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Stabilized Examples: (New)

This document has been determined to contain basic and stable technology which is not dynamic in nature. Design Authorities may determine that this document is no longer to be used for New Design. This determination should be made by each Design Authority. The Technical Committee which originally created this document no longer exists.

Cancelled Examples:
This document is Cancelled and Superseded by xxxx. This document is Cancelled without replacement. This document contained a material which has been banned for use in the EU. This document contained a material which has been banned for use in the EU. Because this material had numerous applications for which there is no single substitution material, users must determine their own substitution for this document.

Other Rationale Examples:

This SAE Aerospace Information Report is intended to provide comprehensive reference and background information pertaining to molecular sieve on-board oxygen generating systems as part of an overall document set to address oxygen equipment for aircraft. The general and dimensional data for the various types and styles of bolts and studs has been removed from this standard in favour of referencing ASTM 1234 product specifications from which the reader can obtain the necessary information on each product. Increased use of advanced composite structural materials on aircraft has resulted in the need to address the potential direct lightning attachment in aircraft zones where attachment is possible, although not likely. This standard has been revised to clarify the Sections and remove references to name brand equipment. This SAE Aerospace Material Specification is intended to provide technical requirements such as composition, melting practices and heat treatment as well as Quality Assurance provisions for titanium alloy bars, forgings and stock for forging.