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How-To build a cold vapor system that is an add-on to Your carbureted or fuel injected engine. Your regular fuel system remains completely intact
George Wiseman

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George Wiseman. STAGES OF DEVELOPMENT OF EAGLE-RESEARCH PROJECTS 1. which will vary according to the user’s knowledge. If the conditions outlined in the proceeding paragraphs are not acceptable. perform comprehensive experiments using rigorous standards. usually to fraud investors. Experimental Prototype: working experiments. his associates and/or distributors. Patent law states public domain information is not patentable. inexpensive. low maintenance and. The money from the sale of our books and devices is used to finance on-going research.eagle-research. Initial Prototype Design: to begin experimental prototype 6. DISCLAIMER This book is sold for research and/or experimental purposes only. easy to build.. We define practical as simple. Therefore the results. Three.” Therefore. we do recognize there is an unfortunate side-effect: Our ‘best’ today will pale in comparison to our ‘best’ tomorrow. are at varying stages of development. which are distributed in the form of web information. Actually. Practical spinoff: useful technology developed that is not the main line of research 7. expertiseand application should be considered strictly experimental.. environmentally-considerate. the author will not retroactively inform or reimburse buyers if (when) there are corrections or updates to this book. Research Assistant: compiled research to develop a working theory 3. I actually make my living and finance continued research by inventing. How-To manual: comprehensive instructions 9. the buyer will return the book immediately to the seller. produced & distributed. Device: including operation manual For order inquiries. Because the nature of research and development is an evolving process. Kit: assembly of parts 10. you will not do yourself or your friends a favour if you copy this book to distribute to your friends. applicable to small scale energy needs. Two. WORK IN PROGRESS Eagle-Research is a research and development organization dedicated to finding the best possible energy solutions. I don’t hold-back ‘secrets’ of my innovations. then publish how-to books to share the results with other researchers and the general public. Though we’re proud of our commitment to constant and never-ending PRINTED IN CANADA www. the patent is worthless. Selling information is how we make money to continue our research. proof of technology 8. Theory: explore research to develop proof of concept experiments 4.eagle-research. you deprive us of funds to advance the research that will help us all. the Eagle-Research discoveries. so no one else can patent it either. I do not patent my work. Concept: I think I have an idea! 2. we’ve already improved upon the information. we will write further books in each of our lines of research. We’re working as fast as we can. we can keep you updated on the latest information on energy saving research. assume no responsibility for damage or injury due to the reader’s use or misuse of information or instructions presented herein. At any given date. and that our patent-free philosophy promotes increasingly better energy solutions. or contact information. Proof of Concept: hands-on. We believe that writing books insures that these technologies will be secured public knowledge. FINANCING OUR RESEARCH As more work and research gets done. In doing so. Eagle-Research does not accept government grants. by the time our most up-to-date ‘best’ can be compiled. By writing a series of books in this manner. It is distributed worldwide as public knowledge. we are continually improving on the technologies we are working with. For . EAGLE-RESEARCH ADVOCATES PATENT-FREE TECHNOLOGY “I differ from most inventors in many ways. books. try methods to make design of prototype possible 5. videos or devices. organized. technical assistance. Contact Eagle-Research for the latest developments. Therefore. for a full refund. Therefore. the patent office is very inefficient and people have gotten patents on my technology. Although care is taken to present accurate information: “If we knew what would happen. it wouldn’t be an experiment. However.EAGLE-RESEARCH MISSION Eagle-Research is an organization that develops and distributes practical energy solutions. We gather information from diverse sources. go to: www.

. . . . using only the materials around me and usually with limited tools. . . . . where my dad finally bought a ranch and settled down. I slipped on some stairs and was unable to work for three years. This HyCO 2A Manual has several ‘companion’ books. . . . . We had running water if we ran and got it. P 13 Chapter 6 Tuning the HyCO 2A . . . P 24 Chapter 12 Troubleshooting checklist . . . . . . . . Acquiring all these books will give you a complete perspective on the methods and techniques to maximize the gains of the HyCO 2A fuel enhancement system. . . . . . . . Biography I am a ‘country boy’ having grown up on various farms in Montana. . . . . I counteract that problem by having various novices. . . . The waste that I see everyday saddens me. . . P 21 Chapter 10 HyCO 2A with gasoline fuel injection . I decided to try to sell it and got the surprise of my life. . . . . It gave a 30% mileage increase in our 1977 Dodge Volari with a 360ci engine. . . . . .HydroCarbon Oxygenator Table of Contents Version 2A. . I have also worked in quite a few of the major industries in North America. I had already been experimenting with fuel saving and had developed the Carburetor Enhancer as a spin-off to the HyCO 2A research. .) and the ‘Super Gas Saver Secrets’ book. . . . . . . . because I sometimes assume you know what I know. as most fuel injection systems do. . Don't hesitate to comment at length. . . . . . we couldn't afford to waste anything. I'm good at solving mechanical problems. . . . . . . . P3 Chapter 2 Development of the HyCO 2A (HydroCarbon Oxygenator) P5 Chapter 3 Assembling the HyCO 2A parts . . . 2001 Introduction Chapter 1 Why is high mileage not applied? . . . . On the farm. . . . . I listen to their feedback and then revise the manual based on their understanding and comments. . . . But I did some serious thinking. . . . . . . . P 19 Chapter 9 Using HyCO 2A with alcohol . . for good reason I might add. . So many resources thrown away or misused. Alaska and British Columbia. . . . Your comments will help improve this medium of information to the benefit of everyone. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . we lived a long way from ‘civilization’. . . . . . . . . . . . . the EFIE Manual (needed only if you are applying the HyCO 2A on a fuel system that uses oxygen sensor feedback. The sanitary facility was a little house about 100 feet from the front door and electricity was something that came in batteries. . . . . . . . . . Oregon. P 15 Chapter 7 Driving with the HyCO 2A . P 27 Introduction: The HyCO 2A (pronounced hi-ko) is short for ‘HydroCarbon Oxygenator’. We thank our customers for the feedback that has produced this third version of the HyCO 2A manual. the ‘Carburetor Enhancer’ manual (needed only if you are applying the HyCO 2A on a carbureted engine). . P 8 Chapter 5 Installing the HyCO 2A . . P 17 Chapter 8 Gasoline preheat . . . So I grew up learning how to build most anything. . thus ‘oxygenating’ the fuel. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . This ability is actually a problem when I try to write a manual like this one. . . After graduating from high school. . . This is why I invite comments of any kind on any aspect of this manual. The purpose of my manuals is to bring information in a useable form to you. . . . . experts and people like you read my manuals. . P 8 Chapter 4 Putting the HyCO 2A together . . . . We call it this because we put oxygen (air) through the fuel instead of putting fuel into the air as ‘ordinary’ fuel systems do. P 22 Chapter 11 HyCO 2A electronics . . . . . . . I traveled and acquired extensive post secondary education in several fields. Dad didn't believe in having any equipment on the place that we couldn't fix ourselves. . . This evaporation technique vastly increases the amount of fuel that is actually vapor when the spark plug fires. . . . . . . . My IQ tests run quite high and my mechanical aptitude tests ran right off the scales they used to measure.

Note: In most cases it is our experience that HyCO 2A systems make propane conversions impractical. the answer becomes self evident. killing everyone inside. ‘Ah.’ said Dirk. We have done our best to provide you with information that will give you the most effective results for the least cost.2 The ‘fulfillment’ companies I approached refused to carry it because it was too simple. The Carburetor Enhancer book is still selling extremely well and has financed a lot of additional research. I am ordinarily a mild tempered person. of any part of this manual without the copyright owner's express written consent is prohibited. for refund. and a very significant and revealing fact it is too. The research to develop such a ‘battery’ is financed by the sale of books like this one. It is our desire to bring energy saving information directly to the general public in a form that they can apply it. It contains no corrosives or pollutants. over which we have no control.’ (From Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency. I prefer email contact. We don’t need to patent something to make money from it. This philosophy has continued to develop and now we refuse to patent. by Douglas Adams. There are more advantages with the HyCO 2A: You get all the clean burning of propane.’ by Robert X. There have been people who doubled and tripled their mileage with this HyCO 2A technology. you don't understand it yet. the better economy and the smoothness of operation but you don't have to put in special tanks. you are still handling liquid fuels and you get a power increase instead of a loss. If smashed or burned. so a saved megawatt is a negawatt. including but not limited to. make performance claims based on their own or customer's manual and any applicable kits to the seller in good condition within 30 days following receipt. Inventing is finding the right question. Exasperation and frustration are mild ways of putting it. You will continue to reduce pollution while enjoying increased power and fuel economy. as you will see here and in the future when we unveil present projects. Imagine a battery that is safe. if shorted will only produce its rated amperage and voltage. Because of many variables. Classic turning of lemons into lemonade. The HyCO 2A prepares the fuel so that much more of it burns in the engine instead of in the exhaust. ‘Inventing isn't finding the right answer. this is how we finance future research. So I decided to write a book to tell anyone who wished how to do it for themselves. we are working on a battery design that will revolutionize all current uses of energy. They were afraid of competition. This is one of the advantages to being an actual purchaser of my manual. How would you feel if someone started shorting your paycheck? Wouldn't you like to see the projects that we have on our drafting board now? To give you a hint. Quotes ‘Most people are more comfortable with old problems than with new solutions. 233. a flashlight would never need recharging even if left turned on continuously for ten years. If applied. Evidence of copying manual contents invalidates all guarantees and may bring legal action. Reproduction in any way. This not only reduces pollution as effectively as a catalytic converter but gives you the power and performance of that otherwise wasted fuel. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY If the herein stated conditions of use and sale are not acceptable or you are dissatisfied for any reason. It is lighter than most current battery designs. Note: Saving energy is called ‘NEGAWATTS’ (word coined by Amory Lovins) because a megawatt saved is a megawatt that you can use elsewhere without having to build another power plant.’ By George Wiseman. It can be made in various sizes to fit current battery uses. Once the research reaches a practical stage. and explode once a year. We have been able to do some amazing things. We have the testimonials on file. It is understood that the kit materials may come back in a used condition. This was the start of developing a very different inventing philosophy. so my feelings for catalytic converters surprise myself. your understanding of manual contents. There are lots of gas savers out there but I know of none that reduce pollution in as effective a manner as the HyCO 2A. for example. you’ll be able to buy a book like this one to tell you how to do it yourself. quality of materials and workmanship. Let it be understood that the assembly and installation of these antipollution devices is known as ‘experimental’. Remember folks. The cry 'I could have thought of that' is a very popular and misleading one. Once you know enough to ask the exact question. Catalytic converters require a combustible mixture in the exhaust to work and they burn that fuel in the exhaust instead of the engine. it will not explode. the following conditions of use and sale apply: 1-George Wiseman does not guarantee or otherwise represent any specific mileage gain or performance change. a RollsRoyce would today cost $100. get a million miles per gallon. for the fact is that they didn't. ‘If the automobile had followed the same development as the computer. return this Dealers and/or distributors of George Wiseman's information and/or products may at their option. Yet it controls so much energy that. . the information in this manual will save you thousands of dollars.’ By George Wiseman. Cringely/Infoworld.’ Author Unknown. They told me ‘anyone could build this in their backyard’. P. It is my (George Wiseman) policy to help buyers of our manuals as much as I can. I call the HyCO 2A an antipollution method. initial cost of installation is much less. ‘it is a rare mind indeed that can render the hitherto nonexistent blindingly obvious. For that reason we started called EagleResearch. It is easier to accomplish our goals by not patenting. vehicle and engine involved.) ‘If you don't know enough to build it simple.

The HyCO 2A works with your current fuel system. 155. One of my customers (we'll call him ‘Mike’) presented me an interesting point of view that some of you might want to follow up on. A future use of oil is for food. Rest assured that we do our best to provide quality parts. Mike used to work in an oil refinery. as with any experimental project. The HyCO 2A method is simple and straightforward. and they have cause. Let's do a quick calculation to see horsepower per pound per hour of a typical high mileage vehicle. Replacing the entire fuel system is complicated and expensive. it would be a glut on the market if all of it were to be sold. in which I explain how it is possible to get over 200 mpg in ordinary vehicles. 450. by Karl Benz.333. So I fail to see why it would matter to an oil company if cars get 60 to 100 mpg. We know these vehicles are light. but they still weigh over a couple of hundred pounds ‘curb weight’ with the driver. people had gone over the 12. The ‘problem’ at this time is the extreme cost of the fuel system.023884 HP/lb/hr. see the pocketpal ‘Why > 200 MPG is Possible’. his employees and distributors. If the oil companies feel they are not making enough money.33 / 2545 equals 40. The HyCO 2A is a practical ‘spin-off’ of this high mileage research. I have written a book called ‘Extreme Mileage 101’. raise your eyebrows over a recent edition of Guinness Book of World Records. assume no responsibility for damage or injury due to the reader's use or misuse of information or instructions presented in this manual. This means that demonstrated and documented efficient use of the fuel generates 26 times better mileage than a typical car. I do not know why they suppress high mileage technology. Understand that because of the chemistry of crude oil. 2-George Wiseman.603 / 1700 lbs equals . You proceed at your own risk.91 BTU/hr.).177 HP/hr. Tom Ogle had a patented (100 mpg) system that was very similar to the HyCO 2A. etc. I can supply proof that at least one major car company has a practical. A lot of people believe that the car companies are the suppressors. providing they have proof on file of such claims and follow Consumer and Corporate Affairs guidelines for reporting them. we may need it. again with good reason. of BTU to HP/hr) equals . it is so simple and there are dozens of expired patents that quite clearly describe it.000 BTU IMP gallon / 343.000885 HP/lb/hr. It does seem odd to us that anyone in their backyard can apply a simple system like the HyCO 2A and get more gains than the billions spent in research and development programs of major companies. his dealers and distributors assume no liability for use or misuse of the materials. plastics. if Ford came out with a 60 MPG full size car. drive to work everyday. why isn't it applied?’ Our answer is ‘we don't know’. George Wiseman. Dealer/Distributor that does this assumes full personal responsibility for claims and for any Guarantee stated in connection with claims. it contains most of the basic building blocks to make food and at the rate we are killing our food supply. A question we get a lot is ‘ if such high mileage is possible. In fact. But all these inventions replace your factory carburetors. But due to various reasons the information and applications haven't been available to the general public in a useable form until now. If you find what you consider to be low quality. But a little digging will show you that only a percentage of the oil that comes out of the ground gets used to drive vehicles (look around you at all the paints.3 tests. Chapter 1: Why is high mileage not applied? Just in case you don't BELIEVE it possible to squeak a few more miles out of your favorite transportation. As recently as 1984 we have Jack Gilbert.91 / 2545 (mech.603 HP/hr. Any defect in the materials provided is the responsibility of the original manufacturer. The oil supplies are limited and they will sell it all.177 / 200 lbs equals . 103. In fact. Paul Pantone is experimenting with fuel saving techniques that use HyCO 2A type technology. This makes it easy and inexpensive to get the performance increase. This information should be fairly easy to check. full size car that got 80 MPG straight from the factory and still gets 70 MPG now. For example. What is done with the materials is experimental.33 BTU/hr.32 going 20 mph at 30 mpg. he has developed a carburetor that uses the HyCO 2A cold evaporation principles. because I can show that the car companies have bought up and shelved many patents. thus the net result is that HyCO 2A antipollution systems give higher mileage and increased power too.75 hours (at 20 mph) equals 450. We are guessing at the speed and the weight. I have talked with a lot of people who simply put gasoline into a water vapor injection system. equiv. . I can show that a similar system was invented and patented around 1890. Now. because they also buy up patents and shelve them.000 MPG (IMP GAL) mark (that's twelve thousand). when you split a barrel of it into lighter Note: for a preview of the ‘Extreme Mileage 101’ book. they can just up the sale price a few pennies. . It was sold at the normal price. I don't understand why this potential is not sold to everyone. several years later. we want to hear about it. You get a reasonable mileage gain at a reasonable cost. but this will be fairly close to the right answer because it checks out with experiments of our own. It would use 103.333. It seems that gasoline is a byproduct of other crude oil production. 40. The HyCO 2A systems reduce pollution by burning the fuel in the engine instead of burning the fuel in the exhaust system like factory installed antipollution. lets figure out the ratio for a 1700 lb car with a drag coefficient of . who would buy GM at 20 MPG? It is to the car manufacturers advantage to market vehicles with better mileage. There have been hundreds of others that have come up with these (HyCO 2A type) ideas too. Other people say that the oil companies suppress information. are meant to assist the gathering of materials for the experiments in this manual. The last time we looked. I find it hard to understand why the OEM doesn’t used this type of system. The ‘parts’ that are provided as an option with this manual.

With national debts to fight and political programs to maintain. you'll see further increases in taxes anyway. at the refinery. These parts allow you to build your own HyCO 2A now. That is one reason that Eagle-Research is doing so well. Note: Our practical gas savers have been applied to thousands of vehicles and the gasoline savings is now figured in the millions of gallons.25 million? I’ve personally talked with people who’ve had their patents bought. it would demonstrate that there is no need to have artificial gasoline shortages. both of you keep a copy. as an ‘experimental’ project. If such a bill goes through you will see further increases in taxes. for example. If you want lower pollution. Governments have the power to control car and oil companies. so why worry. . our Governments would lose billions of dollars. An assembly of materials is available as an option with this manual. Third. Senators face political suicide by introducing and actively pushing bills to get pollution reduced and gas mileage up. it looks like you'll have to do it yourself. I understand that they don't do that anymore. If the person that you want to install your HyCO 2A has any problem with that. The assembly is up to you. If someone wanted to suppress gas savers all they would have to do is monitor the Patent Office (there is a special program offered by the Patent Office that does just that) and they would know about anyone who had developed a gas saver. The assembler is liable only for their work. Would you sell your idea for 1. These items indicate that if the average mileage of vehicles were raised only 10%. mega amounts of gasoline were being dumped at sea. Traditionally. Remember that means a reduction in pollution too. In the past it was standard procedure to pump water down for that purpose. We are doing our own marketing of our own products in ways that bypass normal ‘vested interest’ suppression. because we’ve already determined that various agencies could tie us up for years. There is also a plain and simple fact that a lot of good ideas don't make it to the marketplace because the inventor just doesn't know how to market his ideas. In this book (and it’s companion manuals) there are many suggestions. Mike postulates that the same people control the oil companies and the car companies. if they make a bad weld or drops something into the engine. while making money from YOU.4 products. There is no reason for you to accept high pollution and low mileage just because it is handed to you by your vehicle manufacturer. any results of the experiment is your responsibility. taking advantage of them will save you substantial money and maybe even help leave some clean air for our descendents. you buy the materials and then hire him or her to provide the labor. In conclusion. anyone who has had a serious gas saver wanted to patent it (wouldn't you?). if we tried to market a finished product. now they can serve two functions with one procedure and have the gasoline ‘stored’ in case they actually need it. First. as much as 70 percent of every dollar you spend on gasoline goes to your Government in taxes. I have no direct proof of conspiracy to suppress. I find not ONE to be on the market. North America runs on wheels driven by fuel. That's what I call pollution. if true. By giving you this information directly we have short-circuited the suppression ‘system’. they like the image of ‘big brother’ but they are trillions of dollars in debt and really can't afford to reduce their income. I think that our Governments have reason to suppress gas saving antipollution devices. Instead. stuff like that. there is more than $320 billion dollars of gasoline sold in North America every year just to drive our vehicles. It is unlikely that we will be bought out because buying us out won't stop this technology. thank God. In the past. The previous information. you get more than a barrel back. they had a six inch pipe going over to a coking setup that the Japanese had built at the refinery (as a test plant) and when the coking plant was operating Mike's employers would often pump their excess gasoline into it. If you wish someone else to install your experiment. They would also know that he hadn't told anyone about his invention because that makes the idea ‘public domain’ and invalidates the patent process. is enough to make me upset. The energy advisor to President Bush stated in the Wall Street Journal that he would advise the President to oppose any such bill as outlined above. more power and higher mileage. Of course. We can show you that it's possible and how to go about it. Calculation shows that when the price of gasoline raises one cent it generates 5 billion dollars revenue.500 fuel saver patents. The above is my own conclusions from data I've collected. We can assure you that there are thousands of these manuals out there in very inventive hands! Some of those people will take our ideas and go beyond them. They order their car companies to have low mileage so that they have a place to dump their gasoline. A little more digging comes up with some items that make me concerned. simply have both of you sign an experiment assembler disclaimer. Governments do use ‘front’ companies to protect their interests without being directly involved. at $40 per refined barrel. It has been established that there was more gasoline stored in the United States during the '70s ‘oil crisis’ than at any previous time. Second. Going through them. Cost of fuel and how far you can go on it. they are pumping it back down the wells to bring up more crude oil. I'm not saying that they are. According to Mike. The government is in a tough spot. is an effective way of control. That way the assembler that you hired is liable only for their labor. to be vaporized and exit the exhaust stack as pure hydrocarbons. A quick search of the US Patent Office showed me over 3. Most of those patents were sold for much less. Thinking up the idea is only a very small step in the process of getting it implemented in every home. detailing the above conditions. We sell How-To information. So it becomes easy to offer that person enough money and the patent is history. I find it interesting to note that the price of the other products of crude oil don't jump in price so dramatically as gasoline. any control of fuel controls the entire population.

I have been caught in traffic jams and while my lungs were burning I thought that it would be nice to have my HyCO 2A’s on all those puking vehicles. you would promote major energy savings. Besides. but you are. with or without the standard emissions controls connected. (1) inexpensive. The above experiment also required the operator (in Canada) to hold at least a class four power engineers ticket because of the pressure and temperatures involved. I would wager that if you take a deep breath of your vehicle's exhaust. because of current laws. This allowed the engine to have all the air it wanted. Second. there is an opportunity to make money with this technology. Note: The capability of working without the regular fuel system would be Chapter 2 Development of the HyCO 2A (HydroCarbon Oxygenator) Since 1984 we have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and tested hundreds of fuel saving techniques. If we were all able to apply this sort of information to all aspects of our lives. We are causing a number of people to become self-employed. Then you can change your filters often without changing the oil. Look at pictures of this planet from space. (7) increase power and performance. but we consider it to be unmarketable. you would choke. But I travel to cities quite often on business. so that we could lock the throttle plates of the regular carb open and vary the engine speed by regulating the vapor fuel flow. The result was a $16. as you will see when you apply the HyCO 2A. All components needed safety rating six times their operating specs. we would save more money in ten years than the current national debt. We built one as an experiment and it worked. I live in a remote area and enjoy clean mountain air. for example. there are 2000 that can't install themselves. the USA national debt is over six trillions of dollars. with the supposed energy shortages it doesn't make sense to throw away fuel like we do. (5) be capable of operating automatically. Remember. (9) void no warranties.000 carb that would run a GMC 292ci engine at 1200 RPM at four tablespoons to the hour of liquid .5 I have to mention three things here. We usually use a heat range less in my radiator thermostat settings when we run on the HyCO 2A systems. I have quite often leaned over and taken a good strong breath of my exhaust. For every one person who can install one of these themselves. I recommend synthetic oils. looking from the dark to the light side and you will see just how thin our lifeline really is. (2) easy to install. For some of you. pollution is no joke. it does give an idea of the potential gains. we only have a very thin covering of air. The exhaust operating temperature was hundreds of degrees cooler than when it was when operating on the factory carburetor. Heating the fuel requires expensive temperature and pressure controls. Note. Third. I realize that most of you don't want to dump the fuel that you've paid money for. Vehicles that initially failed California Antipollution Tests passed them easily. (11) simple in concept. Why didn't we market it? Peek an eye again at the price. burning the fuel in the exhaust system instead of the engine always did seem strange to me. under a slight pressure. even with the factory antipollution equipment working. Because HyCO 2A methods can be applied by anyone with minimum mechanics know how. There are over 160 million licensed vehicles in North America. (13) promote long engine life and (14) compatible with acceptable marketing techniques. By applying the HyCO 2A you will save your share of pollution. I needed parts that would stand gasoline at an operating pressure of 900 degrees F and 2500 psi. Our first positive step was to do a market survey. which will add up to billions when added to the total savings of everyone using these antipollution and gas saving methods. One of our ‘successful’ extreme mileage lines of research involved a vapor carb that pressurized and heated the fuel in a primary heat exchanger. The HyCO 2A promotes clean fuel burning. Note: Remember to follow or exceed all vehicle maintenance suggestions. waiting to have these systems installed. We decided to produce a saleable anti pollution device. (6) capable of 100% or better fuel mileage gain. (12) simple in design. but want one installed anyway. you can help prevent major secondary energy waste. expensive materials. and major under hood modifications. using even the simplest of my HyCO 2A systems. With the HyCO 2A system you may not have to go to the expense of reinstalling the expensive and complicated original antipollution equipment. it would have to work with the regular fuel and antipollution systems intact and functional. However. We found that there is a major demand for a device or method that meets these requirements. (8) be compatible with antipollution devices. we have enough fuel reserves to totally pollute this planet. We’re hearing about independent installation shops appearing. gasoline from the gas tank! It ran very smooth and quiet. First. If you could make your vehicle last twice as long. mostly in small home garages and shops. This is important to you because antipollution laws are tightening up everywhere and a lot of people removed the factory antipollution systems years ago. Synthetic oil doesn't break down like petroleum oil does. released it through a pressure regulator into a low pressure secondary heat exchanger and then regulated the ‘dry’ vapor into the engine. Your engine will last much longer. complex design. (3) require no modifications to engine or car. A slightly cooler engine will last longer. The second positive step was to conclude that whatever we came up with. In reality. I only get a bit of a tickle in the back of my throat. for various reasons. The nice thing about the HyCO 2A is the way the engine runs cooler. Change any oil that darkens. We no longer require a hot engine to vaporize the fuel. (4) fit any vehicle. (10) be compatible with other economizers. it took a lot of energy to make your vehicle. preventing engine destroying oil dilution and carbon buildup.

They looked like lug nuts. Just use a relay to turn on the sensor heating circuit when your ignition is on. You can get a good multimeter from Radio Shack for about $40. Run another wire to ground and put a female tab connector on it too. I hope to present enough information that someone already familiar with electronics could have some fun. In this particular case. The brain (ECU) then moves our hand with an electrical signal to the hand The automotive industry has put an incredible amount of research into developing sensors. to allow the ECU to know when to shut off . Using the HyCO 2A systems we've had readings as low as negative . In any system like this you need. as any sensor will work for you and the price varies. The oxygen sensor input is designed to over ride the output if the mixture gets too rich. This would normally indicate about a 14. it might be a good idea. Put a covered female tab connecter on it. You can acquire an oxygen sensor from any local automotive dealer. Automotive Engineers will tell you that the voltage readings go from zero to one volt (that's 1000 millivolts). I needed to find points that always stay the same so that I could have the electronics compare the reference points with the actual conditions so the electronics could make the corrections.26 Monitor your exhaust oxygen This little hint is great for final adjustment to HyCO 2A systems. You can put various electrical components together to react to conditions that you set for the system. I have seen them go as high as 1. You can only use unleaded fuel if you install an oxygen sensor because leaded fuel will coat the platinum and render it inoperative.5 to 1 air/fuel ratio. So you can take a spark plug with you when you go looking for a nut to weld onto your exhaust pipe. If the voltage increases (indicating a richer mixture) then the computer will tell the injectors to add less fuel. For example one system calls for a reading of . JC Whitney also sells an oxygen sensor hooked up to a digital display that mounts on your dash for about $150. The major problem is coming up with a simple way to maximize the air fuel ratios. although 0 to 5 volt is OK. This is good because the byproducts of perfect combustion are water and carbon dioxide. But unless you know what you're doing. I found some in a bolt bin in an auto wrecker. An analog one will work better than a digital. Oxygen sensors take a continuous sample of exhaust and compare it with ‘outside’ air. Some of them are heated and this is a plus because you will be able to keep more accurate readings during times of cool exhaust temperatures. to implement the decisions of the ECU. many factors become sensitive. Note: If you use a heated oxygen sensor.1V and . There is no real amperage. keep a fire extinguisher or water bucket nearby while attempting something like this. Experimental Electronic control Now we will discuss how to maximize the vapor potential of the HyCO 2A method using electronic controls. Make sure the impedance level is high. Drill a 3/4 inch hole in your exhaust pipe before you weld on the nut. Only electronics can react fast enough to changes and be flexible enough to allow automatic changes while driving. This puts you into the ‘Stoichiometric Ratio’. Plug the positive lead into the oxygen sensor and the negative lead into the ground. weather conditions. run a 14 gauge automotive wire into your passenger compartment. For our purposes here. Install the oxygen sensor in your exhaust. that any automotive engineer would say was impossible and the reason that I've given you this information. you can mount it anywhere. Example of electronic feedback: In our hand. engine conditions. for our own knowledge. fuel condition. For example. we have nerves (sensors) to tell us the stove is hot when we touch it. so that WE know what is happening while we drive. The oxygen sensors take the same 18mm thread as the large bottomed sparkplugs.8V. I don't know where you'll find yours. We will use that technology. If there is a difference in the oxygen content between the inside and outside of the exhaust system then the difference produces a voltage. The second input will be an RPM sensor. Shop around. etc. so you can't power anything directly but thanks to modern electronics we can have a computer measure the voltage and make decisions based on that information. Fire is a nasty experience. The normal readings should be between . Usually six to eight inches from the exhaust manifold is about right. Electronics can ‘think’. to tell the ECU what's happening. It must read in the 0 to 2 volt range. And something else.5V. all we want to do is measure the voltage.2 Volt. When you operate with vapor. If the voltage falls off (indicating a leaner mixture) then the computer will tell the injectors to add more fuel. The first input will be an oxygen sensor (O2). After installing the oxygen sensor. (1) inputs. driving conditions. preferably with a person already attached to it. I am not going to teach electronics here. Now you are set up to measure the voltage while you're driving. (2) electronics to make decisions (called an electronic control unit or ECU) and (3) outputs. This indicates more oxygen in the exhaust than is in the outside air! I think that the multimeter reads some water as oxygen. Because of the variables. We have a brain (ECU) that takes the readings from the hand and decides what to do about them.5 volts on conventional fuel systems. I don't remove the exhaust pipe to weld on the threaded nut. It must be installed where it will get a continuous temperature of at least 700 degrees F or it won't read correctly. or it will affect your voltage reading. just buy an oxygen sensor and hook it to your multimeter (voltage). JC Whitney sells oxygen sensors for $25 to $30.

HyCO 2A MANUAL UPDATE JUNE '98 This update details improvements to the HydroCarbon Oxygenator 2A Manual since the manual was last published George Wiseman .

You will see that the computer is adjusted by the factory to assume that a certain readout of the oxygen sensor (0. then you must adjust the oxygen sensor output signal. With the EFIE circuit. splice in the wires of the EFIE after the connector. as long as the engine is totally OEM. when you add a fuel saver that changes combustion characteristics. for example EFIE offset at 200 millivolts will cause an oxygen sensor readout of 500 millivolts to read 700 millivolts to the computer and an oxygen sensor readout of 100 millivolts to read 300 millivolts to the computer. Copyright George Wiseman June 18. the oxygen sensor does not tell the computer the air-fuel ratio. the device must not be able to harm any computer. You can build the EFIE circuit out of parts found at your local Radio Shack store. You can get full details by ordering the EFIE Manual. We have developed a circuit which works on vehicles with O2 sensors. That memory is shared by several circuits (such as timing and fuel). We call it the Electronic Fuel Injection Enhancer or EFIE (pronounced Ee-Fy).) But the fuel computer sees any increase in exhaust oxygen as a "lean" mixture (thinks the engine is not getting enough fuel) and adds more fuel to compensate. The EFIE is "spliced" into the wire leading from the oxygen sensor to the vehicles computer. you actually add a bit of voltage to the output of the oxygen sensor. Be sure to do this only in conjunction with a HyCO 2A installation or you may make the mixture too lean. To give an example of one type of limiting factor.HyCO 2A Manual update notes. it could still only adjust plus or minus about 20% from it's internal baseline. thus the oxygen that would have formed these compounds shows up as free oxygen in the exhaust. The EFIE is a true "voltage offset" and will remain exact regardless of the oxygen sensor voltage. The EFIE will work especially well for those people who simply want to add water injection. Usually there is a connector in the wire near the oxygen sensor. the computer "infers" the air-fuel ratio based on it's set internal parameters and the oxygen sensor reading. And the factory setting is correct. refer to my "Super Gas Saver Secrets" book. If 60 units are taken up adjusting the timing. . But this example is really academic anyway because if the computer had full access to the 100 units to adjust fuel. Note: Refer to information on oxygen sensors later in this document. This over-reaction by the fuel computer usually negates any gains water injection (or any other fuel saver) would have had.5 volt or 500 millivolts) means the engine has a correct airfuel mixture. After long research we have determined that the oxygen sensor feedback loop in most electronic fuel injected engines has inadequate parameters. it comes with installation booklet. 1998 There are now hundreds of HyCO 2A's installed. Or just buy the EFIE Device. there are only 40 units left to adjust the fuel. I strongly recommend water injection of some sort. So you can compensate for increased exhaust oxygen caused by increased combustion efficiency. so the fuel computer thinks the mixture is richer than it really is. In other words it can only cut the fuel back a little bit. About 75% of them are getting 50 to 70% fuel mileage gains. But. How much depends on the computer. Further. Usually when people add water injection to an engine the combustion efficiency goes up and this causes a net increase in exhaust oxygen (because less Oxides of Nitrogen and Carbon Monoxides are formed. Remember. You need to be able to add voltage in such a way that you can adjust the added voltage by millivolts. yet you have to work within the capabilities of the vehicle electrical system and the characteristics of O2 sensors. one type of computer has 100 units of memory that it can use to adjust itself. If you want a simple way to lean your regular fuel system then this EFIE circuit should do the job for you.

Removing the choke plate on a carbureted HyCO 2A application is an option. The Electronic Diverter keeps my fuel ratio correct by cutting back fuel from the regular injectors. higher priority (to us) research projects. A spin-off of the above experimenting is an electronically controlled Carburetor Enhancer. containers made this way seem to work well. the "fresh" gasoline produces so much vapors that I must shut off my injectors or the engine won't start because the mixture is too rich. This is without any other fuel savers. by-passing the computer. We have now tested ED circuits since 1991. The electronic Carburetor Enhancer pretty well takes care of this problem. The Electronic Carburetor Enhancer vastly simplifies installation of a HyCO 2A on a carbureted engine and improves performance at the same time. I heat the fuel return (going back to the fuel tank) with a water heated heat exchanger to increase the amount of vapors as I'm driving. Make sure your vehicle is working correctly in the first place. On my fuel injected truck I have my fuel tanks vented (from top center of tanks) to the inside of my engine air cleaner (with backfire arrester). This simple system cost me about $20 and doubled my mileage. even without the HyCO system. It is interesting to see the gains possible with full control of the injectors. so the computer still thinks it's sending it's signals to the injectors but we control how much of those signals get through. even with fuel injection (with the EFIE and ED installed). Our results have been very good. For those building their own HyCO's. which will work twice as well as the basic version simpler than the mess of the "advanced" versions detailed in the third edition Carburetor Enhancer Manual. not a requirement. The HyCO 3 systems and the High Mileage book are tabled for the time being because of other. To do that we've come up with an experimental "black box" that connects to the oxygen sensor and the injectors. The ECE will enhance operation of your carburetor both with and without the HyCO 2A installed. the HyCO systems are not a "band aid". The HyCO 2A systems using alcohol work great! Good results in every case. Before I would have to fill them slowly or the pump would keep shutting off. like water injection or the HyCO 2A. easy installation. No moving parts. startup mixture will be very rich. I routed both vent hoses to the bottom of a surge container and then took one hose out to the air cleaner. be sure the vent hose goes upward with no dips that could hold fuel or the venting won't work. We have continued to develop the ED. from 10 to 20 MPG. For turbocharged diesel vehicles. totally automatic. When I fuel up. A good side effect of this fuel tank venting is that I can now fill my fuel tanks quickly from the pump. If it is removed some vehicles may have a harder time at first cold start. It works best on large diesel engines. Customers report that the PVC pipe and glues seem to hold up well for gasoline. My "Electronic Carburetor Enhancer Notes" are available now. I have dual tanks. If it is not removed. Using frost plugs and copper plumbing end caps .2 The EFIE is great for correcting the O2 sensor output so that your vehicle's computer will continue to function normally when fuel savers are applied. Ask for details. Testing proven by "on road" and "dyno". maintenance free. If you vent your tank. We call the circuit that allows full control of the injectors an Electronic Diverter because it can send the computer's signals through a resistor in series with the injector. Use at least 1/2 inch ID hose to allow sloshed fuel to drain back to the tank. It gets from 7% to 14% better mileage and gains enough power to get a gear on the hills. Send for brochure of our other projects. BUT for fuel savers that offer gains greater than 20% we need to take over control of the injectors. we now have a HyCO 2DT.

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