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op RS es Soe cate we First Certificate Writing Judy Copage ‘CONTENTS MAP my Pr Py Cees INFORMAL LETTERS Making contact and giving [Greetings and endings Error correction: | Adjectives to news, p.4 Introductions: personal greetings typical language describe aspects Deseribing a language schoo! | Introduction to paragraphing errors | of sto! 2 Giving advice, eB The best place fora holiday Concluso ending wishes, etc. Recognising te right evel of formality Planning paragraphs: topics and relevant details Topic sentences Clothes and equipment for taking on holiday Giving advice 3 Describing an object, p.12 Choosing between a stereo and a computer FORMAL LETTERS 4B leter of apoication, 9.6 Applying for a job in tourism 5 Making a request, p20 Returning lost property A letter to the editor, p.24 Paragraphing: grouping information Topic sentences Making an outline: completing a table Greetings and endings Introductions: stating the reason for writing Using the right level of formality Making an outline: completing table ‘Making an outline: completing a table ‘Topic sentences and relevant details | | iE | ‘Making an outline: using an ideas map | | Polite requests Connectors of reason | describe and eit | potstions Tenses i Formal and | informal Relative clauses vocabulary ‘Word-buiding: adjective to noun Thanking Expressing opinions | Traffic and traffic Expressing an opinion on Introductions: stating the topic and your opinion | Second conditional | problems traific problems Connectors of i i el R: TRANSACTIONAL LETTE! 7. Asking for information, p.28 Anoliday S ‘Analysing the input in the exam question Review of greetings and endings Making an outline: completing a table Paragraphing: grouping and ordering information Inreuctions: ving backgroud and tatig the reason for writing eremmoomennee| | Indirect questions Places to stay, hotel facilities and holiday activities 8 Giving information, p34 Travel arrangements 9 Giving and asking for information, p.40 Improving your English ‘Summarising the input in the exam question Ordering paragraphs in a model text Topic sentences Connectors for expressing options Future possibilities Error correction typical vocabulary | errors 10. Making arrangements, p.44 ‘A quest speaker at school “LY Making a complaint, p.50 A disappointing weekend break STORIES 12 Describing an accident, p56P Evaluating style and tone Paragraphing: writing main paragraphs Introductions: giving background and stating the reason for writing Conclusions: requesting action to be taken ‘Making an outline: completing a table Writing an effective introduction Evaluating two model texts | Question formation | Aspects of learning Editing a text } Engish Making a plan Gerunds and Prepositions Evaluating two model texts infinitives Introductions: thanking Conclusions: offering further help and information Connectors of | Adiectives to contrast and addition } describe feelings Reported speech ~ing/ed adjectives Vocabulary to | create a vivid picture 13 Describing an event, p.60 ‘A wedding Evaluating two model texts Non-defining relative clauses ‘Weddings 14 A journey, 2.64 Making an outline: completing a table F Narrative tenses ‘Weather conditior AA journey in bad weather | Introductions: setting the scene Connectors of and effects of bad concession weather 15 story beginning, .68 Paragraphing Connectors of time | Performing and My first time on stage Future in the Past being on stage 16 Astory ending, p72 Selecting a topic for an open-ended question | Punctuation of direct | Adjectives to Paragraphing and linking speech describe emotions Editing a text Reporting verbs DISCURSIVE COMPOSITIONS 17 Discussing pros and cons, Identifying different kinds of discursive questions | Connectors of | Words to express B76 ‘Making an outline: completing a table | sequence, contrast, | positive and Taking exams Introductions: stating the general topic | addition and result negative aspects Conetusions: ving a balanced personal comment | THe definite article | of atone 18 Giving your opinion (2), p.80f Analysing a model text Connectors of result | School subjects| Schoo! subjects Paragraphing: analysing structure Expressing opinions | Practical skill 19 Giving your opinion (2), .84) Analysing a model text Connectors of Sports and outdoor Young people and their Guided writing: gapped composition exerplification activities leisure time Paragraphing: organising information and inking 9, doand play 20 Suggesting solutions p.88 | Paraphrasing the language inthe exam question Language errors Endangered Endangered species Evaluating two model texts intext species Introductions: giving background and stating the ‘overall topic : Revising a poor model Eciting a text ' REPORTS 21 Evaluating places, p.92 Report format and style Passives Formal and ‘Anew tourist attraction | Making a plan | informal Introductions: stating the purpose of the report i vocabulary Conclusions: making a recommendation ' ! 22. Evaluating proposals, .96 | Report format | Second conditional make and do stadium ora theatre | Writing headings in a report ! Making an outline: completing a table i 23 Suggesting improvements, | Evaluating a model text Formal, polite | Word-building p.100 I suggestions ' Linprevag armsoom F ARTICLES 24. Describing people and ‘Analysing a model text Connectors of reason Qualities of relationship, p.104 Selecting backoround and main information | notable people Notable people Wordt-buiing 25. Reviewing, ».108 }Analysing a model text Superlatives and © TV programmes Favourite TV programmes Making a plan | Present Perfect Adjectives of i similar meaning 26 Language learning, p112 | Selecting an appropriate style Inversion for Collocation: verbs How to improve your ‘Analysing @ model text ‘emphasis and nouns speaking Introductions: getting the reader's attention F Making a pian ! SET BOOK ESSAYS 27 Discussing the plot, p.116 | Making notes on set books | Present tenses for Vocabulary to Paragraphing summarising events | discuss literature Making an outline: completing a table ae a } 28 Discussing characters, p.120f Making and organising notes on characters ‘Improving language | Adjectives to Planning content with reference to set books | ina model text describe characters Evaluating a model text Revising a poor mode! Writing Bank, p.124