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Well-Type 1. Conventional 2. Shale 3. Geothermal 4. Horizontal Size Horsepower Rig Power Engine Type Mast Mast Type Mast Raising System Mast Height Substructure Type Setback Capacity Drilling Moving System Drill Floor Height NOV Drawworks Type Horsepower Hoisting Capacity NOV Top Drive Capacity Continuous Drilling Torque NOV Iron Roughneck Makeup Torque Breakout Torque BOP Type Bore Size Working Pressure
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250 Tons 1,000 AC (Alternating Current) CAT 3512, 1200 RPM Triples Cantilever Cylinder 136 ft Slingshot-Cylinder 350,000 lbs Walking (Lift and Roll) 22 ft DSGD-375 1500 HP 520,000 lbs with 8 lines 750,000 with 12 lines TDS-11SA 500 Tons 37,500 ft-lbs @ 110 RPM ST-80C 60,000 ft-lbs 80,000 ft-lbs SBOP/LXT 11 5,000 Rig Photo Here

Driller's Controls Driller's Cabin Rotary Table Opening NOV Mud Pumps Horsepower Optional Equipment 1 2

Amphion HVAC RST375 37 1/2" FD-1600 1600