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Top Reasons Cyrus the Great Achieves Highest Rank Among All World Leaders www.cyrusthegreat.

com -Created Persian Empire based on ethics. -In the Bible, Cyrus is famous for freeing the Jewish captives in Babylonia and allowing them to return to their homeland. -Freedoms of religions, jobs, and places of residency; being advocate of freedom of choice 2500 years ago is very admirable. -Created gold and silver coins for trading. -Ordered all Governors to treat the people as their own children, and no one could be executed for a first time crime. -Slavery was not allowed. The Old Persian culture did not accept the concept of slavery. This is a good indication of a great ethical culture; we can admire this especially when we see some 250 years later: Aristotle's ideas of slavery were very much similar as of a natural law. -Despite the fact that Cyrus the Great was a genius he would consult with other leaders from different ethnic backgrounds to come up with better solutions to numerous situations. -To avoid loss of life, he ordered special clothing for those workers who were working with stones and metal objects. -Cyrus was a leader of immense military ability and an outstanding statesman. -Cyrus the Great had a major influence on the thinking of Aristotle and Alexander the Great, and the Roman Empire form of government. -He was moderate and respectful toward his defeated opponents and let them continue their former jobs even under new rule.