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Purpose Development Coaching for Pastors

Helping Pastors skillfully use purpose to make their greatest impact

Donald Jenkins Master Purpose Development Coach

Dear Pastor! I thank God for your assignment to minister to His people. Having planted a church and served as a Sr. Pastor, I certainly understand the rigors of ministry which can be very taxing on you as a person, your family and even your career. The demands of preaching several times of week, motivating leadership, family life, career, administrative duties, weddings, funerals, hospital visits, construction headaches, budgets, meetings, missionary work, Radio/TV programs, itinerate travel, church growth strategies, etc can take its toll over a period of time. All the above are essential duties of ministry, but without the proper resources to maintain balance, they can soften your impact as a leader. Im sure you would agree that if it wasnt for the Grace of God, ministry would be an impossible task to achieve. Our role as Pastors is what I call high impact roles in which I define as a role where your leadership affects the way people think, speak and behave. Its true that these roles require continual leadership development, but having great leadership skills is only half the battle for success as a leader. The other skill set is what I call Purpose Development which requires mastery if you desire to make a greater impact by fully discharging your purpose as a Pastor. The fact remains, the more you are impacted by a greater sense of purpose, the more those who follow you will be impacted by a greater purpose. Please examine this document in its entirety because the effectiveness of your impact and the future of your ministry is on the line.

Purpose Development Coaching was designed with Pastors in mind. In fact, coaching is not a 21st Century concept, but one that dates back to Moses era as he led the nation of Israel out of Egypt. After his great victory, he was addressed by his father-in-law Jethro about his approach to leading the people. In Exodus 18:14, Jethro responded by saying, What is this thing that thou doest alone, and all the people stand by thee from morning to even? Jethro wasnt just telling Moses how to be a better leader, in essence he was coaching Moses to recognize the insight to a system to help maximize his impact. It wasnt the fact that Moses was a poor leader, because he was fresh off his victory over Pharoahs army. He just needed a little tuning to help become a great leader. My program is not designed to address poor leadership skills, but for leaders who desire to become great leaders. Moses story proves that great victories does not mean we are great leaders. Leadership is not measured in victories, but in the impact you make as a leader which requires a constant tuning. My 23 years of studying the subject of purpose and how it affect the way people exist and perform in the earth has allowed me to master the insight to help my clients skillfully use purpose to push the envelope of their potential, to make their greatest impact. Im sure you will agree that the person who makes the greatest impact, is the person whose life has been impacted the most. The same is true when it comes to purpose, its unfair to speak and teach about purpose, but yet our thoughts, speech and actions have not been seasoned with the wisdom to raise our Purpose IQ. Its almost like taking an individual up to the gates of heaven and telling them they cant enter the gate. They had a chance to see it with their own eyes, but they didnt have the right code to enter the gate to enjoy the benefits of the heavenly land. The same is true with purpose, it has a code that will allow individuals to enter the land to make a greater impact. Without insight to purpose, we rob ourselves, and the people we lead of that opportunity.

Goal Setting vs. Impact Tuning

As ministers, we cannot ignore the fact that most people we minister to, live a lifestyle that is out of balance with Divine Purpose for their life. As a result, they never fully maximize their potential as character dysfunctions abound. Many have even mastered the process of repenting without repurposing, which leave them in a continual exploitation of weaknesses in their purpose. They confirm what we know to be true at the Purpose Development Institute, you can remove people out of Egypt, but it requires Purpose Development to wash Egypt out of the people. As ministers of the Kingdom, we must understand that because of the rigors of ministry, we are like most people when it comes to maintaining a healthy Purpose Lifestyle Balance. As a result, the impact of our leadership is softened over a period of time. In other words, you are like a high performance sports car that needs an occasional tuning. Purpose Development is not a bunch of hype and rhetoric to pump you up for leadership. The last thing I want to present to my client is another Goals Setting Program (GSP) to achieve goals for the year or another Leadership Development Program (LDP) to become a better leader. Purpose Development Coaching is an Impact Tuning Program (ITP) that is designed to help you make your greatest impact year-after-year.

Dont you think its time to upgrade your purpose for a greater impact?

Six Secrets to Making Your Greatest Impact

There are several things that make Purpose Development Coaching unique in which Ive listed six of them below. They are six secrets that will allow you to make your greatest impact year-after-year. You can be a good leader without them, but with them, greatness is within your reach. 1.) Change your approach to achieving goals for your life. Again, Purpose Development Coaching is not a Goal Setting Program (GSP). Its an Impact Tuning Program (ITP) that will allow achieving goals to become childs play. The crucible of leadership is that it requires an occasional tuning. 2.) Discover how to turn purpose into a resource. Purpose is one of the most mismanaged resources in ministry and your personal life. My coaching techniques reveal to you the secrets of how to achieve the three milestones of purpose for maximum impact. 3.) Apply the 1st and 2nd Law of Purpose on a regular basis. Many people are unaware of the Laws of Purpose. As a result, these laws work against them to prevent them from making their maximum impact. Purpose Development Coaching empowers you to leverage the Laws of Purpose for full impact. 4.) Discover your Source Root which identifies and promote a higher purpose to deliver a greater appreciation for the existence and performance of humanity. Purpose Development Coaching has a very unique way of connecting you to your source root to live a more meaningful lifestyle. 5.) Maintain a healthy Purpose Lifestyle Balance. Again, most people live with an unhealthy Purpose Lifestyle Balance. Purpose Development Coaching reveals to you how to maintain a lifestyle that accommodates a bigger purpose to reduce unwanted stress. 6.) Redefine success. Success is not measured in material wealth but in maintaining a culture that inspire achievement. My coaching techniques takes you into the secrets of the Hebrew letters for the word successful, to discover the blueprint on how to build a culture for achievement for yourself and the people you lead.

Anything that cease to grow has lost its purpose, and anything that does not have healthy roots will struggle to grow!
Donald JenkinsMaster Purpose Development Coach

Purpose Development Coaching is an Organic Growth System that causes leaders to grow from the roots. As High Impact Leaders, we must make sure that we maintain a healthy root system so that we can grow organically. Anything that grows organically, grows without effort or strain. Its when a persons existence and performance works in conjunction with their philosophy of purpose, to cause an effortless release of their potential. Purpose Development Coaching exposes the root system of my clients so that they can maintain the proper health to maximize their impact in the world.

To appoint unto them that mourn in Zion, to give unto them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness: thaty they might be called trees of righteousness, the planting of the Lord, that he might be glorified. Isaiah 61:3
Ancient wisdom reveals a righteous person (Tzadi) as a person that restores a sense of purpose to the world. Let me show you how to maintain a healthy root system so that you can effectively restore a sense of purpose to the world!

The Game Changer

You might be saying, I dont need a coach because I have many resources already, Im good! The question is not whether you need a coach or that you have resources, but making sure you understanding the value of a coach for a greater impact and if you are serious about playing the game of champions. Look at Tiger Woods, one of the most gifted golfers in the world, but yet he hires a coach because he wants to be a champion. In the words of Harvard Business expert Nikos Mourkogiannis, Purpose is the game of champions. Only strong

minded men and women - adults with powerful intellects and real character and spines of steel are suited for it..
As High Impact Leaders, we must realize that ministry in the 21st Century is requiring that we examine ourselves to see if we are ready to play the game of champions, or remain amateurs playing on a champions field. In other words, its time to stop preaching and teaching purpose without the insight to skillfully use purpose as a resource. Purpose Development is the game changer for you and your members, to make the greatest impact on behalf of the kingdom of God. Check out my coaching packages and lets discuss the right plan for you. Pastor Coaching Packages: All plans are for both the Pastor and Spouse. Coaching is conducted mainly through teleconference and occasional webinar format. Face-to-face coaching can be arranged at an additional cost. 12 Month $2100.00 for one hour session per month ($175.00 per month) Introduction to Purpose Development Part 1 Introduction to Purpose Development Part 2 Maintaining your Prayer Life with a greater Purpose Feed the Sheep Challenge (Ministering to the Purpose of Gods people) Leading with a greater Purpose How to use purpose to get others to embrace the vision How to impact your community with a greater purpose How to maintain a healthy Purpose Balance lifestyle How to be Married on Purpose How to manage ministry stress with purpose How to transform your ministry from Crisis to Purpose Management How to unleash the purpose of your competitive spirit

6 Month $1200.00 for one hour session per month ($200.00 per month) Introduction to Purpose Development Part 1 Introduction to Purpose Development Part 2 Maintaining your Prayer Life with a greater Purpose Feed the Sheep Challenge (Ministering to the Purpose of Gods people) Leading with a greater Purpose How to use purpose to get others to embrace the vision 3 Month $675.00 for one hour session per month ($225.00 per month) Introduction to Purpose Development Part 1 Introduction to Purpose Development Part 2 The 3rd month is your choice of coaching from the remaining 10 on the 12 month program Purpose Development Coaching is designed to help you turn purpose into a resource. Listed below are a few benefits when you understand how to master this skill:

Able to move your personal life beyond the surface of purpose to the roots Able to develop a healthy Purpose Balance Lifestyle Able to pray with a greater purpose Able to discern a greater purpose in the scriptures Able to minister to Gods people with a greater purpose Able to speak more intelligently about purpose (High Purpose IQ) Able to influence followers with a greater purpose Able to cast your vision with a greater purpose Able to lower your resistance to Divine Purpose to push the envelop of your potential Able to wisely build a culture of purpose for greater achievement Able to implement the secrets of being Married on Purpose Able to use purpose to reduce stress through Purpose Management Able to impact your community with a greater purpose And much more

The choice to be average or above average is yours!

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