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Dispatch supervisor will ensure that all scanned boxes should come timely to their respective pre define locations at PPD AREA (second floor) from forth floor. Dispatch supervisor will daily review the PPD area and this is his core responsibility that PPD team is storing the boxes in their pre defined area. If in any circumstances pre defined area is full by boxes and there are more boxes than he will ensure that boxes should be stored at mix zone PPD area instead of any other zone. Outward supervisor will give the PPD list of that day dispatch to dispatch supervisor at pre defined time and dispatch supervisor will tally that PPD list with physical available boxes through his team and after that he will again handover it to outward supervisor. After getting PPD list confirmation, outward supervisor will process that for invoicing/STN generation. Invoice/STN will be handover to Dispatch supervisor. Dispatch supervisor will generate the waybill, waybill stickers & Mani fest and filled the required enclosing permits. Dispatch supervisor will handover the material and documents to GRW-11 at ground floor.