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Workshop technology 3 note

Overall lathe work is to give students knowledge about the functions of lathe machine, method of use, security measures, and how the measurement accuracy of measurement and distribution of anchor masa.Kadang lathe machine there are some that do not work properly. Lathe machine handling skills need to be learned and understood from time to time to ensure expertise in the operation lathe machine can be improved. Overall, the project is intended to whittle metal train students on how to properly conduct whittle process and produce beautiful and neat sharpener. Most students encounter problems during the process making six hexagonal corner. This is because during this process we need to carefully run in rotation to make the corner. However, they can all be overcome with the help of the lecturer and indirect kawan.Secara friends, students are trained to carry out the project in greater detail according to the prescribed procedure. In addition, students are also able to master other methods such as tightfisted hand tools and many more tools used to make the hand finishing of the workpiece so that looks neat. In fact, students are able to use this machine in the right way while prioritizing safety and also a friend. Finally, with the skills learned throughout the milling project completion, the student will no longer have to worry when their industrial training, or when in the working world soon.