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How-To build a simple device to install on turbo-charged diesel engines that saves you money! Tested by major diesel engine manufacturers on their own dyno's and operated by truck drivers all over North America
George Wiseman

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expertiseand application should be considered strictly experimental. go to: www. However. which are distributed in the form of web information. WORK IN PROGRESS Eagle-Research is a research and development organization dedicated to finding the best possible energy solutions. the Eagle-Research discoveries. Practical spinoff: useful technology developed that is not the main line of research 7. videos or devices.EAGLE-RESEARCH MISSION Eagle-Research is an organization that develops and distributes practical energy solutions. It is distributed worldwide as public knowledge. Concept: I think I have an idea! 2. I do not patent my work. low maintenance and. assume no responsibility for damage or injury due to the reader’s use or misuse of information or instructions presented herein. If the conditions outlined in the proceeding paragraphs are not acceptable. organized. are at varying stages of development. By writing a series of books in this manner. The money from the sale of our books and devices is used to finance on-going . for a full refund. I don’t hold-back ‘secrets’ of my innovations. Patent law states public domain information is not patentable. try methods to make design of prototype possible 5. Kit: assembly of parts 10.. it wouldn’t be an experiment. we are continually improving on the technologies we are working with. Proof of Concept: hands-on. At any given date. Therefore. or contact information. by the time our most up-to-date ‘best’ can be compiled. easy to build. perform comprehensive experiments using rigorous standards. his associates and/or distributors. Initial Prototype Design: to begin experimental prototype 6. the buyer will return the book immediately to the seller. we can keep you updated on the latest information on energy saving research. We gather information from diverse sources. the patent office is very inefficient and people have gotten patents on my technology. Though we’re proud of our commitment to constant and never-ending improvement. we do recognize there is an unfortunate side-effect: Our ‘best’ today will pale in comparison to our ‘best’ tomorrow. Selling information is how we make money to continue our research. technical assistance. Actually. so no one else can patent it either. Experimental Prototype: working experiments. Although care is taken to present accurate information: “If we knew what would happen. we’ve already improved upon the information.” Therefore. proof of technology 8. FINANCING OUR RESEARCH As more work and research gets done. We believe that writing books insures that these technologies will be secured public knowledge. Research Assistant: compiled research to develop a working theory 3. We’re working as fast as we can.. then publish how-to books to share the results with other researchers and the general public. which will vary according to the user’s knowledge. In doing so. Contact Eagle-Research for the latest PRINTED IN CANADA www. For one. inexpensive. I actually make my living and finance continued research by inventing. books.eagle-research. STAGES OF DEVELOPMENT OF EAGLE-RESEARCH PROJECTS 1.eagle-research. the author will not retroactively inform or reimburse buyers if (when) there are corrections or updates to this book. DISCLAIMER This book is sold for research and/or experimental purposes only. usually to fraud investors. Eagle-Research does not accept government grants. How-To manual: comprehensive instructions 9. Two. you will not do yourself or your friends a favour if you copy this book to distribute to your friends. and that our patent-free philosophy promotes increasingly better energy solutions. Therefore. produced & distributed. applicable to small scale energy needs. Because the nature of research and development is an evolving process. George Wiseman. Therefore the results. We define practical as simple. the patent is worthless. environmentally-considerate. EAGLE-RESEARCH ADVOCATES PATENT-FREE TECHNOLOGY “I differ from most inventors in many ways. we will write further books in each of our lines of research. you deprive us of funds to advance the research that will help us all. Theory: explore research to develop proof of concept experiments 4. Device: including operation manual For order inquiries. Three.

. . . . Automatic function is one of the assets of the HyCO 2DT.) but the fuel could be so dirty it would barely pour and the HyCO 2DT wouldn't care a bit. . .Table of Contents How the HyCO 2DT works . P12 Warranties and liabilities. because they needed a design of heater that would burn any fuel. . Note: Diesel fuel must be vapor and mixed with oxygen before it can burn. . . . . When the turbo pressures are low or nil. . . It takes time for the liquid fuel sprayed into a combustion chamber (from an ordinary injector) to turn to vapor and then to mix with oxygen and burn. . . . because the HyCO vapors are way too lean to Other options and considerations Air pump. The "ball" technique operates with relatively low pressures and has no fuel orifice to plug up.P9 Air tank. . . The turbocharger homogenizes the air and vapor fuel. . . . most of the mist actually turns into vapor. Note: When diesel turns to vapor it requires a large amount of heat. . . . P10 Fuel Pump on drain. . . . Note: This ball technique was originally developed for use in military heaters. . . . P2 Routing fuel hoses. . Fuel must be vapor before it can burn and so this is one way they did it. . P8 Routing vent hoses. . . The turbo charger further mixes the mist with air. .com 1 . . the HyCO 2DT doesn't put any vapor into the engine. There is no chance that the HyCO 2DT vapors will burn before the injector sprays. . . Please read carefully. . P8 Hooking up the buzzer. It takes that heat from the air around it. . This is called "lag time". . . . propane. And because more of the heat energy of the fuel was converted to mechanical energy. dirt. . . . . . The air then becomes denser. you will note a net mileage gain as well! The working principle of the HyCO 2DT is to apply a film of fuel over the ball and allow the compressed air on the inside of the ball to spray through the film. . These droplets are produced without the high pressures and complications of injectors. . The rest of the fuel simply drains back to the fuel tank. the engine governor will automatically reduce the fuel flow to the regular injectors! Most truckers note that they can "keep their foot in it" longer because the HyCO 2DT effect makes faster combustion so the exhaust temperatures are lower. You do have to feed it clean pressurized gas (air. Usually this "gains a gear" on the hills. . . thereby having a net cooling effect. . . . . . The mist created by the ball is so fine that it will not wet a mirror held in it. P12 HyCO 2DT / www.P6 Mounting Vent container. . . P11 Cautions. . P8 How the HyCO 2DT Works The HyCO 2DT is a container that installs in the fuel return line of a diesel engine. so the inherent droplet size is usually ten times smaller than a normal nozzle spray. . . . so there is no idle adjustment needed to the ordinary fuel pump or injectors. your turbos kick in and the HyCO 2DT gives you an additional boost. over spraying the liquid out of a fuel injector nozzle is that the ball bypasses the laminar stage. regardless of viscosity. . . . . P8 Deceleration shutoff. The very fine mist is directed to the intake side of the turbocharger. converting a portion of the film to micron sized droplets.P3 Installing Vapor tube assembly. . . . . .P2 Mounting HyCO 2DT container. . If the RPM was to try to rise too far. Another advantage of the "ball" technique. . . . . . etc. etc. P11 Dual Turbo Chargers. And when you use power. . . . . So the HyCO 2DT assists the turbocharger and the inter-cooler with this side effect. .eagle-research. . P7 Venting fuel tank/s. water. .

Then all one morning getting your parts and are at about 2 in the afternoon before being ready to start installing. automatically starting the HyCO 2DT misting action. The homogenized air/fuel vapors simply assist combustion once it is initiated by the injector. I've always found that when you depend on moving parts. Make sure it is 2 www. Step three. If any HyCO 2DT is required to be mounted so that the diesel fuel cannot flow freely back to the fuel tank. It requires no maintenance and is entirely automatic in its operation. liquid. By "gas" I mean a state of matter. they will eventually fail.. with the better results being on the heavier loads. The benefits of a homogenized air/fuel mixture are. "gas". I would always choose to install a large drain line because. figure out where everything is going to be. go get all your hoses and fittings. a slight reduction in the lag time. As of today on large trucks our results have been a net fuel mileage gain of between 7 and 14 percent. Once you're experienced.burn (not enough fuel). All internal parts to a HyCO 2DT are set. we find the turbo pressure to be adequate and convenient. You have a choice of upgrading the drain line to at least a #10 (I prefer #12) or installing an electric fuel pump to assist the HyCO drain. (the fuel just drains through it) so it is automatically not working at idle. The HyCO 2DT kit uses SAE fittings. It will take you one to four hours to install. as in solid. there are no adjustments to make. But for simplicity. we've achieved over 40% fuel economy gain when the turbo is activated.eagle-research. SAE fittings are usually brass and can be picked up in a hardware store. Remember that JIC and SAE fittings are different. Mounting HyCO 2DT Container You will have to build your own mounting bracket. all the liquid fuel must drain away. making the HyCO 2DT more efficient. then You have two choices (1) put in a separate (new) fuel return line or (2) the HyCO 2DT must be equipped with a float switch that powers an electric pump to make sure the HyCO 2DT container doesn't fill up with diesel. I like to keep it that way. Given a choice. in this case the compressed gas is air. At this time we haven't designed a universal mounting system. Step one. made for high pressure hydraulic applications. So I design the HyCO 2DT to operate under 30 / HyCO 2DT . you likely spent a couple of hours looking over this instruction manual. It is not easy to cause diesel fuel to evaporate. a HyCO 2DT doesn't work if there is no air pressure applied. slightly increased power. the truck's drain line is too small to make an adequate drain for gravity feed. The ordinary HyCO 2DT installation depends on gravity to drain its container. If you are doing this for the first time. Be sure to get DOT approved fuel hose that will fit your fittings. JIC fittings are usually steel. We have found in some cases. any pressure greater than 30 psi does increase efficiency but in a greatly reduced amount. The HyCO 2DT is built heavy duty and will easily outlast the engine it is attached to. The HyCO 2DT doesn't really start to do anything until the turbo air pressure is above 5 psi. depending on how good you are. The HyCO 2DT is designed to have zero fluid level. We have HyCO 2DT's installed on test vehicles since November/91 and they are doing well. the turbo pressures rise. The draining action is assisted by the slight pressure created by the ball. The HyCO 2DT does require a source of compressed gas. because the turbo pressures are higher. reduced pollution and dramatically reduced fuel consumption. These figures are based on my actual experience. as an inventor. As the engine begins to work. a full installation will take you less than three hours. so only a very small amount of fuel turns to vapor and gets homogenized with the air. It is best to use all of one or the other. In normal operation. Normally we use turbo pressure for the source of compressed gas. It is also possible to use many other sources of compressed gas. start mounting your HyCO 2DT. propane for example. Step two. because there is no turbo pressure. Make up the parts you need to fabricate on the spot. Such as the Cat's #4 line. The HyCO 2DT is designed to operate with no moving parts. Then measure the hose lengths and determine if you need any more fittings. Then the response from the HyCO 2DT is rather linear till about 30 psi. In small vehicles. It produces its fine mist with a patented procedure using liquid fluid films and exact application of moving gaseous fluids. smoother combustion. depending on load. I've see it done in two. decreased exhaust temperatures.

causing liquid fuel to drain over into the engine. then it would be purged to the HyCO 2DT drain. Many mechanics feel they can "do it better" and I'm sure some can. your warranty still covers it. using a Kenworth truck and a CAT engine model 3406 B. Most truckers choose to exercise this option. our recommendation is to draw some pressurized air from the spot in the inter-cooler most likely to accumulate liquid (like the bottom of the inter-cooler). Note: It is possible to totally shut off the HyCO 2DT by inserting a valve in the air pressure hose and in the vapor hose. But take care. perhaps I can save you a lot of time. your current fuel mixture starts to explode when just over 5% of it finds the proper combination. if you feel you've got a better / HyCO 2DT . As simple as it may seem. for your own good. Usually there would be enough fuel return flow to simply split the fuel return and feed it into both containers.reason. We have (Feb. for safeties sake. We have also tested the HyCO 2DT on a Perkins turbo-charged Diesel in Mexico City. the HyCO 2DT will not drain to the fuel tank by gravity. No warranty will cover damage caused by use or miss-use of the HyCO 2DT. I've never seen it needed but it's there. Cautions. That wraps it up for now. These are very basic instructions and I apologize for that. If anything goes wrong with your engine that would have "normally" have gone wrong. Both containers need to be drained separately to the fuel tank/s HyCO 2DT retains fuel./93) run testing on one of the best dynamometers in America. so make sure you install it right! 12 www. Do not attempt to deviate from the instructions in this manual. Do not take a HyCO 2DT apart to see it's internal workings. This leads to gasket or hose failure as the gasket or hose absorbs the fuel mist over a period of time. So using these gases to pressurize the ball will have double effect. I seriously recommend it. if in fact the mist did condense. Please Read Carefully Do not attempt to install a HyCO 2DT system without a complete understanding of the instructions in this booklet. We got 10% increase in economy (used less fuel) and 14% increase in power AT FULL FUEL RAIL! It was funny to see the engineers trying to figure out that one. it will limit the draining action and cause the container to retain fuel. vapor fuel is "more volatile". Note: Some gaskets and hoses in some Diesel air intake systems are not totally fuel compatible. The tests confirmed everything the on-road truckers had been telling us. This Perkins engine was hooked up to a Perkins Dynamometer at the Perkins engine manufacturing facility. If the Warranties and Liabilities The installation of the HyCO 2DT system does not void any engine warranties. money and grief. It is my intention to write a very comprehensive Manual for the HyCO 2DT and feedback is extremely helpful. If a vacuum is allowed to form in the HyCO container. there are a lot of internal adjustments and techniques that are pre-adjusted and are not explained in this booklet. Note: Fuel condensation in the inter cooler has been expressed as a concern. but they had to acknowledge the results. I have personally phoned the engine manufacturers to confirm this. I have often shaken my head when I've heard of an incorrect installation of the HyCO 2DT and the result. Simply replace these gaskets and hoses with fuel compatible versions. Then it is simply a wide spot in the fuel return line. so if you are concerned with this. Our testing has shown this to be of little concern as the mist is (or very near) a vapor state when it comes out of the turbo and will not condense for minutes or hours. However we cannot say that it will not happen. I invite feedback from your tests and comments of any kind on the product or this presentation.eagle-research. BUT I've spent decades learning about this specific system. clear it with me first! I don't feel that I "know it all" but I've learned a lot about this application and if I can help you prevent a mistake or point out some considerations that you might not have thought of. the rising fuel level will interfere with the "misting" action and eventually will overflow the container. Note: Using propane or natural gas (methane) mixed with diesel enhances combustion. The tests were so good that the companies we are dealing with couldn't believe it and are setting up SAE testing to confirm.

Idaho at Western States Cat. Tests Sponsored by Entech Corporation of Meridian. exactly between min/max lines.Caterpillar Performance Analysis Report Minimum 400 350 300 250 200 150 100 50 0 Corrected Maximum 02-23-1993 13:51:10 Control test shows normal power curve. V e h C p o w e r 300 250 200 150 100 50 0 1000 1100 1200 1300 1400 1500 1600 1700 1800 1900 2000 Engine Speed 14 . Idaho. Tests performed in Boise. Results qualify as independent confirmation HyCO 2DT performance. V e h C p o w e r 1000 1100 1200 1300 1400 1500 1600 1700 1800 1900 2000 Engine Speed Caterpillar performance Analysis Report 02-23-1993 18:19:10 Minimum 400 350 Corrected Maximum This test with the HyCO 2DT installed shows the engine's power to be increased to the maximum allowed by the engine manufacturer.

15 10 5 1000 1100 1300 1500 1600 1800 1900 2000 Engine Speed 15 .Caterpillar Performance Analysis Report 02-23-1993 13:57:45 Minimum 20 Measured Maximum Control test shows normal fuel volume for new injectors. The actual fuel curve is BELOW the min/max lines. F u e l V o l u m e 15 10 5 1000 1100 1300 1500 1600 1800 1900 2000 Engine Speed Caterpillar Performance Analysis Report 02-23-1993 18:25:44 Minimum 20 Measured Maximum F u e l V o l u m e This test with the HyCO 2DT installed shows the engine's fuel volume to be lower than the manufactures expect for power.

com. I thank you for your interest and I look forward to helping you achieve what I’ve already done. Box 21017. BC. etc. I build the projects and make them work.000 times. I develop them. Forums.. Blogs. Make sure the technology is not lost if/when the Vested Interest finally shuts me down. Help (teach) a LOT of people AND 2. All products sold with 100% money back Satisfaction Guarantee. I research things that interest me. I’ve been a self-employed inventor since 1986 (started Eagle-Research in 1984). Use coupon code “ Scribd130313 ” to get a one time 20% discount on an order (good until 2016). proofs. By now you’ve likely realized that most of this book’s pages are not included in this free preview. I do not accept Government grants or any money from anywhere that has any strings attached. redesign them. You can find a full authorized latest edition of all our books and kits in our eStore. you will get PAID when you refer people to us and they buy any of our products. 2. V2A 8K8 • USA / Int'l: 1306 Main St. the books allow me to 1. All of society (everyone is denied practical innovation choices that could have been)… On Scribd. we’ve started an affiliate program.eagle-research. You can also find a (purchase separately) online Resources that keeps this technology current as there are corrections. WA 98844 .. which were downloaded (for free) over 10. That could have financed my Gravity Machine or an improved Free Energy Accumulator. when people copy and/or give away my books. FAQ. The plans I sell are not just some armchair theorist brainstorming (though I usually start a project that way). (plus a lot of free information) You can also subscribe to my eNews (see website sidebar) to stay informed on what’s happening. Innovations that you can now know for the price of a book. otherwise well-meaning and enthusiastic people uploaded my books. 3. This is why. Most of the money I make and years of my time go into to developing (and upgrading) innovations. I DO NOT PATENT! I write a book. literally from satisfied customers. 3. As an affiliate.eagle-research.. YOU (you are denied technology upgrades on technology you’ve purchased). Oroville. I (and thus Eagle-Research) am ENTIRELY SELF FUNDED. refine them and once I’ve figured out how to ‘DO IT’ in the most practical way I can. Bring in the money I need to pay bills and fund further research. options. http://www. Selling these books is how I fund research worth millions of dollars (and bypassVested Interest Suppression). Me (copyright violation and loss of income). upgrades. they hurt Dear Alternative and Sustainable Energy Enthusiast. links.. similar research by others.Eagle-Research Energy Solutions since 1984 Patent-free Technology • Brown's Gas • Fuel Savers • Free Energy www. They need to (and do) work because I use them myself. Canada: 160 Panorama Ridge.. I’m a full time self-employed inventor. for use in my own life. To help enthusiastic people spread the word LEGALLY.

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com) Comments and/or contributions are invited from anyone who is committed to cultivating dream seeds. that will be updated from time-to-time. return the product(s) within 60 days of receipt for a full refund of the product(s) price. FAX details to Eagle-Research. Negative input will be wholeheartedly disregarded. peers and competition with practical innovations that can be successfully home-built. If you are dissatisfied for any reason. illustrators. For consideration of your next event. Nay-sayers are better not to waste their time. at least three months in advance. architects. the ERxxxx WaterTorch. They envision a world-renowned educational energy centre designed to find. There is seldom anyone in the office to answer the phone. horticulturalists. He is multi-talented and multi-degreed. George has been making his living as an inventor and author. Mail is answered when possible. Oregon. practical solutions. George continues to impress his customers. For budget reasons. Remember though. a non-profit organization that develops and distributes energy-saving solutions. He takes the hand-up rather than the hand-out approach to everything. We had running water if we ran and got it. Send orders and technical questions in separate correspondence or your order may be delayed. Individuals wishing to participate in the project may access the required reading list. writers. resourcefulness and commitment to our natural environment. western cowboy philosophy combine well with his inventor persona to create a world-class visionary. He lives with his bride. CUSTOMER SERVICE Orders are filled first. If your calculations are incorrect or there is missing information and we cannot reach you by SEMINARS & CONFERENCES George Wiseman is available for a limited number of speaking engagements each year. is making great waves in dozens of industries around the globe. As much as anything. healing arts practitioners. CASTLE PROJECT Eagle-Research (George Wiseman) in cooperation with Being Unlimited (Tenaj DaCosta Wiseman) are in the initial stages of creating their ultimate dream. “Dad didn’t believe in having any equipment on the place (hobby farms in Montana. Openly sharing research findings benefits everyone by constantly elevating the standards of viable energy solutions. feng shui specialists. we usually do not return long-distance calls unless calling collect. we are a non-profit organization putting our time and money primarily toward research. His fuel-savers have gained him a worldwide following of satisfied consumers who eagerly pursue his work for new offerings.❞ . and their brood of cats. His latest product. Your input helps us further develop these technologies into more and better practical solutions. ❝ Too low they build. Tenaj.eagle-research. FAX or letter. it’s his commitment to patentfree technology development that has earned George Wiseman a champion reputation. . on the Eagle-Research website: (www. We prefer to have customers contact us by email. fitness experts… www. Since 1984. GUARANTEE All Eagle-Research products are sold with a money back guarantee. The centre will be open to all sorts of creative-thinkers in their respective fields: inventors. George’s work has been featured on radio and in newspapers around North America and at many ‘alternative’ energy gatherings including the International Tesla Society Symposiums and Exotic Research Conferences. all-around. And electricity was something that came in batteries”. in a lush valley of the Rocky Mountains.WHO IS GEORGE WISEMAN George Wiseman is the founder and president of Eagle-Research. George attributes his self-reliance. Alaska and finally a ranch in British Columbia) that we couldn’t fix ourselves. who build beneath the stars. we will have to wait until you contact us before we can process your order. to his rural roots. but singular in his mission: to promote self-sufficiency at the individual level by discovering and sharing the best. His farmgrown.eagle-research. develop and harness the unique genius inside each of us.Edward Young - CONTRIBUTIONS We appreciate your contributions.