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The description of two sine waves that are in step with each other going through their maximum and minimum points ate the same time and in the same direction. a. Sine waves in phase b. Stepped sine waves c. Phased sine waves d. Sine waves in coordination 2. Term used for the out of phase, non-productive power associated with inductors and capacitors. a. Effective power b. True power c. Reactive power d. Peak envelope power 3. Refers to a reactive power. a. Wattles, non productive power b. Power consumed in circuit Q c. Power loss because of capacitor leakage d. Power consumed in wire resistance in an inductor 4. A 240 V, 25 Hz sinosoidal generator is connected to a 20 ohms resistor. Determine the instantaneous current when elapsed time is 0.01 second. a. 15043A b. 16.30 A c. 16.97 A d. 12.00 A 5. The product of current and voltage in an AC circuit refers to the a. Real power b. Useful power c. Apparent power d. DC power 6. The distance covered or traveled by a waveform during the time interval of one complete cycle. a. Frequency b. Wavelength c. Time slot d. Wave time 7. The power dissipated accross the resistance in an AC circuit. a. Real power b. Reactive power c. Apparent power d. True power 8. It is the number of complete cycles of alternating voltage or current complete each second a. Period b. Frequency c. Amplitude d. Phase 9. How many degrees are there in one complete cycle? a. 720 deg b. 360 deg c. 180 deg d. 90 deg 10. The impedance in the study of electronics is represented by resistance and ___ . a. Reactance b. Inductance and capacitance c. Inductance d. capacitance 11. Two current sources deliver to a common load. The first source delivers current whose equation is 25sin 100t A while the second delivers a current whose equation is 15 cos 100t A. What is the rms values of the current in the load? a. 29.15 A b. 40 A c. 20.6 A d. 10 A 12. It is a rotaing sector that represent either current or voltage in an AC circuit.

a. Resistance b. Phasor c. polar diagram d. velocity 13. The relationship of the voltage accros an inductor to its current is described as a. Leading the current by 90 deg b. Lagging the current by 90 deg c. Leading the current by 180 deg d. In phase with the current 14. Find the phase angle between the voltage across through the cicuit when Xc is 25ohms, R is 100 ohms and XL is 50 ohms. a. 76 deg with the voltage leading the current b. 24 deg with the voltage lagging the current c. 14 deg with the voltage leading the current d. 76 deg with the voltage lagging the current 15. Calculate the period of an alternating current having a equation of I=20sin 120t a. 4.167 ms b. 8.33 ms c. 16.67 ms d. 33.33 ms 16. What do you mean by root-mean-square (rms) value? a. It is the average value b. It is the effective value c. It is the value that causes the same heating effect as the DC voltage d. b or c 17. The maximum instances value of a vrying current, voltage or power equal to 1.414 times the effective value of a sine wave. a. RMS value b. Peak value c. Effective value d. Peak to Peak value 18. If an AC signal has a peak voltage of 55V, what is the average value? a. 35 V b. 61.05V c. 86.34 V d. 38.89 V 19. If an AC signal has an average voltage of 18V, what is the rms voltage? a. 12.726 V b. 19.980 V c. 25.380 V d. 16.213 V 20. A 220-V, 60Hz is driving a series RL circuit. Determine the current if R=100 ohms and 20 mH inductance a. 2.2 A (lagging) b. 2.0 A (lagging) c. 2.2 A (leading) d. 2.0 A (leading) 21. Ignoring any inductive effects, what is the impedance of RC series capacitor made up of a 56K ohm resistor and a 0.33uF capacitor at a signal frequency of 4650 Hz. a. 66730 ohms b. 57019 ohms c. 45270 ohms d. 10730 ohms 22.What is the time constant of a 500mH coil and a 3300 ohm resistor in series? a. 0.00015 sec b. 6.6 sec c. 0.0015 sec d. 0.0000015 sec 23. What is the realtionship between frequency and the value of XC ? a. Frequency has no effect b. XC varies inversely with frequency c. XC varies indirectly with frequency

d. XC varies directly with frequency 24. The reactance of a 25mH coil at 5000Hz which of the following? a. 785 ohms b. 785000 ohms c. 13 ohms d. 0.0012 ohms 25. There are no transients in pure resistive circuites because they a. Offer high resistance b. Obey ohms Law c. Are linear circuits d. Have no stored energy 26. The reciprocal of capacitance is called b. Conductance a. Elastance c. Permitivity d. permeability 27. The AC system is prefered over DC system because a. Ac voltages can easily changed in amgnitude b. Dc motors do not have fine speed control c. High voltage AC transmission is less efficient d. DC voltage cannot be used for domestic aplliences 28. An altenating voltage is given by v = 20 sin 157 t. The frequency of the alternating voltage is a. 50 Hz b. 25 HZ c. 100 Hz d. 75 Hz 29. An alternating current given by i = 10 sin 314 t. The time taken to generate two cycles of current is a. 20 ms b. 10 ms c. 40 ms d. 50 ms 30. In a pure resistive circuit, the instantaneous voltage and are current are given by: v=250 sin 314t i=10sin314t The peak power in the circuit is a.1250 W b. 25 W c. 2500 W d. 250 w 31. An average value of 6.63 A is _____ the effective value of 7.07 A. a. The same area b. Less than c. Greater than d. Any of these 32. A current of 10 A and a pf of 0.8 lagging is taken from a single phase 250 V supply. The reactive power of the system is___. a. 1500 b. 2000 c. 250 d. not 33.An R-L series ac circuit has 15V across the resistor and 20V across the inductor. The supply volatge is a. 35 V b. 5 V c. 25 V d. 175 V 34. The active and reactive powers of an inductive circuit are equal. The power factor of the circuit is a. 0.8 lagging b. 0.707 lagging c. 0.6 lagging d. 0.5 lagging 35. Determine the power angle in the series circuit which consists of R=25 ohms, L=0.2 H across a power supply of 200V, 30Hz. a. 36.4 degrees

b. 52.4 degrees c. 46.4 degrees d. 56.4 degrees 36. An AC circuit has a resistance of 6 ohms, inductive reactance of 20 ohms, and capacitive reactance of 12 ohms. The circuit power will be a. 0.8 lagging b. 0.8 leading c. 0.6 lagging d. 0.6 leading 37. A 25 ohm resistor connected in series with a coil of 50 ohm resistance and 150mH inductance. What is tha pf of the circuit? a. 85% b. 80% c. 90% d. 75% 38. A current wave is represented by the equation i = 10 sin 251t. The average and RMS value of current are a. 7.07 A; 6.63A b. 6.36A; 7.07A c. 10A; 7.07A d. 6.36A; 10A 39. Calculate the susceptance in mho of a circuit consisting of resistor of 10 ohms in series with a conductor of 0.1H, when the frequency is 50Hz. a. 0.0303 b. 0.0092 c. -0.029 d. 32.95 40. An inductive circuit of resistance 16.5 ohms and inductive of 0.14H takes a current of 25 A. If the frequency is 50Hz, the supply voltage is a. 117.4 V b. 1174 V c. 1714 V d. 1471 V 41. The current taken by a circuit is 1.2 A when the applied potential difference is 250 V and the power taken is 135W. The power factor is a. 0.35 b. 0.45 c. 0.55 d. 0.65 42. A capacitor has a capacitance of 20uF. The current supplied if it is placed across a 1100 V, 25 Hz supply. a. 3.554 A b. 6.91 A c. 3.45 A d. 9.61 A 43. The form factor of half wave rectified signal is equal to ___ a. 1.11 b. 0.786 c. 2.22 d. 1.57 44. An impedance draws a current I=10 cos(wt-30) from the voltage V=220sin(wt+30). What is the impedance? a. 15.6 - j15.6 b. 15.6 +j 15.6 c. 19.1- j 11.1 d. 11.0 + j19.1 45. The input of an a.c circuit having pf=0.8 lagging is 20KVA. The power drawn by the circuit is _____Kw. a. 12 b. 20 c. 16 d. 8 46. A capacitor connected to a 115 V, 25 Hz supply takes 5 A. What current will it take when the capacitance and frequency are doubled?

a. 2 A b. 5 S c. 10 A d. 20 A 47. At what frequency will an inductor of 5mH have the same reactance as a capacitor of 0.1F? a. 7.12 kHz b. 7.12 Hz c. 7.12 MHz d. 7.12 Ghz 48. What capacitance must be placed in series with an inductance of 0.05H, so that when the frequency is 100 Hz, the impedance becomes equal to the ohmic resitance? a. 70.5 uF b. 50.7 uF c. 5.7 uF d. 7.05 uF 49. A 220 v, 60 Hz source is driving a series RL circuit. Determine the current in the circuit if R=100 ohm XL= 100 ohm. a. 1.10 lagging b. 1.55 lagging c. 2.20 lagging d. 4.40 lagging 50. What is the resonant frequency of a circuit when an inductance of 1uH and capacitance of 10 picofarad are in series? a. 15.9 MHz b. 50.3 MHz c. 15.9 kHz d. 50.3 KHz 51. The _____ the Q of a circuit, the narrower the bandwidth. a. Lower b. Higher c. Broader d. Selective 52. Find the half power bandwidth of a parallel resonant circuit which has a resonant frequency of 3.6MHz and Q of 218. a. 606 kHz b. 58.7 kHz c. 16.5 kHz d. 47.3 kHz