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HIUS 221


Criterion Point Points Value Possible Points Given Instructor Comments

All key components of the question are answered in a new thread. Clear, logical flow to post. Major points are clearly stated. Major points are supported by the following: 1. Textbook, Scripture, 1 scholarly source, PowerPoint 2. Good examples (pertinent conceptual or personal examples are acceptable) 3. Thoughtful analysis (considering assumptions, analyzing implications, comparing/contrasting concepts) Spelling and grammar are correct. Sufficient word count (300 words minimum) At least 3 replies to classmates (1 reply to each of 3 classmates threads) Sufficient word count (150 words minimum) Appropriate netiquette manners (for example, no name-calling or labeling another students idea a derogatory term, such as stupid or dumb even when disagreeing) Brings clarity to issues being discussed and relates issues to Scripture/biblical principles and experiences, textbook references, 1 scholarly source, and PowerPoint Spelling and grammar are correct. 13 3 3

40 10

3 8

8 4