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THE SNIPER Arrange the following events in the order in which they occur in the story Correct sequence

The sniper is wounded The sniper crawls down the skylight The sniper eats a sandwich. An armored car advances up the street. The sniper strikes a match. The sniper shoots the informer. The sniper turns over the body of his enemy. The sniper kills the machine gunner. The sniper lets his rifle drop to the street. The sniper feels remorse.

TALKING IT OVER 1. In this story OFlaherty gives us a realistic account of the fighting in the Irish civil war. What conclusion can you draw about the war from the vents in the story? Answer:

2. The sniper is referred to as a fanatic. How do his actions show that he is obsessed with a cause? How does he show both courage and cunning? Answer:

3. What change becomes apparent in the sniper after he succeeds in killing his opponent? How do you explain this change? Answer:

4. What is the ironic twist at the end of the story? Do you consider this ending a logical outcome of the events? Explain. Answer:

5. The characters in the story are not identified by name, but by function. The old woman wearing a shawl is referred to as an informer, and the central character is known only as the sniper. What do you think is OFahertys purpose in making his characters anonymous? Answer:

6. What do the events of the story lead you to conclude about the authors attitude toward war? Answer: