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Kayla Rose Konway

Journalist and PR Specialist Education:

Journalism and Professional Technical Communication Major Public Relations Specialty Sports Communication Minor Deans List Fall 2012-2013 GPA 3.6/4.0 Bachelor of Science Ferris State University, May 2013 Associate of Arts Ferris State University, May 2010

Work Experience:
January 2011-May 2011, August 2012-Present Ferris State University Marketing and Communications Assistant Fall 2012 TPC Times Columnist Ferris State University Fall 2012 Journalism Day Event Planner Ferris State University May 2012-August 2012 Point O Pines Gymnastic Instructor and Public Relations Specialist January 2012-May 2012 Sports Speaker Series Event Planner January 2012-May 2012 Walt Disney World Resort Character Performer October 2009-May 2010 Social Media Assistant

Skill Set:
Proficient understanding of APA, MLA, and AP styles Proficient Microsoft Office Suite knowledge Proficient in Social Media platforms Advanced Marketing and Public Relations skills Basic Adobe Creative Suite knowledge Basic understanding of HTML and CSS codes Able to interact successfully with a wide range of people Energetic, self motivated, organized