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This We Believe is a project to record and archive conversations about democracy. This year, FWP 2.0a fledgling 21st century Federal Writers Projectwill ask students, teachers, and everyday people to record a short, two-minute This We Believe statement. Recordings will be available on the Writing Democracy website at and included in a book for classroom usebringing the peoples concerns and hopes for democracy directly to you and your students.

Record Your This We Believe Statement at CCCC 2013

What does democracy mean to you? What does U.S. democracy look like in 2013? How does it compare to your dream? How does writing and teaching writing serveor not servethe project of democracy?

Workshop W.02 ~ The Political Turn

The Political Turn: Writing Democracy for the 21st Century
Wed., 3.13.13 @ Riviera Hotel, Grand Ballroom F & throughout the conference in the foyer outside the Royale Ballroom. Shannon Carter, Deborah Mutnick, Steve Parks, For more information,