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Reverse Your Electric Meter

Use Free Energy sources: wind; solar; hydro; internal & external combustion engines; geo-thermal . . . And this industry standard 'grid connection' technique
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To keep the lights on during power outages Generate your own power to reduce your electricity bills even sell the excess to your local Utility!

200 AMPERES 240 VOLTS Kh 7.2 60 CYCLES Rr 27 7/9 MODEL 2-YZ- 4 U

Author of Water As Fuel, Book 1 & Free Energy Accumulator

George Wiseman

Energy Solutions

since 1984

Patent-free Technology Brown's Gas Fuel Savers Free Energy

5 things to know about this eBook 1. This eBook is best read using Adobe Acrobat Reader 2. This eBook is a direct electronic representation of the physical book, therefore, it is not optimized for viewing on a computer screen. Youll need to scroll up and down to read the columns. We kept it this way to allow reference, to exact locations in all versions, when answering questions or addressing corrections. 3. The eBook page numbers may not match the PDF le page numbers. In print books, there are commonly a number of pages, at the front and back, that are not numbered or use Roman numerals. PDF les typically start by numbering the front cover page 1. All our references to pages in this eBook will assume the print page numbering. 4. This eBook has full page links over most of its pages. Clicking on a page will connect you to the Eagle-Research website (usually the Resources Section). Scroll using the sidebar. 5. This eBook was State of Art when it was initially published. Today it is still excellent basic information. However, as always, our technologies improve, and information becomes obsolete, faster than we can print, publish and circulate updates. Our solution - Eagle-Research Online Resource sections that contain: Parts and services supplier information; application comments; options; updates; upgrades; support links; support documents; FAQ entries; wiki entries; blog entries; forum discussions; test results;, product installers; product manufacturers; post-publication technical corrections. Since 1984 Eagle-Research has been committed to gathering energy information from diverse sources, experimenting with it , merging possibilities into actuals and distributing solutions that empower the individual. The Eagle-Research Online Resources will help you start your project with the latest information ... then continue to upgrade your projects when new information becomes available.


Energy Solutions

since 1984

Patent-free Technology Brown's Gas Fuel Savers Free Energy

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Eagle-Research is an organization that develops and distributes practical energy solutions. We define practical as simple, inexpensive, environmentally-considerate, easy to build, low maintenance and, applicable to small scale energy needs. We gather information from diverse sources, perform comprehensive experiments using rigorous standards, then publish how-to books to share the results with other researchers and the general public. We believe that writing books insures that these technologies will be secured public knowledge, and that our patent-free philosophy promotes increasingly better energy solutions. Eagle-Research does not accept government grants. The money from the sale of our books and devices is used to finance on-going research.

This book is sold for research and/or experimental purposes only. Therefore the results, which will vary according to the users knowledge, expertiseand application should be considered strictly experimental. George Wiseman, his associates and/or distributors, assume no responsibility for damage or injury due to the readers use or misuse of information or instructions presented herein. Although care is taken to present accurate information: If we knew what would happen, it wouldnt be an experiment. Therefore, the author will not retroactively inform or reimburse buyers if (when) there are corrections or updates to this book. Contact Eagle-Research for the latest developments. If the conditions outlined in the proceeding paragraphs are not acceptable, the buyer will return the book immediately to the seller, for a full refund.

Eagle-Research is a research and development organization dedicated to finding the best possible energy solutions. Because the nature of research and development is an evolving process, we are continually improving on the technologies we are working with. Though were proud of our commitment to constant and never-ending improvement, we do recognize there is an unfortunate side-effect: Our best today will pale in comparison to our best tomorrow. At any given date, the Eagle-Research discoveries, which are distributed in the form of web information; books; videos or devices, are at varying stages of development. Therefore, by the time our most up-to-date best can be compiled, organized, produced & distributed, weve already improved upon the information. Were working as fast as we can.


I differ from most inventors in many ways. For one, I actually make my living and finance continued research by inventing. Two, I dont hold-back secrets of my innovations. Three, I do not patent my work. It is distributed worldwide as public knowledge, so no one else can patent it either. Actually, the patent office is very inefficient and people have gotten patents on my technology... usually to fraud investors. However, the patent is worthless. Patent law states public domain information is not patentable.


As more work and research gets done, we will write further books in each of our lines of research. By writing a series of books in this manner, we can keep you updated on the latest information on energy saving research. Selling information is how we make money to continue our research. Therefore, you will not do yourself or your friends a favour if you copy this book to distribute to your friends. In doing so, you deprive us of funds to advance the research that will help us all.


1. Concept: I think I have an idea! 2. Research Assistant: compiled research to develop a working theory 3. Theory: explore research to develop proof of concept experiments 4. Proof of Concept: hands-on; try methods to make design of prototype possible 5. Initial Prototype Design: to begin experimental prototype 6. Practical spinoff: useful technology developed that is not the main line of research 7. Experimental Prototype: working experiments; proof of technology 8. How-To manual: comprehensive instructions 9. Kit: assembly of parts 10. Device: including operation manual

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Reverse Your Electric Meter


by George Wiseman
Eagle-Research Publishing British Columbia, CANADA

Energy Solutions

since 1984

August, 2001, August, 2009

Copyright 1997, August 2001, August 2009 by George Wiseman REVERSE YOUR ELECTRIC METER ISBN 1-895882-20-6 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying and recording, or by any information storage or retrieval system without written permission from the author, except for brief passages quoted in a review. Layout and Design by: Tenaj DaCosta Wiseman Cover Art by: Tenaj DaCosta Wiseman Desktop Publishing by: SPACE 2001 / Creston, BC Printed by: Kootenay Kwik Print / Cranbrook, BC

National Library of Canada Cataloguing in Publication Data Wiseman, George, 1958Reverse your electric meter (legally)

Includes bibliographical references. ISBN 1-895882-20-6 1. Total energy systems (On-site electric power production) 2. Recording electric meters. I. Title. TK1041.W57 2001 621.31 C2001-911259-9

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INTRODUCTION . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 ADVANTAGES OF REM TECHNIQUE . . . 2 MINE STORY. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 POWER SYSTEM CONSIDERATIONS. . . . 3 assessing energy needs; energy source options HOME POWER SYSTEM DESIGN TIPS . . 5

$51 - $150 $151 - $350 $351 - $600

$600 - +

CHOOSING YOUR GENERATOR. . . . . . . . 6 Time = Actual Working Time CONNECTING TO THE GRID . . . . . . . . . . 6
0 - 1 hr. 2 hrs. - 1 day

ONE OF ERS APPLICATIONS . . . . . . . . . . 7 GENERATOR SPEED ISSUES. . . . . . . . . . . 8 SPEED CONTROL CONSIDERATIONS . . . 8 BUILDING AN RPM SWITCH . . . . . . . . . . 9 Rpm switch components OFF-GRID OPTION . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 Automatic excite option components CLEAN POWER. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 READING YOUR ELECTRIC METER . . . 17 TESTING YOUR ELECTRIC METER . . . . 17 Check your actual meter performance SELLING YOUR POWER.. . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 Examples of 2-Meter Billing; Examples of Net Billing; How the Law works RETAINING POWER . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 Complaints APPENDIX: PURPA notes . . . . . . . . . . . . 21 RESOURCES:. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 Web links; Sources and Suppliers; Books and Literature BIBLIOGRAPHY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 EXPERIMENTERS LOG . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26

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1/2000, 2/2001 Tenaj DaCosta Wiseman continued on reverse

Table of Contents (continued)

SIDEBARS Nikola Tesla . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 Grid Connection . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 What Kind of Free Energy Can You Access? 3 Spin Direction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 RPM Switch-Design . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 Spec Sheets; Circuit Delay . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 Wiring Tip; Detector Position . . . . . . . . . . 11 LED Efficiency Tip; Safety Feature . . . . . . 13 Inverter Activation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 Continuous Power Formula . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 Regulation Excerpts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19 Speak Up . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 Understanding Energy Calculations . . . . . . 21 Annual Payment Plan . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21 Index of Figures Fig. 1: Simple Hydropower . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 Fig. 3: RPM Under-speed Circuit . . . . . . . . 11 Fig. 2: Pulley with Tab . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 Fig. 4: Power Supply Options . . . . . . . . . . 12 Fig. 6: Over-speed Option . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 Fig. 5: Manual Excite . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13 Fig. 7: Automatic Excite . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15 Fig. 8: Automatic Grid Disconnect . . . . . . . 16 Fig. 9: Hertz Tester . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17 Fig. 10: Kilowatthour Dials . . . . . . . . . . . . 17

induction motor = motors that turn when AC current is applied to their stators LTPC (Low Temperature Phase Change) technology = generally known as heat pump, refrigeration or air conditioning technology overdriving = turning a motor faster than synchronous speed phase-locked = sine signal of generator and Grid, rising and falling together Photovoltaics = solar cells REM = Reverse Electric Meter sine signal = the rise and fall of AC voltage as a smooth wave form


Since the ideas in this book are applicable to many different applications, a tools list is not applicable.

Since the ideas in this book are variable to the individual situation, a general parts list is not applicable. Parts for particular projects are listed with the project.

Words that are preceded by are defined here. free energy = energy that you did not pay a Utility for; generally available from natural sources ie: solar, wind, gravity eutectic = absorbs or dissipates heat energy while changing phase at a constant temperature H.E.A.T. = Heat Energy Available Today IC = Integrated Chip; an electronic device made up of many internal circuits and discrete components; designed to simplify electronics by putting a lot of commonly used circuits onto a single device inverter = a device that converts DC voltage to AC voltage Kwh = kilowatt-hour(s) guerrilla net metering = REM without the Utilitys knowledge


This book is sold for educational purposes only. We do not give legal advise in any part of this book. When discussing legal issues the intent is to give the reader some idea of where to start, to find the legal particulars that pertain to them. It is the readers responsibility to confirm that projects outlined in this book are compliant with local Utility regulations and policies. This book is not intended to cover every possible legal or technical aspect of the technology outlined. We assume no liability for the readers experimentation, use or misuse of the information contained within. Costs quoted, throughout this book, are based on year of publication rates. We appreciate any reader comments and experiences that will improve future editions of this book.

For years, people have been contacting Eagle-Research for that elusive, quick, easy and inexpensive free energy machine, to address their energy needs. Unfortunately, no such magic exists, just yet. And so the controversial and emotional issue of electric meters carries on for both the public and the Utilities. In the meantime, Eagle-Research continues to find and publish practical interim energy solutions. And at the same time, keep searching for and experimenting with any free energy means that is potentially viable. Eagle-Researchs mission is to push beyond the edge of conventional technology, looking for ways to tap sources of free energy like cosmic rays, orgone energy and gravity power. And then present practical solutions directly to individuals. The Reverse Electric Meter (REM) technique is one such interim solution. Before we actually get to the nuts and bolts of this technique, there are a few issues to be understood: Utilities do not necessarily tell all. It is not in their best interest to do so. Electric meters can, and do, malfunction. Unless you know that Utilities disclose only what they must and, that your electric bill might be higher that it could be due to a faulty meter, you remain out-of-pocket. We absolutely do not advocate the damaging or modifying of an electric meter in any way. That is not the purpose of this book. We do, however, advocate education of the public so they can determine if they

have a faulty meter. Most Electric Utilities are co-operative in servicing problems, if the customer brings it to their attention. Williams (see resources) educates people on the factors that cause electric meters to over-rate, so you can determine if you are being overcharged. His literature explains, very well, how power meters can be inaccurate. Being an informed consumer, who is willing to take at least some responsibility, is the only possible way of retaining ones power. We also advocate people taking individual responsibility for their lives, instead of depending on big brother for their comfort and needs. We do not say that a large organization is bad. We believe an interdependent organization formed of independent individuals is inherently stronger. This book is mainly about teaching the technique of overdriving an induction motor to use as an effective generator that is phaselocked to the Utility Grid the REM technique. The REM technique allows Independent Power Producers (IPP) to simply, safely and reliably feed their excess power into the Utility Grid. This process turns their electric meter backwards in a very inexpensive and totally legal manner. The REM technique is, in a word, practical. We dont detail how-to build your own power system in this book. Those details can be found in other literature. However, suggestions and sources that will help you design a practical home-power system with low-cost parts are included. We do outline how to use the REM technique to make the option of
Nikola Tesla
The REM technique uses the same induction motor as originally invented by Nikola Tesla. This man discovered and developed Alternating Current technology with all the applications that we use today. This includes: AC motors, generators, transformers and high voltage power lines; many ways to cure human diseases; Neon and Florescent lighting; radio, television, remote control, and all means of transmitting energy in a wireless form. If AC technology was cut out of our civilization, we would literally drop back to the technology level of the late 1800s and billions of people would die. One man made our civilization possible. Yet he was almost erased from the history books because he dared to try to give free energy to every person on earth. Eagle-Research is corresponding with people who are trying to find the huge energy resources that Nikola Tesla proved existed. These energy resources would allow nearly unlimited energy for everyone on earth.

~ FYI ~
Most Utility electric meters are actually small induction motors. They use a bit of the power that goes through them to turn the meter wheel and dials. They turn in the direction that the power flows through them. So when you flow power through the meter, from you to the Utility, the meter turns backward.

Reverse Your Electric Meter /

AC input

meter can record 1,000,000 Kwh; which at $0.06 per Kwh is $60,000 Oops Generally, this is not an issue. Most home-power systems (used for guerrilla net metering) dont produce enough power to meet all the homes needs. The average home uses 5 Kw and the average homepower project produces 1 Kw. In this case, the meter would simply record a consumption of 4 Kw. Not enough of a difference to attract the Utilities attention. Often the meter reading listed on your bill is not the actual meter reading. Sometimes the meter reader doesnt complete his rounds and the Utility estimates what the reading would be. This estimate is usually pretty accurate but may not be if youve just started using the REM technique or if you are using REM intermittently. If you are guerrilla net metering, it is a good idea to keep your own record of your meter readings if there is any
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R15 Z1

When a hand is between two numbers, the lower number is recorded. If a hand is directly over or nearly over a number, but the dial to the immediate right has not yet passed zero, the reading is the lower number. In the example below, the reading is 14,667 Kwh.

C11 D1 D2


We had a neighbor who had $100 per month electric bills. Since we lived next door, in a similar dwelling and had only $30 per month bills, something was wrong. (We were not using REM.) With consent from the landlord, we checked our Utility meters (using the continuous power formula) and found both of our Utility meters to be accurate. By checking the neighbors home loads, one breaker at a time, we also found that the thermostat for his hot water tank was stuck in the
1 0 9 2 3 2 3 4 5 6 8 8 6 5 4 7 7 9 0 1 2 3

M1 R14
3 2 1

Fig. 9: Hertz Tester

Eagle-Research is working on an innovative home-buildable power system now. It uses a high voltage battery bank (lots of batteries in series to make 240 volts), which are charged by the Grid or with a Capacitive Battery Charger (run directly from your induction generator). Then you build your own simple high efficiency inverter to provide 120 / 240 VAC to your home just as the Grid does now; and can be used to signal your induction generator too. This system can be twice as efficient as the old low voltage inverters that you buy. Another advantage to this homepower system is simple, efficient electric cars (to be discussed in other books).

Fig. 10: Kilowatthour Dials

possibility of reversing the meter too far. Your electric meter has dials that record the number of Kwh of electricity used in your home or business. It is important to know that some hands turn clockwise while others turn counter-clockwise. Each adjacent dial turns in the opposite direction and must be read in the direction it actually turns.


When using the REM technique, without a Utility contract, it is vital to know how to read your meter. If the Utility meter reader ever records a reading, that is less than the last one, youll get a huge bill! A five-dial

ON position. It was using 1500 watts continuously. When a water tank overheats, it drains hot water. He had been throwing hundreds of dollars literally down the drain. It turned out that several of the Condos had a similar problem that the landlord was able to correct.

Reverse Your Electric Meter /


Continuous Power Formula # revs = the total number of times the meter wheel made a complete revolution during the testing time. Can be any number you choose, more is more accurate. Kh = The Kh printed on the face of the meter. Sec = the time (in seconds) that it took to complete the # revs. Watts = #revs x Kh x 3600 sec

Check your actual meter performance

Shut off absolutely everything in your home (throw all breakers) except for one receptacle. Plug in a fixed load (a bank of ten 100 watt light bulbs). Count the meter wheel revolutions as you time (in seconds). The meter wheel is divided into 100 increments. For simplicity, always start and finish on the same increment (zero). Since you are checking the meter performance, you are measuring the power used to drive your load (in watts). Your load is 1000 watts, so the formula answer should equal 1000 watts. If it is within a couple of percent, you are probably okay. Light bulbs can vary that much in performance. The more accurate your load, the more accurate your test.

Like any organization, Utilities dont want to change because it involves a certain amount of bother. So the Utilities make it difficult for us, mostly using a combination of paperwork and inspections (read: red tape). Since they see a change coming, they are trying to get themselves into the most advantageous position possible. They have a vested interest in not telling people all of their rights, because they want those rights limited. Through lobbying, the Utilities have managed to define avoided cost as the power loss of transportation (T) and distribution (D), excluding manufacture costs. And so, they figure they need only pay you about 1 to 2 cents per Kwh that you feed them. Since all of the T & D costs havent been included, this cost is often too low. Be sure to check your Utilitys actual full T&D costs, including: Capital Amortization of Grid installation; Maintenance materials (poles, wire, bolts, insulators, etc.); Maintenance labor costs; Maintenance equipment costs; and any other actual costs. You have the right to ask them for this documentation which is also available from the Public Utility Commission for your State. From the Utilitys point of view, the best option is to pay you the minimum avoided cost for the power you sell to them and charge a retail rate (up to $0.18 per Kwh) for the power you buy from them. To do this, they typically want to install two meters on your property. Both of these meters are designed so they will not turn backward. One meter records the power coming into your property and one records the power going out. Usually, the Utility will try to get you to pay for the cost of the meters. Many people have

is the same as

If you leave ten 100-watt light bulbs burning for 1 hour, youve used 1 Kwh. If you leave one 100-watt light bulb burning for 10 hours, youve used 1 Kwh. Even tiny electrical loads add up to kilowatt-hours over the period of a year. When electricity is used needlessly or wastefully, its like a hole draining money out of your pocket. Usually, electric meters measure kilowatt-hours very accurately. Your energy usage can be easily checked against your bill if you know how to read your meter and do an energy evaluation of your home. Most people will save hundreds of dollars by simply taking the time to do a proper energy evaluation of their home and implementing energy saving techniques.


We've talked about the advantages of turning an electrical meter backward and explained how to do it. The question is Will the Utility buy your power? The answer is YES! The law (in Canada and the USA) requires the utilities to pay, at the very least, avoided cost for the power you feed them. Our vision is a diversified power Grid, with many, large and small, sources of power. The Utilities would own sections of the Grid and essentially become power brokers, making power, buying power and selling power. This is an ideal scenario in many ways but would require a fundamental change in the Utilities attitude. Deregulation of the power Grid supports this vision.

18 / Reverse Your Electric Meter

gone for this deal because they don't know any better. This ignorance has got to stop!
Examples of 2-Meter Billing:

How the Law works:

assume retail rate $0.06 and T&D $0.01: Use 5000 Kwh; produce 3000 Kwh; pay the Utility $270 Use 5000 Kwh; produce 5000 Kwh; pay the Utility $250 Use 5000 Kwh, produce 8000 Kwh; pay the Utility $220 From our point of view, we want Net Billing. This is where you get paid the full retail rate for power youve used and replaced as well as true T&D cost for the net excess power. Net Billing is what makes home-power production practical. For Net Billing, you keep your old meter, which records electrical flow both frontward and backward. As you use power from the Grid, you are billed your regular rate, as per normal. When you feed power back into the Grid, the meter turns backward and actually gives you a credit of your normal rate! When you then feed in more power to the Grid than youve used, you get paid T&D avoided cost.
Examples of Net Billing:

The law requires that the Utilities pay for any power fed into them. Since they insist on the right to seal the meter and replace the meter at their option, the cost of any meter is theirs. The law clearly states that (if the customer is feeding less than 100 Kwh) which meter is installed is the option of the customer, not the Utility. So you can legally keep your meter that turns backward and legally turn it backward. This is your most advantageous choice. It allows net billing. The law clearly shows that the billing arrangements are to be for the benefit of the customer, further showing net billing to be the option of choice. Net billing is the only option that makes sense and is your legal right. Net billing means you run your meter backward to feed power into the Grid and forward to take power from the Grid. If your usage from the Grid is exactly the amount of power you fed into the Grid, your net billing is ZERO! If you used more power from the Grid than you put in, your net billing would be a bill for the difference at the going rate for power. If you put more power into the Grid than youve used, you'd have a credit with the Utility. They'd pay you avoided cost. Obviously, it is to your advantage to use up your own power credit instead of taking the avoided cost payment. The law requires that the Utility buys the power from you, not that you sell the power to them. So the onus of paperwork is on them, not on you. You can legally set up a power system without informing them and
Reverse Your Electric Meter /

Regulation Excerpts In regulations, 25-17.082 The Utility's Obligation to Purchase; Customer's Selection of Billing Method. Paragraph (2) (b) states For qualifying facilities with an installed capacity of less than 100 kilowatts, at the option of the qualifying facility, . . . standard kilowatt-hour meters shall be installed. Paragraph (3) (a) states A qualifying facility, upon entering into a contract for the sale of . . . energy . . . shall elect to make . . . net sales to the purchasing Utility. Paragraph (3) (d) states Should a qualifying facility elect a net billing arrangement, the hourly net energy . . . shall be purchased at the Utility's avoided energy and capacity rates . .

assume retail rate $0.06 T&D $0.01: Use 5000 Kwh; produce 3000 Kwh; pay the Utility $120 Use 5000 Kwh; produce 5000 Kwh; pay the Utility $0 Use 5000 Kwh; produce 8000 Kwh; Utility pays you $30


you can continue to feed power into the Grid if they find out you are doing so.
Speak Up Net Metering was accepted in Europe several years ago, and the result has been wonderful. Europes energy Grid became more stable and they acquired energy from sources that the Utilities could not access. Europe also has power management programs, like using the deceleration energy of one electric train to help accelerate another. Each State has the right to implement its own net metering laws; so the battle continues at each level of government. If you care about the future of your electrical power, it becomes your responsibility to contact State and Federal Representatives and let them know that you care, and that you support net billing for a stable, interdependent, diversified Grid. It is important to reduce electrical use and to increase efficiency of use, but it is vital to increase electrical production. There are GigaWatts of potential in micro-power, which can be developed on an individual level. Politicians address the people who speak up (lobby) loudest. Your voice counts.

relatively simple if the customer knows his rights and simply sticks to them. We know of this actually happening to an independent sawmill owner in British Columbia, Canada. The sawmill is set up near a creek that flows off a mountain and also near the Utility Grid. He set up the entire sawmill to run with electric motors. (In BC most such sawmills use internal combustion power plants because they are far from the Grid). He had his sawmill connected to the Grid and then put in a hydropower plant, and used the REM technique. He paid low Utility bills for a long time. One day he shut down the sawmill for a couple of weeks, but forgot to shut off his hydro-power. While he was gone, the electric meter kept going in reverse til it went past the last meter reading. When he got the bill (for thousandsof-dollars), he immediately went into the Utility office and got it corrected. Then he got the on-site inspection and net-metering contract.

Its your choice if you even want a contract with them. Further, they cannot make a deal to which you do not agree. But, before you think you can charge anything you wish, remember that the law does state that they don't have to pay more than avoided cost for the net power that they buy. Just make sure to insist on actual avoided cost and net billing.

You do want your power system to be safe. If you shock some poor lineman, you will be liable for prosecution. Use the safety procedures weve suggested as a guideline. Get written documentation of your local Utilitys policies and regulations, before you actually build your system. The REM technique meshes with the Grid so smoothly, there is no way for the Utility to actually know if a customer is feeding them power. They may even come out to change the meter, thinking the old one is bad. The Utility usually finds out when the customer accidentally feeds in more power than he used, resulting in a lower meter reading than the previous one. The Utility computer assumes that the customer used enough power to run the meter completely forward to reach that point. The computer issues the customer a bill for many thousands of dollars. The customer immediately brings the outrage to the Utilitys attention and the Utility does an onsite inspection. Now the Utility needs to go through the paperwork with the customer to set up the contract. This can be

If you have micro-power potential of less than 100 Kwh, you can go ahead and connect up the Grid using the REM technique right now. You can get yourself on annual billing right away. Youll likely pay higher bills the first year, but you'll get that money back at the end of the year. Before you decide to approach your Utility and make a contract, become very familiar with your rights. Some Utilities perceive that it is in their best interest to take advantage of your ignorance. It is possible to hook up and operate your own system before contacting

There are currently many people with micro-power potential hook up to the Grid who simply don't bother telling their Utility what they are doing. These people are called Guerrilla net metering independent power producers. They feed enough power into their meter to keep it near zero. This can continue for years and is perfectly legal (as far as we know), particularly if you use a plugreceptacle to plug your power system into your home electrical system. If you hard-wire it in you come under various electrical codes.

20 / Reverse Your Electric Meter

Energy Solutions

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Patent-free Technology Brown's Gas Fuel Savers Free Energy

Dear Alternative and Sustainable Energy Enthusiast, Im a full time self-employed inventor. I research things that interest me, for use in my own life. The plans I sell are not just some armchair theorist brainstorming (though I usually start a project that way). I build the projects and make them work. They need to (and do) work because I use them myself. I develop them, redesign them, refine them and once Ive figured out how to DO IT in the most practical way I can... I DO NOT PATENT! I write a book; the books allow me to 1. Help (teach) a LOT of people AND 2. Bring in the money I need to pay bills and fund further research. 3. Make sure the technology is not lost if/when the Vested Interest finally shuts me down. Ive been a self-employed inventor since 1986 (started Eagle-Research in 1984). I (and thus Eagle-Research) am ENTIRELY SELF FUNDED, literally from satisfied customers. I do not accept Government grants or any money from anywhere that has any strings attached. Selling these books is how I fund research worth millions of dollars (and bypassVested Interest Suppression). Most of the money I make and years of my time go into to developing (and upgrading) innovations. Innovations that you can now know for the price of a book. This is why, when people copy and/or give away my books, they hurt 1. Me (copyright violation and loss of income), 2. YOU (you are denied technology upgrades on technology youve purchased), 3. All of society (everyone is denied practical innovation choices that could have been) On, otherwise well-meaning and enthusiastic people uploaded my books, which were downloaded (for free) over 10,000 times. That could have financed my Gravity Machine or an improved Free Energy Accumulator... To help enthusiastic people spread the word LEGALLY, weve started an affiliate program. As an affiliate, you will get PAID when you refer people to us and they buy any of our products. By now youve likely realized that most of this books pages are not included in this free preview. You can find a full authorized latest edition of all our books and kits in our eStore. All products sold with 100% money back Satisfaction Guarantee. Use coupon code Scribd130313 to get a one time 20% discount on an order (good until 2016). You can also find a (purchase separately) online Resources that keeps this technology current as there are corrections, upgrades, options, proofs, FAQ, Blogs, Forums, links, similar research by others, etc. (plus a lot of free information) You can also subscribe to my eNews (see website sidebar) to stay informed on whats happening. I thank you for your interest and I look forward to helping you achieve what Ive already done.

Canada: 160 Panorama Ridge, Box 21017, Penticton, BC, V2A 8K8 USA / Int'l: 1306 Main St., Oroville, WA 98844

Energy Solutions

since 1984

Patent-free Technology Brown's Gas Fuel Savers Free Energy

Welcome to our world, where you can join our team to make energy independence happen without depending on politicians or any other Vested Interest. We dont patent and we encourage you to join our efforts by sharing your thoughts and results. We act as an information gathering point for the shared thinking of you and many others, each giving the unique perspectives that, collectively, result in fast effective technological advances. We then experiment to merge the most practical solutions and then share the updated information, so each of us benifits fully from the input of thousands of minds. Weve been doing this since 1984; they now call this technique open-source:) Our books were our State of Art when written, and in many cases are still ahead of public knowledge. But our technologies improve quicker than we can print and distribute updates. So we have implemented an internet based solution to the challenge of keeping you updated with the latest corrections, updates, options and other resources that will help you incorporate the newest and best innovations into your life. When you buy our Products and Kits, from our eStore, the website automatically authorizes your eStore account to access the applicable secure sections of the Eagle-Research online Resources; where the latest (constantly upgraded) information is placed. This method assures that the people who have financed the research (by purchasing the eProduct) will have the latest information that results from their financial input. Note: At this time Eagle-Research eBooks are not automatically authorized to access their (optional) online Resources. For eBooks you need to purchase the applicable Resources separately, independently from the purchase of the eBook. Also, purchase of online Resources does NOT include the eBook. When you feel you are ready for the latest, updated, information, you can go to the Eagle-Research eStore: and buy this eBook and (if you choose) its related online Resources. Be sure to subscribe to the Eagle-Research eNewsletter to be informed when new information is available. To subscribe: see the left sidebar of most of the website pages or go to: Again, welcome :) May the Blessings be, George Wiseman, JOAT, President, CEO of

Canada: 160 Panorama Ridge, Box 21017, Penticton, BC, V2A 8K8 USA / Int'l: 1306 Main St., Oroville, WA 98844

Energy Solutions

since 1984

Patent-free Technology Brown's Gas Fuel Savers Free Energy

Here are some tips to help you enjoy the current features of the Eagle-Research website (we are adding more). The login page is at Once you enter your username and password, you will be able to access your account. Once logged in, go to 'My Account' (under your name in the sidebar), then click the 'edit' tab. Change whatever information you wish and then VERY IMPORTANT... click the 'Save' button before going to another page or tab. In your account you can: 1. Personalize / update your profile (you decide what is kept private, we do NOT give out personal information). This includes changing your username, password and eMail address, etc. We prefer if YOU change your email address, to prevent plishing, (people pretending to be you). You have the option to change your shipping address when you place an order (otherwise there is no need). 2. Subscribe / unsubscribe to / from the Eagle-Research eNotices. (eNotices allow us to inform you of new products, upgrades, deals, interesting and timely news) 3. Check on your order(s) status and history. 4. Access your eBook downloads (be sure to download them before they expire). 5. Access your online Resources (you must be logged into your account or the website will not unlock the Resources you've purchased) 6. Update your username, email address, password, add a picture: Once in your account, click on EDIT and you'll see where to change all these (and more) account details. (remember to click SAVE after making changes) IF YOU ARE HAVING TROUBLE WHEN YOU THINK YOU ARE LOGGED IN... Log out and log back in again. The ER website automatically logs off users that have been inactive for a period of time (it's part of the security protocol). Most web browsers 'cache' viewed pages. So it may look like you are logged in because you are looking at a page that was cached in your browser when you were logged in, but in reality you are no longer logged in and thus get 'access denied' error messages. Speed tip: stay logged out unless you need to be using one of your user privileges. The website caches the 'general public' pages for quick viewing by anyone but has to build a 'custom' page each time for logged in users. So when you are logged in, the pages will take longer to load. ----------------------------FORGOT YOUR eSTORE PASSCODE? Request a password reset from the the eStore. Itll email you a temporary login link to your registered email. Once you are in your account you can change your passcode to anything you desire. DONT FORGET TO click SAVE before you leave the page or the eStore will NOT save your changes ----------------------------SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCE HELP OTHERS - WRITE A REVIEW Your story will help other people and further the advancements of practical alternative energy solutions. 1. Go to 2. Log in to your profile. 3. Click on the category of the product (in the eStore) you wish to comment on. 4. Click on the specific product(s) to get to the more information page. 5. Click on Write a Review

Canada: 160 Panorama Ridge, Box 21017, Penticton, BC, V2A 8K8 USA / Int'l: 1306 Main St., Oroville, WA 98844


George Wiseman is the founder and president of Eagle-Research, a non-profit organization that develops and distributes energy-saving solutions. He is multi-talented and multi-degreed, but singular in his mission: to promote self-sufficiency at the individual level by discovering and sharing the best, all-around, practical solutions. George attributes his self-reliance, resourcefulness and commitment to our natural environment, to his rural roots. Dad didnt believe in having any equipment on the place (hobby farms in Montana, Oregon, Alaska and finally a ranch in British Columbia) that we couldnt fix ourselves. We had running water if we ran and got it. And electricity was something that came in batteries. His farmgrown, western cowboy philosophy combine well with his inventor persona to create a world-class visionary. He takes the hand-up rather than the hand-out approach to everything. Since 1984, George has been making his living as an inventor and author. His fuel-savers have gained him a worldwide following of satisfied consumers who eagerly pursue his work for new offerings. George continues to impress his customers, peers and competition with practical innovations that can be successfully home-built. His latest product, the ERxxxx WaterTorch, is making great waves in dozens of industries around the globe. As much as anything, its his commitment to patentfree technology development that has earned George Wiseman a champion reputation. Openly sharing research findings benefits everyone by constantly elevating the standards of viable energy solutions. Georges work has been featured on radio and in newspapers around North America and at many alternative energy gatherings including the International Tesla Society Symposiums and Exotic Research Conferences. He lives with his bride, Tenaj, and their brood of cats, in a lush valley of the Rocky Mountains. Individuals wishing to participate in the project may access the required reading list, that will be updated from time-to-time, on the Eagle-Research website: ( Comments and/or contributions are invited from anyone who is committed to cultivating dream seeds. Nay-sayers are better not to waste their time. Negative input will be wholeheartedly disregarded.

Too low they build, who build beneath the stars. - Edward Young -

We appreciate your contributions. Your input helps us further develop these technologies into more and better practical solutions. Remember though, we are a non-profit organization putting our time and money primarily toward research. There is seldom anyone in the office to answer the phone. For budget reasons, we usually do not return long-distance calls unless calling collect. We prefer to have customers contact us by email, FAX or letter.

Orders are filled first. Mail is answered when possible. Send orders and technical questions in separate correspondence or your order may be delayed. If your calculations are incorrect or there is missing information and we cannot reach you by email, we will have to wait until you contact us before we can process your order.

Eagle-Research (George Wiseman) in cooperation with Being Unlimited (Tenaj DaCosta Wiseman) are in the initial stages of creating their ultimate dream. They envision a world-renowned educational energy centre designed to find, develop and harness the unique genius inside each of us. The centre will be open to all sorts of creative-thinkers in their respective fields: inventors; writers; healing arts practitioners; feng shui specialists; architects; illustrators; horticulturalists; fitness experts


George Wiseman is available for a limited number of speaking engagements each year. For consideration of your next event, FAX details to Eagle-Research, at least three months in advance.

All Eagle-Research products are sold with a money back guarantee. If you are dissatisfied for any reason, return the product(s) within 60 days of receipt for a full refund of the product(s) price.

Reverse Your Electric Meter

Eagle-Research has done it again! With the release of Reverse Your Electric Meter another simple, cost-effective and efficient interim energy-management solution has been delivered to the eager hands of the proactive individual.

Filled with practical, patent-free innovation and grass roots empowerment Find out what the Utilities would prefer you didn't know Understand how to negotiate with the Utilities Store energy as credit with your local Utility - even sell Your surplus to them! Make free energy home-power systems practical Discover your free energy potentials Customize options to suit your energy requirements Build low-cost, low-maintenance projects using surplus parts

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