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Management tries to utilize all the sources of production in best possible manner. This can be achieved only when employees co-operate in this task Efforts should be made to motivate employees for contributing their maximum. The efforts of management will not bear fruit if the employees are not encouraged to work more. The motivated employees become an asset to the organization. Motivation is one of the most important factors affecting human behaviour. Motivation not only affects other factors like perception and Learning but also affect the total performance of an individual in organizational setting. This is the reason why managers attach great importance to motivation in an organization The sample size is 100 the source of the study is both primary and secondary data. The primary data are collected through structured questionnaire. The main objectives are to study effectiveness of Motivation in overall employee development . Secondary data are collected from news papers, journals and magazines. Analysis and interpretation are done by using percentage analysis. Based on the analysis and interpretation findings are made and suggestions are given.


The study is intended to evaluate motivation of employees in the organization. A good motivational program is essential to achieve goal of the organization. If efficient motivational programs of employees are made not only in this particular organization but also any other organization. The organizations can achieve the efficiency also to develop a good organizational culture. Motivation has variety of effects. These effects may be seen in the context of an individuals physical and mental health, productivity, absenteeism and turnover. Employee delight has to be managed in more than one way. This helps in retaining and nurturing the true believers. This study helps the researcher to realize the importance of effective employee motivation. This research study examines types and levels of employee motivational programs and also discusses opinion of employees about motivation.