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S P E_A.K ENGLISH LIKE AN er | LEARN THE IDIOMS & EXPRESSIONS THAT WILL HELP YOU SPEAK.LIKE A. NATIVE! It's mastery of those tricky idioms and phrases that are so common in ye eR CO ec ecM elect Wie Son Tl MaleeeOn ait Col Roel aerate Cl mM ele ee Lae Ue -ias ial [eed are umm et hl kewaceeeceea) better, then Speak English Like an American is for you. Thousands of fof Tol) (Maa MOL ioe Ue ee ae ola eM Moar Viet) allele (te) their English using Speak English Like an American‘ Now it’s your turn! In this deluxe book &-CD set, you'll find: * Over 300 of today’s most common American English idioms & phrases DCU -b culo) ome Cola elo) + Dozens of exercises to reinforce the material — complete with answer key so you can correct yourself * Crossword puzzles'to practice your new expressions La ir teenie nics tip acu ual Uke eet email a telolay OUT Selo Id bhheenaad CS ep mee A a a eer Bk BATS rel cel cee WUE Ue Mo OM US CM Color N1 ard elo) OU EC Se ao SUN sain le SPEAK ENGLISH LIKE AN AMERICAN YOU ALREADY SPEAK ENGLISH... NOW SPEAK IT EVEN BETTER! DELUXE Book & CD Ser Amy GILLETT Y,[LAnGuace] SUCCESS PRES s| ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN