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Extreme Mileage

Research Assistant
Introduces the Fundamentals of Achieving Extreme Mileage


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Includes: Water Addition Vapor Fuel Catalysts Splitting Fuel Hybrid Techniques Fuel Reformers more


Author of Super Gas Saver Secrets & the Water as Fuel, series

George Wiseman

Energy Solutions

since 1984

Patent-free Technology Brown's Gas Fuel Savers Free Energy

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Energy Solutions

since 1984

Patent-free Technology Brown's Gas Fuel Savers Free Energy

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Eagle-Research is an organization that develops and distributes practical energy solutions. We define practical as simple, inexpensive, environmentally-considerate, easy to build, low maintenance and, applicable to small scale energy needs. We gather information from diverse sources, perform comprehensive experiments using rigorous standards, then publish how-to books to share the results with other researchers and the general public. We believe that writing books insures that these technologies will be secured public knowledge, and that our patent-free philosophy promotes increasingly better energy solutions. Eagle-Research does not accept government grants. The money from the sale of our books and devices is used to finance on-going research.

This book is sold for research and/or experimental purposes only. Therefore the results, which will vary according to the users knowledge, expertiseand application should be considered strictly experimental. George Wiseman, his associates and/or distributors, assume no responsibility for damage or injury due to the readers use or misuse of information or instructions presented herein. Although care is taken to present accurate information: If we knew what would happen, it wouldnt be an experiment. Therefore, the author will not retroactively inform or reimburse buyers if (when) there are corrections or updates to this book. Contact Eagle-Research for the latest developments. If the conditions outlined in the proceeding paragraphs are not acceptable, the buyer will return the book immediately to the seller, for a full refund.

Eagle-Research is a research and development organization dedicated to finding the best possible energy solutions. Because the nature of research and development is an evolving process, we are continually improving on the technologies we are working with. Though were proud of our commitment to constant and never-ending improvement, we do recognize there is an unfortunate side-effect: Our best today will pale in comparison to our best tomorrow. At any given date, the Eagle-Research discoveries, which are distributed in the form of web information; books; videos or devices, are at varying stages of development. Therefore, by the time our most up-to-date best can be compiled, organized, produced & distributed, weve already improved upon the information. Were working as fast as we can.


I differ from most inventors in many ways. For one, I actually make my living and finance continued research by inventing. Two, I dont hold-back secrets of my innovations. Three, I do not patent my work. It is distributed worldwide as public knowledge, so no one else can patent it either. Actually, the patent office is very inefficient and people have gotten patents on my technology... usually to fraud investors. However, the patent is worthless. Patent law states public domain information is not patentable.


As more work and research gets done, we will write further books in each of our lines of research. By writing a series of books in this manner, we can keep you updated on the latest information on energy saving research. Selling information is how we make money to continue our research. Therefore, you will not do yourself or your friends a favour if you copy this book to distribute to your friends. In doing so, you deprive us of funds to advance the research that will help us all.


1. Concept: I think I have an idea! 2. Research Assistant: compiled research to develop a working theory 3. Theory: explore research to develop proof of concept experiments 4. Proof of Concept: hands-on; try methods to make design of prototype possible 5. Initial Prototype Design: to begin experimental prototype 6. Practical spinoff: useful technology developed that is not the main line of research 7. Experimental Prototype: working experiments; proof of technology 8. How-To manual: comprehensive instructions 9. Kit: assembly of parts 10. Device: including operation manual

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Research Assistant


by George Wiseman

Eagle-Research Publishing British Columbia, CANADA

Energy Solutions

since 1984

March, 2004, August 2009

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Includes bibliographical references and index. ISBN 1-895882-44-3 1. AutomobilesFuel consumption. I. Title.

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Figures ............................................................ iv Thank you....................................................... iv Dedication ...................................................... iv Introduction ..................................................... 1 Is Greater Than 200 MPG Possible?............... 2 OEM Mileage; Enhanced Mileage; High Mileage; Extreme Mileage; Why would YOU want Extreme Mileage? ..... 3 Save Money; Interim Solution; Breathable Air Why is Extreme Mileage NOT applied?......... 4 OEM Suppression; Oil Company Suppression; Government Suppression; ER perspective Is there REALLY suppression? ....................... 7 Suppression ~ Control of Education (Ignorance); Suppression ~ Lack of Assistance; Suppression ~ Marketing Scams; Suppression ~ Control of Patent Office; Patent Office Policy; FACT; Patent Office Reporting; Suppression ~ Politics of Technology; Suppression ~ The Needs of National Security; Suppression ~ Covert Vested Interest; Basic Covert Procedures; Customized Suppression Techniques; Bypassing Suppression; Side Benefits of Not Patenting Calculating Actual Vehicle efficiency ........... 15 Actual Power What Your Mechanic May Not Know?......... 15 Vapor before ignition; Two Burns; Quenching; Catalytic Converters; A smarter pollution solution; Powered by 10% of fuel; Gasoline engines require; Dry vapor-fuel advantages; Gross air : fuel ratio; The Next Logical Step; Stoichiometric Fuel ratio; Controlling pollution with Efficiency; Actual air:fuel ratio; Kinetic Energy of Explosion Other Fuel Efficiency Factors ...................... 23 Temperature; Compression; Spark advance Ways to Pre-Vaporize Fuel ............................ 26 Evaporization by Atomizing; Evaporation by bubbling; Vaporization by HEAT; vaporization by Vacuum
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The TCC Solution ......................................... 29 TCC Extreme Mileage Challenges; The Extreme Mileage KEY; Adding Water ER Historical Extreme Mileage Fuel system ............................................. 33 Marketing Survey ......................................... 39 ER Fuel Saving Technology ......................... 40 Heat the fuel; Cut back liquid when Vapor increased; Power Booster Circuit; Deceleration Fuel Shutoff (DFS); HyCO 2A; HyCO 2DT; HyZor Technology; SGSS Rethinking Vehicle Design Paradigms ......... 43 The Sodium Hydride Technique Fossil-Fuel Data (Appendix) ........................ 46 Bibliography ................................................. 47 Glossary ........................................................ 49 Web Links ..................................................... 50

Thank you
To Tenaj DaCosta Wiseman, my lady, editor, business partner and biggest fan. It was her organizing, managing, motivating and editing that allowed us to finally write this book. I appreciate her input more than words can say. To Joyce MacKay for her Desktop Publishing, proofreading talents and for handling mail orders so that I could write. Also to the many other team members who willingly did whatever it took to get the job done. To Bret Wiseman and Hubert Hummel for many, many hours of extraordinary research assistance. To all those people who have worked with high mileage and communicated their experiences. To those with technical expertise who took the time to advise and help my research.

To all readers who will now have the advantage of these details. This book is our gift to everyone interested in high mileage for themselves and energy efficiency for the planet. It is time the full truth is known so that people can make appropriate decisions.

1: Horsepower at Wheels .......................... P 14 2: Flame Speed of Various Fuels .............. P 17 3: Piston Speed .......................................... P 16 4: Crankshaft Time & Degree .................... P 17 5: Valve Duration Chart ............................ P 17 6: Consumption vs Horsepower ................ P 19 7a: Oxygen Sensor Output Voltage ........... P 20 7b: Stoichiometric Compromise ............... P 21 8a: Combustion Chamber Pressures ......... P 24 8b: Thermal Eff. vs Compression Ratio ... P 24 8c: Compression Ratio of U.S. Cars ......... P 24 8d: Est. Octane Requirements ................... P 25 9: Pressure-heat Diagram .......................... P 27 10: Horsepower vs Vacuum Load ............. P 28 11: Make Methane From Decane .............. P 29 12: Flame Speed of Hydrogen .................. P 30 13: Octane Net Heat .................................. P 30 14a: Bond Energies ................................... P 31 14b: Combustion of Methane .................... P 31 15: Less Exhaust Water ............................. P 32 16: Extreme Mileage System .................... P 35 17: Vapor Pressures of Fuel ...................... P 44 18: Fuel Properties Chart .......................... P 45


Since the ideas in this book are at the Research Assistant (2) stage, a tools list and a parts list is not applicable. As the research is updated and individual projects are developed, using the concepts outlined, suggested tools and parts will be included.
Costs quoted, throughout this book, are based on year of publication rates.


Weve combed through thousands of patents, researched through whole libraries and consulted experts in every related field. Now, after decades of frustration, a few timely triumphs, and tens of thousands of hours of experimentation, it is our pleasure to share this information. Ideally, Extreme Mileage 101 will serve as the beginning of a training course for high-mileage-seekers who are working for gains with internal combustion engines. (Techniques for external combustion will be covered in other literature.) At this,Research Assistant, stage Extreme Mileage 101 is an introduction to the mind-opening facts (yes, facts!) that clearly illustrate why, we could and should be getting greater than (>) 200 miles per gallon in full-sized, four-door vehicles!

Especially if the idea of purposeful concealment is new to you, there will be statements in this book that youll struggle to not believe. 'Vested Interest' is so masterful at not teaching the whole truth that our ignorance is entirely understandable. Unless a person digs for the full disclosure, the implications of oddities are difficult to piece together. Suppression, motivated by power, greed and control is real. Research the information and verify the truth for yourself. Remember, we have decades of training, research and experience to back our statements up. Despite the attempts to quash our efforts ER has helped over 100,000 people cut their driving costs and go farther on a tank of fuel. Some of our customers have even made a good living, in their own businesses, using our technology. The main purpose of this book is to assist backyard tinkerers and kitchentable researchers with interim solutions for stretching fossil fuel. In the meantime, solutions to the worldwide need for clean, affordable, renewable fuel especially for transportation, can be found. This can only be done by working with correct information within an effective paradigm. It is our sincerest wish that this book will make a big difference to anyone who needs these key pieces of information to make extreme mileage practical. And hopefully, the heads up about the stuff that goes on will help those extreme mileage answers bypass suppression obstacles. If you have any information that can assist and speed up the finding of energy solutions, please pass it on.

Popular Mechanics, July 1924, pg 14

"Were all the energy of one gallon of gasoline to be harnessed for the performance of a single purpose... (it would) elevate a light car 450 miles in the air or propel it at twenty miles per hour for 450 miles over a level road".

Without a doubt, it has been possible to achieve > 200 mpg in a 2,000 lb car, since at least the 1940s!
Much of the restricted information in this book is commonplace in industry on a need to know basis. So a chemist, in a petroleum refining plant, knows how to split carbon chains, but is not taught how doing so affects combustion efficiency. An automotive mechanic is not taught how petroleum is cracked and why cracking would gain fuel mileage. An occupation is taught only what it needs-to-know to maintain that industry in its current paradigm. Some of these repressive paradigms have been intentionally maintained since the early 1900s! And the techniques used to preserve the standard are so subtle that its easy to explain away any oddities.

If I could have a wish, it would be that ER could have bought a book like this one back in the early 1980s. Who knows how much beyond where we are, we could be, today.

George Wiseman is a Certified Automotive Technician with training in fuel systems, combustion enhancement, physics, chemistry, thermodynamics, and more. This Jack of all Trades assists the process of bringing his inventions from concept to working model and into the marketplace. This Jack-of-all-Trades grouping of skills assists the process of bringing his inventions from concept to working model and into the marketplace. He started Eagle-Research in 1984 to develop and distribute practical ways to increase vehicle efficiency. He practices Patent-Free sharing of information and ideas.

Extreme Mileage 101 /

Is Greater Than 200 MPG Possible? Classic Humble Beginnings

I am a 'country boy' who grew up on various hobby farms in Montana, Oregon, Alaska and British Columbia. My parents finally bought a good sized ranch and settled their 7 kids in the Burns Lake area. Being the eldest child of a rancher naturally led me to high mileage research. Dad didn't believe in having any equipment on the place that we couldn't fix ourselves. We lived a long way from civilization. So you really get the picture We had running water if we ran and got it. And electricity was something that came in batteries. Fuel mileage research started because Dad limited me to one fill up, from the ranch fuel barrel, of gas per week . Any additional fuel I needed to buy myself. As a teenager, living 36 miles from town and needing to go to school every day, a tankful didn't go very far. This was incentive to get the best mileage I could. My 'pay' for one summers work was a broken down 1966 Ford pickup truck. This truck was really thrashed. Teenagers whod owned it and taken it to extremes laughed when Dad bought it for me at a farm auction. (I suspect Dad had incentive to buy it. He needed a way to take home the stuff hed bought.) It had two flat tires on the way home, but I drove it anyway. I had no better choice. Dad's idea was to teach me mechanics by giving me incentive He paid for the parts to fix up the truck as long as I did the work. The original 352ci engine was in such bad shape that my shop teacher, who wanted the old engine as an example of extreme engine wear, traded me a nearly new 361ci (industrial version of the 360ci) engine for it.

It is a major frustration that OEM, with all their resources, put vehicles on the market with the lowest efficiency they can get away with.

In short, YES! Greater than (>) 200 mpg is possible. And were not talking about a model airplane engine powering a bike. Were talking about a 2000 lb, four-door passenger vehicle. However, if you want higher mileage, more power and lower pollution in the holy grail little black box format you'll have to do-it-yourself. ER will continue to show you that it's possible and how to go about achieving it. For now, the assembly of ER combustion enhancement technology is up to you. We've already experienced that various agencies can tie us up for years, if we try to market a finished product. By giving this information to you directly we short-circuit the suppression system. We hope.

Enhanced Mileage
(1.25 to 2 times of OEM) Fuel conserving: Low cost suggestions outlined in Super Gas Saver Secrets Simple combustion enhancement Carburetor Enhancer custom tuning Liquid fuel pre-heat Passive water injection Deceleration fuel shutoff

High Mileage
(3 to 5 times of OEM) Browns Gas enhancement: (HyZor Technology) Active Water Injection: Pre-vaporize the fuel: Evaporation Vaporization Modifications (to existing vehicle) Reducing weight Improving aerodynamics Changing or modify engine / drive train

There is no reason for you to accept high pollution and low mileage just because its handed to you. The information you hold in your hands gives you the ammunition to start fighting back. Start by getting to know the following levels of mileage (as identified by ER) and the associated fuel saving technologies.

Extreme Mileage
(6 to 10 times + of OEM) Crack / split the fuel to increase available energy: Catalysts / Pressure / Fuel Reformers Active steam injection: Re-design vehicle and drive train for efficiency Use hybrid technology to take advantage of regeneration and efficiencies of electricity Use fuels from renewable sources Bio-fuels (Alcohol, Natural Gas, vegetable oils) Hydrogen (from plants, wind, hydro or solar) Sodium Hydride

OEM Mileage
This is what vehicle manufacturers decide to give us. We know, from personal experience, that a guy like you can both build a much more efficient fuel system, and modify OEM fuel systems to be more efficient, in his garage or barn.

continued on pg. 4 / Extreme Mileage 101

Why would YOU want Extreme Mileage?

Save Money
The first reason most people choose is money. Assuming 9,000 miles per year at 20 mpg and $2 per gallon, the average annual vehicle fuel cost is $900. If the average fuel costs were reduced by 90% you would save $810 per year. This does not include all the associated savings: how the engine lasts longer, which averages out to several hundred dollars a year; Or since the average person has to earn $2 to get one spendable dollar that means you could earn $1,620 less per year and maintain your standard of living.

It is important to understand that burning any carbon-based fuel releases carbon dioxide into the air. Normally, this wouldnt be a problem. Like in burning wood, the trees absorb exactly the same amount of carbon, from the atmosphere, as is released when burned. In this case, there is no net increase in atmospheric carbon. The problem comes from burning carbon that was stored in the earth, as oil and coal, millions or billions of years ago. The earth simply cannot re-absorb this carbon as fast as we are putting it into the air. We do have a huge net increase in greenhouse gases. Further, most people are unaware that when CO, CO2 and NOx are released, these gasses tie up trillions of tons of free oxygen. Not only are we changing our climate, we are losing the oxygen we need to breathe. In cities people are dying as the atmospheric oxygen levels often drop below 14%. Just one average passenger vehicle puts out about 3,000 pounds of greenhouse gases per year. Multiply that by 800,000,000 vehicles = 2.4 trillion pounds! A quick calculation of pollution put out by all other consumption of fossil fuel and we are (currently) releasing over 5 Trillion pounds of greenhouse gases into the air (a fixed resource) every year! Remember. These gases are reducing the atmospheric oxygen we all need to breathe. The average global temperature is rising dramatically. Of course, Vested Interest is still trying to deny the global effects of pollution. Since they control most of the media you have not, likely, been informed of the real facts. We have gone past the point of no return. That happened in about the 1970s. Even if we totally change

Dont Believe Us? ~ Ask Guinness ~

FACT: People have achieved over 9000 miles per gallon, (see current Guinness Book of World Records). If this technology was applied to ordinary road vehicles, well over 200 mpg would result. We know these test vehicles are light, but they still weigh a couple of hundred pounds 'curb weight' with the driver This means that demonstrated and documented efficient use of fuel generates 35 times better mileage than a typical car.

Interim Solution
The second reason is conservation of resources. No matter what, we are burning fossil fuel faster than it can regenerate. The verge of a huge energy deficit looms larger every day. There are simply not enough developed and proven oil sources to maintain our current rate of use for more than a few years. We need time to develop and implement practical alternative energy technology. Stretching our fuel reserves by 10 times would help create that time.

FACT: Trains can get 900 mpg per ton. They are using available technology, a lot of which could be applied to road vehicles. FACT: Large diesel trucks can get 200 mpg per ton. This technology is not being applied to diesel pickups. They get 20 mpg per ton. FACT: The >200 mile per gallon Pouge carburetor did exist. It was tested by at least two automotive companies and the reports were made public. The carburetor was tested up to 75 mph. It performed 'equal to, if not better, than any car with a standard carburetor'. Tested by Ford Motor Company of Canada, Ltd. in April of 1936, getting 25.7 miles to the pint of gasoline and tested again on August of 1936, getting 28 miles per pint on a 1934 Ford V-8 Coupe.

Breathable Air
Third, but most important is pollution. There is solid scientific evidence that greenhouse gases are dramatically changing our environment. The atmosphere contains about 5,600 trillion tons of air. This is a fixed amount of air. (Hel-lo world. Were talking about air!) Weve been polluting it by adding, a steadily increasing, trillions of tons of greenhouse gases per year into it.

Even with all the advancements in technology, the average fuel mileage of vehicles today is no better than the Ford model A, built nearly a century ago. And its worse than the vehicles built in the 1950-60s.

Extreme Mileage 101 /

continued from pg. 2

I remember that the rings were all broken into 1/2 inch pieces. And the pistons were warped so badly, that in one place ,there were four of these pieces stacked in one ring groove. The knock in the engine was because one of the connecting-rod bearings was gone. It was a true testament to Ford that the engine could still power the truck. It took about two years to get the truck to where I was happy with it. I put in a four speed manual transmission to replace the '3 on the tree'. (The original owner had put in a 2:11 rear end.) The end result was that I could idle a highway speeds. I couldn't spin the tires off a stop sign, but I could go from 60 to 90 in about four seconds. The speedometer only went to 100 mph. After I twisted it off the fourth time, I just drove with a tachometer. The previous owners stopped laughing when this old pickup beat their car in a race. I did everything I could to tune the truck using 'standard' mechanical knowledge. I got 27 mpg at 70 mph. I got 32 mpg at 45 mph. This was long before I had invented any fuel savers. Turns out I was luckier than I knew. The Motorcraft 2150 carburetor I was using, proved to be an excellent choice. After graduating from high school, I worked in quite a few of the major industries in North America and acquired extensive post secondary education in several fields. My focus on energy efficiency continued. In 1984 ER got started as a business. This was a very good thing, as it turned out, because in 1986 I slipped on some stairs and was unable to work for two years. Ultimately, the injury meant that I could never return to my previous occupations.

our polluting habits right now, the environment will continue to get worse before it gets better. We have gifted our children a problem that will take generations to correct. This, in itself, is a good reason to improve your mileage as much as possible. ER has a deep and ever increasing interest in protecting and renewing our natural environment. As part of our viability criteria checklist, all our fuel saving technology is also antipollution technology.

the car manufacturers advantage to market vehicles with better mileage. Why would they suppress high mileage technology? Who knows?

Oil Company Suppression?

Other people say that the oil companies suppress information, again with good reason. Oil companies buy up patents and shelve them too. But that doesnt make sense to us either. Oil as fuel, while enormously lucrative, is a small dividend compared to their other revenue streams yet to be tapped. A future use of oil is for food. It contains most of the basic building blocks to make edible products. And at the rate we are killing our food supply well, you do the math. There are even companies developing the idea of using oil to make plastic houses. This has a lot of merit. If the oil companies think they are not making enough money, they can just up the price of their products a few pennies. We fail to see why it would matter to an oil company if cars get 200 mpg.

Why is Extreme Mileage not applied?

If extreme mileage is possible, why isn't it applied? Our truest answer: We don't know! It does seem odd to us that anyone in their backyard can develop a simple system (like the HyCO 2A or the HyZor) and get better results than from the billions spent in the Research and Development programs of major vehicle companies. There have been thousands of fuel saving patents. As far as we are aware, not even one is on the market.

OEM Suppression? Government Suppression?

A lot of people believe that the car companies are the suppressors, and frankly, they have cause. There is proof that car companies have bought up and shelved many patents. We know that major car companies have (experimental) practical, driveto-work-everyday, full size cars that get 80 MPG. We don't understand why this potential is not sold to everyone. It boggles the mind. Example, If Ford, for came out with an 80 MPG full size car, who would buy GM at 20 MPG? It would seem that its to North America runs on rubber. Any control of that movement controls the entire population. The cost of fuel and how far you can go on it, is a sure-fire effective way of control. The United States consumes 18 million barrels of oil each day (1999). A barrel of oil yields (officially) something like 19 gal (75 liters) of gasoline. Therefore, in the United States, about 360 million gal (1.36 billion liters) of gasoline gets consumed every day.

continued on pg. 5 / Extreme Mileage 101

This means that 131.4 billion gallons of gasoline were sold during 1999. With gasoline at $2 per gal, there are more than $262 billion dollars of gasoline sold every year in the USA alone, just to drive vehicles. As much as 70% of every dollar spent on gasoline goes to the Government in taxes. Taxes start before the oil is even brought out of the ground. Each step is taxed in several ways. The government even taxes you on the dollar you spent to buy the gasoline. These facts indicate that if the average mileage of vehicles was raised by only 10%, our Governments would lose billions of dollars. Governments would be highly motivated to suppress fuel saving technology. ER practical gas saving technology has been applied to tens of thousands of vehicles. The gasoline savings is now figured in the millions of gallons. How much more could be done if everyone reading this book applied fuel saving technologies too?! The government is in a tough spot, they like the image of big brother, but theyre trillions of dollars in debt. They really can't afford to reduce their income. The energy advisor to President Bush (Sr) stated, in the Wall Street Journal, that he would advise the President to oppose any bill that reduces income from the sale of fuel. Further, anyone who looks will see that the government has not enforced the vehicle anti-pollution laws that already exist. All a car company has to say is We cant do it and the government says Okay, try again next time.

Governments are also concerned that a serious fuel saver would cause the economy to crash. Hundreds of thousands of jobs rely on fuel consumption at its current rate.

continued from pg 4

In 1936, when the incredible independent testing results for the Pouge Carburetor prototypes were reported; the stock market had a big dive. People started selling shares in oil companies.
Governments have the power to control car and oil companies. Governments do use front companies to protect their interests without being directly involved. With national debts to fight and political programs to maintain, it begins to look like our Governments have reason to suppress gas saving antipollution devices. Were not saying that they are and we have no direct proof (yet) of a government conspiracy to suppress. These are conclusions that cant help but be drawn, given the data!. The transition to a fuel saving society is going to have a few bumps, any change does. In the end we will all be better for it. Of course, there is the really paranoid view that Vested Interest controls the government and policies for the consumption of energy. We cannot prove this wrong. Our experience is that the suppression is bigger than any one government.

I started taking mail order courses, thinking that this would be a good way to make a living. As I took these courses, I was constantly thinking of how I could turn what I know into money, enough to feed my family, using this marketing technique. To make a living, I started experimenting to develop simple techniques and devices that would dramatically increase vehicle efficiency with reasonable input of money and time at a backyard mechanics level of skill. When I accidentally discovered an exceptionally practical fuel saver, I approached various fulfillment companies to get them to market the Carburetor Enhancer. They told me it was too simple. Anyone could build it and bypass us. They wouldnt even consider it. This rejection was actually a very valuable lesson. It evolved one of our basic reasons for not patenting (Funny how life works). I couldnt afford a patent and this was really more of a technique than a device. That's when I thought of using books. I had already bought books on fuel savers from Allen Wallace and Bob Heiderich so I knew there was a market for how-to plans. I wrote the Carburetor Enhancer Manual, telling people exactly how to custom tune their carburetors. I used the income from book sales and from upgrading carburetors to continue to research and write more books. In the years since that beginning, Ive had the honor of being helped by many people. What you see today is actually a team effort.

Genius is the ability to reduce the complicated to the simple. - Unknown -

Extreme Mileage 101 /

Eagle-Research Perspective
It is a plain and simple fact that a lot of good ideas don't make it to the marketplace because the inventor just doesn't know how to market the ideas. Thinking up the idea is only a very small step in the process of getting a product to the household word stage. ER does well (now), because were doing our own marketing of our own products in unusual ways. It is unlikely that we will be bought out. Buying us out won't stop our innovations. There are tens of thousands of ER how-to manuals out there in very inventive hands! Some of those people will take our ideas and go beyond them whether we are around or not.

Mike used to work in an oil refinery

An ER customer (we'll call him Mike) presented us with an interesting story. Some of you might want to follow up on. This information should be fairly easy to check. It seems that gasoline is a byproduct of other crude oil production. There would in fact, a glut on the market if all of it were to be sold. Understand that because of the chemistry of crude oil, when you split a barrel of it into lighter products, you get more than a barrel back (more on that later). It has been established that there was more gasoline stored in the United States during the 1970s oil crisis than at any previous time. In the past, mega amounts of gasoline were being dumped at sea. We understand that they don't do that anymore. Thank God. Instead, they pump it back down the wells to bring up more crude oil. In the past, it was standard procedure to pump water down for that purpose. Now they can serve two functions with one procedure and have the gasoline stored in case they actually need it. According to Mike, the refinery had a six inch pipe going over to a coking setup that the Japanese had built at the refinery (as a test plant). When the coking plant was operating Mike's employers would often pump their excess gasoline into it. The gasoline gets vaporized there and exits the exhaust stack as pure hydrocarbons. That's what we call pollution!

Antipollution Tests and passed them easily, using even the simplest of our combustion enhancement systems, with or without the standard emissions controls connected. This is important to you because antipollution laws are tightening up everywhere and a lot of people have removed the factory antipollution systems years ago. With low cost and simple combustion enhancement technology you may not have to go to the expense of reinstalling the expensive and complicated original antipollution equipment to pass emission tests. Besides, burning the fuel in the exhaust system instead of the engine always did seem strange to us. Second: With the pending energy shortages and global warming, it doesn't make sense to throw away fuel like we do. We realize that most of you don't want to dump the fuel that you've paid money for, but you are, as you will see when you apply combustion enhancement technology. In reality, we have enough fuel reserves to totally pollute this planet. Remember, we only have a very thin covering of air. Look at pictures of this planet from space, looking from the dark to the light side and you will see just how thin our lifeline really is. By applying combustion enhancement technology you will save your share of fuel, which will add up to billions when added to the total savings of everyone using these antipollution and gas saving methods. If we were all able to apply this sort of information to all aspects of our lives, we would save more money in ten years than the current national debt. (The USA national debt is in the trillions of dollars.)

We hope you can read what we can not, yet, put in print.
We do what we do because we are compelled to do so. The need for clean, affordable, renewable fuel especially for transportation, grows more necessary every day. First: Pollution is no joke. We live in a relatively remote area and enjoy clean mountain air, and travel to cities, quite often, and we have been caught in traffic jam. While caught, with lungs burning Ive often thought that it would be nice to have my HyCOs on all those puking vehicles. I have quite often leaned over and taken a good strong breath of my vehicles exhaust. I get a bit of a tickle in the back of my throat. I would wager that if you take a deep breath of your exhaust, you would choke even with the factory antipollution equipment working. Our customers have taken vehicles that have failed California

continued. on pg. 7 / Extreme Mileage 101

Third: You can help prevent major secondary energy waste. Example: it took a lot of energy to make your vehicle. If you could make your vehicle last twice as long, you would promote major energy savings. Fourth: Governments go to war over dwindling fuel reserves. North America is only 6% of the worlds population, yet it uses 60% of the energy. Huge amounts of it are used to power war machines that gain control of other peoples reserves. Wars are directly and indirectly causing the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people. Control of their energy keeps them at a lower standard of living. By making your own energy use as efficient as possible, you cast a fundamental vote against war and suppression. Your actions and money cast a vote to helping technologies that can help all people get a chance to have a higher standard of living without destroying the planet. Research shows that we must economize now or face huge energy rationing in the future. We cannot continue to consume oil at our current rate. We are very close to Peak Oil where we will be using more oil than we are pulling out of the ground. Some people calculate that we have been using more oil than production since year 2000. We need to consider others needs as much as our own or we will not survive. The time to change is now.

Is there REALLY Suppression?

The short answer is YES! Suppression of high mileage technology is a fact. 'Vested Interest' does not want extreme mileage technology applied. They know it will reduce their immediate income by trillions of dollars. Suppression is counter-productive when you consider the big picture, the good of mankind and the planet. Suppression only makes sense for those who do not want to change the status quo. This attitude has been 'stealing' your standard of living and causing massive pollution of the planet.

Most people are more comfortable with old problems than with new solutions. - Author Unknown -

continued from pg. 5

~ Suppression ~ Control of Education (Ignorance)

The cornerstone of effective suppression is 'control of education'. Without control of education and the media, ignorance would be impossible to maintain. Auto-mechanics, for example, are taught to fix what exists. Textbooks are written to include only the information that is needed to fix vehicles that exist. Courses are designed to teach mechanics all they 'need to know' in the shortest time. The teachers teach the students who become teachers themselves. The cycle of suppression is selfperpetuating without the participants even being aware. Mechanics tell their customers what they have learned. The public trusts that they have been told the truth.

In conclusion, Mike postulates that the same people control the oil companies as control the car companies. They order their car companies to have low mileage so that they have a place to dump their gasoline, through your pocket book. The previous information, if true, is enough to make us upset. It would demonstrate that there is no need to have artificial gasoline shortages. Its interesting to note that the price of the other products of crude oil doesn't jump in price so dramatically as gasoline.

ER fights suppression by making facts known and by creating practical solutions that can be applied at a 'kitchen table' level.

Extreme Mileage 101 /

How to be the Greatest Auto Mechanic on the Planet! ~1893 edition ~

Mechanics are not encouraged to think for themselves. They are not encouraged to carry information forward to its logical conclusion. They are not encouraged to seek out information in addition to what is taught. Sadly, controlling education is easier than one might imagine. Colleges and universities depend on grants and donations to stay alive. Vested Interest gives big donations, but they do not fund education that goes in directions contrary to their interest.

Suppression of this type is assisted by mechanics who are not, usually, good at people relationship skills. Mechanics, by nature, are more attuned to machines. They tend to give short answers to questions from customers. Mechanics also tend to be very busy and don't have time to think outside the boundaries imposed by immediate need. Finally, auto mechanics are not trained in mechanical engineering, combustion engineering, higher mathematics, physics, organic chemistry or thermodynamics. They are usually totally uninterested in learning such information. And it's only when you combine all these trades and professions that several interesting facts and relationships become clear.

We have often learned more from mechanics texts written decades (even a century) ago than in modern whitewashed literature. Information that mechanics need to know (if they want to improve current technology) has been eliminated from modern mechanics courses. What we object to is the inherent implication that auto mechanics are being taught everything. Honest education would inform the students that they are being trained only in the current technology. They are also not being encouraged to learn more if they want to improve current technology.

College training is designed to fit the needs of automotive companies for their future employees. So when Vested Interest makes suggestions about what they want the students to be taught, schools listen. After all, the students want to get work, right? It is useless to teach the students lots of extra stuff they aren't going to use, isn't it? To help students learn to work on the actual equipment that is on the market,Vested Interest donates a lot of machines and technology (like automobiles). Vested Interest also gives and/or approves the literature that is used to directly and indirectly teach about their products. Auto technician classes are a fulltime schedule just teaching the basics that Vested Interest needs the students to know, to perpetuate Vested Interest technology. Consequently, the student has no time or brain juice left to question what is being taught. On the surface, everything seems straight-forward, consistent and reasonable. Does one even need to question?

~ Suppression ~ Lack of Assistance

Practical idea projects could be started to create innovations to solve the worlds problems. These programs would take known technology (including all patents), put them together, in one location, with good management and the best experts. Then put enough money behind it to make it happen. This would be much more efficient than hundreds of people working alone. Undertakings like the Manhattan Project come to mind. Expertise and money were poured in to develop the atomic bomb. Day One (movie) documents this project. Instead, inventors who make a better car, in their own garage, using limited resources, are actually suppressed. Tucker (movie) is a good example.

Inventing isn't finding the right answer. Inventing is finding the right question. Once you know enough to ask the exact question, the answer becomes self evident. - George Wiseman -

If you cant build it simple, you don't understand it yet. - George Wiseman - / Extreme Mileage 101

~ Suppression ~ Marketing Scams

Assistance could be given to inventors to market their innovations. Typically inventors dont know anything about how to market. Mostly, they are not even interested in learning how to market. Marketing requires a totally different mindset than inventing. Inventors want to and ought to be inventing. This marketing need is so great that many invention marketing businesses have been created. Most of them are traps for inventors to pour their money and dreams into with no chance of success. Interestingly enough, marketing assistance is particularly unavailable (denied) for technology that threatens the Vested Interest. This includes fuel saver, combustion enhancement and free energy. This is ultimately because most actual assistance available today is financed by Vested Interest. They, of course, want to maintain the status quo so that their power position is not compromised. Marketing assistance programs are one of the methods (in addition to the patent office) Vested Interest uses to keep informed about emerging technology. The inventor presents their ideas to the expert marketing accessor. The accessor brings it to Vested Interest attention and (one way or another) it gets suppressed. Sort of like, the classic innocent sheep baring their throats to a wolf in sheep clothing.

~ Suppression ~ Control of Patent Office patent office policy

The USA Patent Office has a policy (not a law) to deny any patent that claims to be free energy. The reasons they give are; 1. that there can be no free energy patent that will work. Such a thing would violate natural laws 2. they say they dont issue patents for something that couldnt possibly work and 3. they say such patents would be an unnecessary expense. This policy doesnt make sense at least not on the surface. The policy prevents energy patents based on novel (what we dont know now) technology and since the Patent Office is the official repository of novel ideas, this policy is about as big an irony as we can imagine. First point, free energy already exists. Power companies already gather free energy from the environment. These free energy technologies are fairly well understood; so they are no longer novel. Then the utilities sell the free energy to you. Thats why most people dont think of energy in the electrical grid as free. Wind mills, water turbines and solar cells are off the shelf free energy systems that you could apply now. Second point; most of the hundreds of energy related patents that we reviewed do not work as patented. The patent office is already allowing patents that will not work, even in conventional technologies. Their policy not to allow free energy patents, based on the claim that free energy technology wont work, is invalidated by their own actions.

There are over 220 million vehicles in North America waiting to have fuel saving systems installed. For every person who has the skills and time to personally install a system, there are 2,000 who cant. ER receives inquiries, on a regular basis, from people who would like contact information for someone in their area (usually 150 mi/ 240 km) to install a system. To find out how to qualify as an ER installer, send an email entitled to Want to be an Installer to ER methods can be applied by anyone with minimum mechanical know-how. In fact, there are already many independent shops appearing, mostly in home garages and shops all over the continent. See Installer Form at back of book

When money and expertise are poured into any particular technology, answers are found.

Extreme Mileage 101 /

Third point; they cant even claim that the patenting of so-called unworkable technology is a drain on their (or public) resources. Its the patentee who is paying all the fees. One would think that the patent office would welcome the opportunity to make more money.


The official function of the Patent Office is simply to record and file patents. So there is no obvious need for the patent office to have a policy forbidding the patenting of free energy technology. The patent office has no legal mandate to prevent patents, of any kind, from being filed. They do have a responsibility to make sure the patent is written correctly, and to show due diligence in making sure the information contained is correct. In the end, their sole responsibility is to record the date the patent was granted and to file a copy so that the inventor can prove, (at his own expense) in court, who was the first to register the idea. No matter what patents get registered, the marketplace determines marketability of any innovation. Build it so that it meets customer needs and it has a chance to be successful. If it wont work, there wont be a machine to sell. It really is as simple as that. It seems like this policy is simply the Patent Office response to Vested Interest pressure to prevent such technology from becoming public. Of course, this is the same government office that offered to dissolve itself in the 1890s because they said, everything that can be invented has been invented.

Eagle-Research gets suppressed

In our case, we are under constant surveillance. Even our telephone company told us our line is tapped. We have had a long line of various government agencies in both the USA and Canada harassing us. They find nothing wrong with our business practices or technology. Cooperating with their paperwork, appointment and nuisance tactics drains valuable time and money resources. Various government sponsored consumer protection organizations have evaluated our business and technology. They find our technology works and that we treat our customers exceptionally well. When we started sending out HyCO 2A kits in the early 1990s, the postal agencies of both the USA and Canada simply stopped delivering the kits to our customers. It took us a while to realize what was happening. Not all our mail was being stopped, only packages over a certain size. By the time we realized that almost no HyCO 2A kits were arriving to customers we had already sent most of them out twice. This was due to our policy, at the time, to duplicate orders that didnt arrive to the customer within 4 weeks. We didnt know enough to insist that the customer insure or certify the package. We do now. At the time, we had no other shipping option from that remote mountain location.

There have been over 3500 fuel saver patents since 1975, and thousands more dating back to the late 1800's. Individuals, companies and governments registered these patents. To our knowledge not ONE of these fuel savers is on the market.

patent office reporting

Anyone who has a serious gas saver wants to patent it. Wouldn't you?. We are all taught to patent and make a bunch of money. We considered it. Then we did some research into prior art. There are thousands of fuel saving patents already there. There was nothing that we had thought of that hadnt already been patented. Since our ideas werent novel, we couldnt get a valid patent anyway. So we asked ourselves: Since there are so many patents that detail technology that works, we knew they worked, we had independentlyduplicated the work and proven it for ourselves), why arent these technologies on the market? Research confirms the common rumors everyone hears. Each and every one of those fuel saver innovations was suppressed in some way. Conclusion: Vested Interest uses the Patent Office as one of the tools to prevent technology from getting into the marketplace.

continued on pg. 11

10 / Extreme Mileage 101

There is a reporting service offered by the Patent Office, to which anyone can subscribe. They will tell anyone, who wants to know, what patents are pending. So Vested Interest simply waits for the inventor to tell the Patent Office they have a novel technology. Sort of like the sheep and wolf thing. Vested Interest now knows that the inventor hasn't told anyone about the invention. Unless an idea is kept in secrecy, it becomes public domain and invalidates the patent process. So it becomes easy to offer that person enough money (or use other suppression techniques) and the technology is stopped. What ER actually wants, is to see our innovations being used and to make some money so we can continue developing even better solutions. We could see that, as in thousands of other cases, patenting would not assist us in getting the technology onto the market. And the odds of us getting a payoff are slim. Paying us off wouldnt stop the technology. Once a person knows the facts, there is no incentive to patent alternative energy technologies. The decision was assisted by having no money to patent anyway. Now that we have the money to patent, we know not to patent. To accomplish our goals, we needed to do the exact opposite of what people are taught to do. Writing How-To books works for us. We are happy to say that, although the road has been hard, we have accomplished our preliminary goals. The technology is out and we continue to develop better solutions.

There have been several other benefits; 1. people appreciate the open sharing of information and they reciprocate. Making the technologies develop far faster than we could have done alone 2. we have the opportunity to advise corporations on energy efficiency. 3. We also meet a lot of great people who care and share, which enhances our life in many ways.

Ah, said Dirk, it is a rare mind indeed that can render the hitherto nonexistent blindingly obvious. The cry 'I could have thought of that' is a very popular and misleading one, for the fact is that they didn't, and a very significant and revealing fact it is too. - Douglas Adams Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency, p. 233

~ Suppression ~ Politics of Technology

Ronald Regan poured money into R&D of nuclear power. This effectively reversed the policy of Jimmy Carters administration to develop alternative sources of energy. During the Carter administration there was a huge jump in alternative energy technology. There is firm evidence that the potential already exists to develop technologies to convert our civilization from carbon-fuel to an alternative energy based society, with hydrogen as an 'energy currency'. We do not need to continue using obsolete and dirty technologies. The sooner we start the conversion, the less it will hurt. No matter how well we learn to use carbon-based fuels, they will be depleted, they tie up oxygen. and they cause climate change. Its only been the advancements in technology that have prevented these fuels from being already depleted. Now we have only enough available fuel to use during our conversion to a hydrogen society. Our entire, carbon-fuel, energy structure is stressed to its limits. There will be many more shortage problems that will inevitably cause the public to force the politicians to find more energy.
continued from pg. 10

Loss recovery, by insuring the third set of packages to customers, for twice the value, was tried. In four weeks those packages didnt get delivered, either. So we took the insurance forms to the post office to collect, only to learn about the 90 day waiting period. We waited the 90 days and then submitted the forms. Then we found out that every one of the insured packages was delivered to those customers 3 days before a letter arrived asking them if theyd gotten the package. Since the customers then said that they had received the package, the postal services did not need to pay our insurance claims. In the meantime, wed sent out 3 sets of HyCO 2A kits to every customer (of which they eventually got one) and the process had taken over 6 months. That quite effectively, and quietly, put us out of business and left us deep in debt. We had to lay off all employees. My best friend and business partner had to leave in order to go on with his life. And I went through a divorce. In 1997 ER began a slow, but steady come back by selling only books (no fuel savers). This allows people to build their own fuel savers, getting the technology out there. For some reason, Vested Interest has not been as concerned about sales of literature.

Extreme Mileage 101 /


By that time, our energy reserves will be stretched well past their limits. Rationing on all types of energy will be unavoidable. The biggest problem is lack of honest education. If people arent told the truth, they will unknowingly be led in the wrong directions, likely to shortterm solutions that, ultimately, create even bigger problems. Sustainable solutions need to be chosen. We need to support our planets ability to support us.

Once a potential risk is identified, the risk is evaluated and appropriate surveillance is applied. As the inventor gets closer to a practical solution, surveillance is increased. Most of the time, applied surveillance is sufficient enough to stop the risk. Its hard for inventors to get a working prototype into the marketplace. They know nothing of marketing, have no people skills and greed causes them to hold back. If an inventor does contact marketing experts, there are still huge hurdles to jump, starting with the typical greed problems and including all the organization and money it takes to start an actual new business. Typically, those who succeed have multiple failures first. Further, most of the work on startup business is done by low paid inexperienced people who often make costly mistakes. Once it is clear that the inventor will achieve some sort of commercial success, a customized suppression strategy is set in motion. These tactics take several forms, depending on the inventors situation and the type of technology in question. Typically, the first stages of suppression use techniques that do not involve direct contact with Vested Interest representatives.

~ Suppression ~ The Needs of National Security

A very good example of this type of suppression is the 200 mpg Pouge carburetor. It was a Canadian invention developed during WWII. Suddenly - it disappeared, and the inventor was suddenly the owner of a factory that made oil filters. Rumor has it that the carburetor was used on allied tanks in Africa to win the war against Rommel.

Over the Horizon radar system seized

Ive seen a copy of a National Security letter that was sent to an inventor of an over the horizon radar system. It told the inventor that the USA government seized his invention and that he was to cease all attempts to make it public in any way. Violation of the seizure would be a federal offense on the level of traitor. It made absolutely no provision of compensation of any kind. He was able to negotiate for compensation.

~ Suppression ~ Covert Vested Interest

Vested Interest uses a variety of tools to suppress technology that threaten their power. ER has boxes of files containing an assortment of information (reference articles, copies of patents, test results) about suppressed technology.

customized suppression techniques

Government investigations of various kinds. The investigating agency may not even know they are being used as pawns. Sabotage of the inventors life. Make things go wrong that cause the inventor to lose focus on the project.

basic covert procedures

Monitor sources of information to discover when there is a potential risk. This monitoring is fairly comprehensive, including the patent office, monitoring of communication and inventor assistance programs.

12 / Extreme Mileage 101

Energy Solutions

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Patent-free Technology Brown's Gas Fuel Savers Free Energy

Dear Alternative and Sustainable Energy Enthusiast, Im a full time self-employed inventor. I research things that interest me, for use in my own life. The plans I sell are not just some armchair theorist brainstorming (though I usually start a project that way). I build the projects and make them work. They need to (and do) work because I use them myself. I develop them, redesign them, refine them and once Ive figured out how to DO IT in the most practical way I can... I DO NOT PATENT! I write a book; the books allow me to 1. Help (teach) a LOT of people AND 2. Bring in the money I need to pay bills and fund further research. 3. Make sure the technology is not lost if/when the Vested Interest finally shuts me down. Ive been a self-employed inventor since 1986 (started Eagle-Research in 1984). I (and thus Eagle-Research) am ENTIRELY SELF FUNDED, literally from satisfied customers. I do not accept Government grants or any money from anywhere that has any strings attached. Selling these books is how I fund research worth millions of dollars (and bypassVested Interest Suppression). Most of the money I make and years of my time go into to developing (and upgrading) innovations. Innovations that you can now know for the price of a book. This is why, when people copy and/or give away my books, they hurt 1. Me (copyright violation and loss of income), 2. YOU (you are denied technology upgrades on technology youve purchased), 3. All of society (everyone is denied practical innovation choices that could have been) On, otherwise well-meaning and enthusiastic people uploaded my books, which were downloaded (for free) over 10,000 times. That could have financed my Gravity Machine or an improved Free Energy Accumulator... To help enthusiastic people spread the word LEGALLY, weve started an affiliate program. As an affiliate, you will get PAID when you refer people to us and they buy any of our products. By now youve likely realized that most of this books pages are not included in this free preview. You can find a full authorized latest edition of all our books and kits in our eStore. All products sold with 100% money back Satisfaction Guarantee. Use coupon code Scribd130313 to get a one time 20% discount on an order (good until 2016). You can also find a (purchase separately) online Resources that keeps this technology current as there are corrections, upgrades, options, proofs, FAQ, Blogs, Forums, links, similar research by others, etc. (plus a lot of free information) You can also subscribe to my eNews (see website sidebar) to stay informed on whats happening. I thank you for your interest and I look forward to helping you achieve what Ive already done.

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Welcome to our world, where you can join our team to make energy independence happen without depending on politicians or any other Vested Interest. We dont patent and we encourage you to join our efforts by sharing your thoughts and results. We act as an information gathering point for the shared thinking of you and many others, each giving the unique perspectives that, collectively, result in fast effective technological advances. We then experiment to merge the most practical solutions and then share the updated information, so each of us benifits fully from the input of thousands of minds. Weve been doing this since 1984; they now call this technique open-source:) Our books were our State of Art when written, and in many cases are still ahead of public knowledge. But our technologies improve quicker than we can print and distribute updates. So we have implemented an internet based solution to the challenge of keeping you updated with the latest corrections, updates, options and other resources that will help you incorporate the newest and best innovations into your life. When you buy our Products and Kits, from our eStore, the website automatically authorizes your eStore account to access the applicable secure sections of the Eagle-Research online Resources; where the latest (constantly upgraded) information is placed. This method assures that the people who have financed the research (by purchasing the eProduct) will have the latest information that results from their financial input. Note: At this time Eagle-Research eBooks are not automatically authorized to access their (optional) online Resources. For eBooks you need to purchase the applicable Resources separately, independently from the purchase of the eBook. Also, purchase of online Resources does NOT include the eBook. When you feel you are ready for the latest, updated, information, you can go to the Eagle-Research eStore: and buy this eBook and (if you choose) its related online Resources. Be sure to subscribe to the Eagle-Research eNewsletter to be informed when new information is available. To subscribe: see the left sidebar of most of the website pages or go to: Again, welcome :) May the Blessings be, George Wiseman, JOAT, President, CEO of

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George Wiseman is the founder and president of Eagle-Research, a non-profit organization that develops and distributes energy-saving solutions. He is multi-talented and multi-degreed, but singular in his mission: to promote self-sufficiency at the individual level by discovering and sharing the best, all-around, practical solutions. George attributes his self-reliance, resourcefulness and commitment to our natural environment, to his rural roots. Dad didnt believe in having any equipment on the place (hobby farms in Montana, Oregon, Alaska and finally a ranch in British Columbia) that we couldnt fix ourselves. We had running water if we ran and got it. And electricity was something that came in batteries. His farmgrown, western cowboy philosophy combine well with his inventor persona to create a world-class visionary. He takes the hand-up rather than the hand-out approach to everything. Since 1984, George has been making his living as an inventor and author. His fuel-savers have gained him a worldwide following of satisfied consumers who eagerly pursue his work for new offerings. George continues to impress his customers, peers and competition with practical innovations that can be successfully home-built. His latest product, the ERxxxx WaterTorch, is making great waves in dozens of industries around the globe. As much as anything, its his commitment to patentfree technology development that has earned George Wiseman a champion reputation. Openly sharing research findings benefits everyone by constantly elevating the standards of viable energy solutions. Georges work has been featured on radio and in newspapers around North America and at many alternative energy gatherings including the International Tesla Society Symposiums and Exotic Research Conferences. He lives with his bride, Tenaj, and their brood of cats, in a lush valley of the Rocky Mountains. Individuals wishing to participate in the project may access the required reading list, that will be updated from time-to-time, on the Eagle-Research website: ( Comments and/or contributions are invited from anyone who is committed to cultivating dream seeds. Nay-sayers are better not to waste their time. Negative input will be wholeheartedly disregarded.

Too low they build, who build beneath the stars. - Edward Young -

We appreciate your contributions. Your input helps us further develop these technologies into more and better practical solutions. Remember though, we are a non-profit organization putting our time and money primarily toward research. There is seldom anyone in the office to answer the phone. For budget reasons, we usually do not return long-distance calls unless calling collect. We prefer to have customers contact us by email, FAX or letter.

Orders are filled first. Mail is answered when possible. Send orders and technical questions in separate correspondence or your order may be delayed. If your calculations are incorrect or there is missing information and we cannot reach you by email, we will have to wait until you contact us before we can process your order.

Eagle-Research (George Wiseman) in cooperation with Being Unlimited (Tenaj DaCosta Wiseman) are in the initial stages of creating their ultimate dream. They envision a world-renowned educational energy centre designed to find, develop and harness the unique genius inside each of us. The centre will be open to all sorts of creative-thinkers in their respective fields: inventors; writers; healing arts practitioners; feng shui specialists; architects; illustrators; horticulturalists; fitness experts


George Wiseman is available for a limited number of speaking engagements each year. For consideration of your next event, FAX details to Eagle-Research, at least three months in advance.

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Extreme Mileage


Reveals strategically suppressed data collected from associated industries, trades and professions

What your mechanic doesn't know:

Water! not more liquid fuel The myth of the 14.7:1 air:fuel ratio Hydrogen as a catalyst Kinetic energy of explosion Get 10 gallons of fuel from 1 gallon!
Current OEM standard (since1890s)
20 MPG

Enhanced MPG = 1.25 - 2 times > OEM

40 MPG

High MPG = 3 - 5 times > OEM

100 MPG

Extreme MPG = 6 - 10+ times > OEM

200 MPG

ISBN 1-895882-44-3