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The following suggestions are needed to be explored based on the performance that has

been observed that during the yester pours being carried out M/s GDC and M/s SIL.

The observations with reference to M/s GDC and suggestions thereof are

1. There is lack of proper and adequate coordination especially during transition of

Day shift and Night shift. The persons in the night shift are leaving the site
without any kind of reports /information which is must for performance
evaluation and follow ups.
It is therefore suggested that the concerned be instructed accordingly.

2. The need is imperative for spraying water onto aggregates in quest to control the
temperature of concrete being produced at Batching plants .The fact is well
known prior to start of pour but arrangements for spraying water are undertaken
only after the start of pour. This creates huge time loss.
It is therefore suggested that the concerned be instructed accordingly that
adequate arrangements be made well in time before the start of pour so that
time loss can be curtailed.

3. Ice is being added to water at Batching Plants and the movement of Ice from
Anjar Ice factory is being monitored by Accounts department, who is sitting in
M/s GDC office at far off location from Batching Plant instead the In charge of
Site at Batching Plants be empowered to monitor the inflow of Ice depending
upon the requirements coupled with ambient temperature.
It is therefore suggested that the procedure be explored.

4. The available technical staff is not requisite to cater the requirement, it is felt that
one technical person per bathing Plant be deputed at least during pours of such
large volumes and where the temperature is to be controlled.
It is therefore suggested that the deployment at Batching plants’ site of
additional technical persons be explored on temporary basis.

5. It is observed that pour rate can further be improved.

It is therefore suggested that the Minimum Concrete Production Capacity of
Batching plants’ shall be 120 M 3 / Hour. Accordingly at least 17 Transit
Mixers be deployed for the work and hence availability of Transit Mixers at
site for the pour be explored on temporary basis well before the start of pour.
The efforts shall be exercised that %age utilization shall be at least 75 of both
production Capacity and Placement Capacity