is it possible to Label data at bottom, below the horizontal X-axis in S-Curve? It provide more clarity to understand exact data and and how can cost or manhours viewd in terms of percentage (%) in YAxis. I mean, want to see the S-Curve in terms of % progress.

Ram Krishna D. Kevin, Earlier i asked about view of Plan % Progress. I created a schedule loaded with resources, manhours and cost. At different interval of time (Month End to get Monthly progress), i tried to get plan % progress by scheduling. I surprised because when i hit the key "schdule now" , schedule % show the progress at overall and WBS level but when scheduling get over and data saved, it again show 0%. Further I updated few activities and schedule % complete show equal to or less than the performance % complete after updation and scheduling. If you have any idea why it happening, please let me know. For any setting error, i contacted to licence provider, but they are silent from many days. Even one person from Licensor replied that we can't see progress in terms of %. . 18 days ago Mahboobeh S. Dear Luis would you please send the documents to me Mahboobeh S. Dear Ram P Please set up as follow: - activity type: task dependent - duration type: fixed duration and units -percent complete time: physical in WBS tab, earned value part, tick the activity percent complete It is for calculating performance%complete Ram Krishna D. I got performance % value. It is Actual %. Now i want to know the Daily, weekly and monthly Plan % in Primavera at the start of project when no actuals updated. Mahboobeh S. the way that crossed my mind is to use activity usage profile, tick the selected activity part, right click on the graph and go to the activity usage profile option. tick planned value labor unit and in graph part insert the total man hours in calculate average by.. then by double click on the graph you can get planned value labor unit (2 numbers) so you Mahboobeh

can calculate planned progress for the selected activities. it is a way to calculate plan % in wbs level. I will search about daily and weekly plan% Mansoor K. Dear Ram, If the programme is cost loaded then the Schedule percentage complete gives you the planned % for cost at the WBS summary level whereas Performance % Complete gives you the actual % complete once the programme is scheduled. Duration % complete gives you the progress based on duration which is not so reliable as percentage calculated are based on no. of days (in some case may be hours). Mansoor And physical % complete does not give you any summary. In my opinion you if your programme is resource loaded with labour unit, then you should go with unit % complete, which gives you progress based on earned value of the labour units namely manhours or mandays. If you want to have daily, monthly, weekly, yearly etc % progress you should used Report Wizard in tools. In that you should go for new report and select time distributed data in order to get your report distributed with respect to time (you may select week, day, month etc.) to generate a report. The report can be summarised activity wise, WBS wise, Project wise or EPS wise as you wish. If you further calculation I can help you in generating a report. Once the report is generated then we can easily convert it into percentages. It can planned or actual as required.

Jorge F. Luis, could you also send to me to I'll really appreciate. Thank you Muhanad F. dear Luis, I had this problem of printing s-curve, kindly send me a copy on Ram Krishna D. Dear Mansoor, I am getting the Actual % complete after assigning the cost and updating the schedule. Now to get the Daily, weekly and monthly Plan % value, i have to bring the Cost or Manhours value on excel sheet and convert it in terms of %. But earlier i thought, it can Ram Krishna viewed in Primavera itself which is not possible to view "Plan in terms of % in P6" , as told by Licensor during one technical query. And we required Planned % (Weekly and Monthly Plan progress) at the start of the project before actual updation. Thanks for your detailed reply, if you have any idea about Plan % view in P6, please let me know. Mansoor K. Dear Ram, I have highlighted the way how I am Calculating the Planned Progress. Anyone having any innovative idea can share it with us. Rohit K. Hi.Mr. Luis, Please send me the document you have that helps to print a "S" curve in P6 at my email id: rakarve77()gmail()com. Thanks in advance. 16 days ago

Jean Moise N. Hi.Mr. Luis, Please send me the document you have that helps to print a "S" curve in P6 at my email id: Thanks in advance. Kunal S. Dear Luis, Appreciate you sharing informative documents with all the friends.

Could you please send it to me as well at

Alireza K. Hi.Mr. Luis, Please send me the document you have that helps to print a "S" curve in P6 to my email id: Thanks in advance. Chinnadurai T. Luis, Please send doc. to me too at - Sampie S. Hi Luis, Can you please forward me that document to, manny thanks. My e-mail address is: Jorge F. I dont understand why many colleagues want to see the physical % complete rolled up at WBS level. In my opinion it makes no sense unless you weight all activities accordingly. Let me explain. If we have at WBS level for example BUILDINGS then FOUNDATIONS and STRUCTURAL STEEL, ROOFING & SIDING, etc on next level. On

FOUNDATIONS you have excavation (m3) rebar (Kg/Ton) formwork (m2) concrete (m3), etc. When you progress these activities you do it based on quantities performed and get the following figures (for example) 100 % of excavation done, 60% of rebar done, 35% of formwork done and 0% of concrete poured. Obviously the FOUNDATION % complete is not (100+60+35+0) divided by 4, then how the software should calculate the rolled up progress?. based on what? And how much could be the progress of the whole BUILDINGS? (next WBS level) It is the main reason all software I know (not only P6) needs a standard unit to roll up progress that can be MH or $ or whatever common unit applicable to the whole project.

Alireza K. Dear Jorge,How about weighting all activities. Suppose in the example you have provided the W/F of excavation is 10%,rebaring 15%,formwork 30% and concrete pouring 45% in just the concrete work of the project (or excavation is 3%,rebaring 4.5%,formwork 7% and concrete pouring 10% in the project overall weightage). Then how should we roll up the physical % complete? Alireza Ram Anant P. I am totally agreed with Mr. Jorge. As for as it is about weighing all activities as suggested by Mr. Alireza it will be a very completed process specially on large projects. You will have to weigh all your activities with respect to the "Lowest Level" of WBS first. Then the lowest level WBS with respect to the Next Level of WBS and so on up to the Ram Anant project level. Also it is not so easy to fix a criteria for "how much weightage to which activity". Also it will vary from project to project depending upon location of Project and availability of resources etc. Also any percentage obtained in this way will not be able to provide any meaningful data. Either it can provide the percentage in terms of time or money or units of work depending upon the criteria used for weighing. So there I don't think that it would be of any use.

Hamidreza Z. Progress calculation possible in WBS level if you incorporate budget as well as weight factor. I suggest first you incorporate W.F resource base on your project cost, then update your schedule with duration % progress or physical % progress, you may see unit % progress in WBS level in assignments part in P6. Hamidreza

Alireza K. Dear Ram, I don't think using activities without considering any Weight Factor would be a good practice. The progress of the project must be dependent on the cost and man hour used for every single activity. So why shouldn't we give each activity a W/F based on it's resources even if it would be very complicated? Alireza 15 days ago

Ram Anant P. What should be the criteria for determining the weightage then? Cost or Man Hour? Particularly at WBS Level? Because there is no relationship between the two. In spite of the Cost being very high required man hour may be very less on one hand while the reverse is also possible on the other hand. Alireza K. How it would be if we use Man hour for Engineering Activities like Drawings and Cost for Procurement Activities and Quantity/Machine hour for Construction part of the project? Ram Anant P. I don't think if this is going in the subject line. What to use for which activity is another topic and the current practices are quite ok in this reference? Alireza K. the question I raised was how to roll up physical % complete while we have to use W/F for activities. Naveed K. Can any one provide me a detailed program (P6) for a substation project.It will be a great help.My email is you in advance. Ram Krishna D. Alireza, its fact that in excel we are used to calculate overall progress based on weighting method only and its acceptable. Certain weightages assigned to E, P and C which becomes 100% for EPC. Individually Engg. Progress is based on manhours weighting, Procurement based on cost

weighting and Construction based on Quantity/hours weighting. After applying these parameters, still physical % progress doesnt appear at Overall and WBS level. It can be viewed only at activity level. In P6, how weighting can be assigned at WBS level, is still a question in my mind. Also all units, manhours, machines, material converted in terms of cost in P6 finally and progress can be viewed as performance % complete at WBS and overall level. And this is the product of (Actual cost/Total Budgeted cost*100). This is the way to get progress at WBS level only. One more thing, when I changed % complete type one by one (Duration, Physical and Units), always % complete value was same (performance % and unit % complete). Any view on this. Mimoune D. Ram. performance % = activity % complete X Total Budget Cost, so even if you don't calculate actual cost, Primavera will show the correct Performance %. Mimoune whatever % complete you choose ( duration, unit, physical ) the performance complete will calculate using the same previous formula. btw in P6 you can choose either to use the total budget cost from the baseline or the current schedule. so the whole argument that Physical % complete don't roll up is by design and it does make sense. Raja S. Hi Luis, Please send me too the doc, which help to generate "S"- Curve in P6 at

Thanks in advance 6 days ago Raja

Jassim R. Hai Ram,if you use unit%complete u will get the manhrs in each WBS same as u do with cost. Luis can u send me the id is 6 days ago Shital Z. Hi Luis, could you please send me the document you have for S Curve? Thank you. Regards, Shital

Shital Z. Hi Luis, could you please send me the document you have for S Curve? My email address is Thank you. Regards, Shital Lamont D. Luis, Would you mind sending me a copy? Mansoor K. Hello Luis, Please send me a copy of the document. My email address is ravi G. Well I do not understand why we are blaming on primavera , this is same like windows 2000 then 2007 & Now vista ....There is no point to discuess that p3 is good or P6 R8.2 ... If you do not want to upgrade your self then you can stick on P3 ....But i suggest that here we should share knowledge & problam of each other ... ravi Basavaraj A. Yes I agree P3 was a perfect tool, where as P6 in much Complicated, Usman A. Mr.Luis can you please also send me at ? Muhammad Y. Mr. Lois can you please also send S curve related data to me at my e mail address Thanks in advance Saida N. Hi.Mr. Luis, Please send me the document you have that helps to print a "S" curve in P6 at my email id: . Thanks in advance.

Glenn P. Hi Ram, You said "Physical % Complete, Daily, Weekly and Monthly Plan value is not viewable as well Actual % Complete at overall and WBS level. Progress reflects at activity level only"

How about weighted milestones on the WBS and setting physical % complete using

weighted milestones option on the Earned Value tab ? This will let you show physical % complete for each WBS

without using any activities at all ? You will need to set milestones for each and control manually. 9 hours ago

Syed S. Luis please send that document to me as well if you dont mind. My Email Id: