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Staying alive in the desert is a big deal Salim Bin Kabina is now an old man but he is a survivor.

When he was younger he lived the traditional Bedouin life in the deserts of Arabia. The desert is a hard place to live in. There are sand dunes, rocks and there are very few plants. It rarely rains and un the summer it is incredibly hot. The temperature goes up to 50C in the day and at night it is often very cold. Bin Kabina had camels and moved around the desert, looking for food for them. He sold camels in the markets to buy necessities like bread, dates, wich is a fruit of the date palm of Pheonix dactylifera and coffee. He also found food in the desert. He milked his camels and sometimes he ate camel meat, but also he hunted hares and deer. Sometimes he had to eat lizards to survive. The biggest problem was finding water. His camels could go for 15 days without water, but there were very few wells and they were often dry. Bin Kabina travelled enormous distances across the desert to find water. To get lost in the desert meant certain death. Bin Kabina never got lost!