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‘creating competitive building communities’



E X E C U T I V E B R I E F I N G — N M C B U S I N E S S S C H O O L
Re. Briefing invitation (at short notice)
Topic: The future of 3D nD design collaboration

We’ve squeezed in this briefing with Dr Angela Lee for Thursday at short notice, as she is flying
out at the end of the week. Prof Dave Root (UCT) has kindly ensured that she will be available
for an informal talk to our design consultants, project managers and guests.

See RSVP and agenda below.

VENUE: ???
DATE: Thursday, 26 February 2009
TIME: ???
COST: Free—hosted by UCT Construction Economics and Management Dept
RSVP: Please click on the links below, so we can cater accordingly:
YES—I will be attending NO—I will not be attending


The University of Salford is currently leading a research programme, entitled ‘From 3D to nD modelling,’
that will leverage 3-dimensional computer modelling to integrate scheduling, costing, accessibility, crime,
sustainability, maintainability, acoustics and energy simulation into a holistic building model. The project
aims to aid the decision-making process by enabling true what-if analysis to be performed. It is funded by
the EPSRC (Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council) in the tune of £0.5 million for four
years under a Platform Grant. The unique nature of the grant encourages blue-sky innovative research,
international collaboration and supports future funding opportunities.

The 1st international nD modelling workshop, held at Mottram Hall February 2003, brought together
world-leading experts (both from the industrial and academic communities) within the context of nD
modelling. There were 52 participants from 32 collaborating organisations, from 10 countries. The
workshop developed a business process and IT vision for how integrated environments would allow future
nD-enabled construction to be undertaken. The aim of the 2nd international nD modelling workshop is to
build upon the findings of the previous event, concentrating on tackling the strategic and operational
issues confronted by nD modelling, and defining the future research agenda

Dr Angela Lee Prof David Root will be facilitating the event