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ANNOTATION ASSIGNMENT: Using the document entitled annotating text under the notes and resources tab, you will annotate at LEAST 2 (although you may choose to do more than two, if you cannot complete the requirements with only two) of the following 5 poems: Bring Me To Life If The Pink Ribbon The Road Not Taken Please Hear What Im Not Saying Sixteen In addition to annotating, you will also be looking for literary devices, making note of them, and identifying what/how they contribute to the poem. Here is a checklist of what you need to have annotated between your two (or more) poems: Three similies or metaphors EITHER one instance of alliteration or one instance of personification One instance of hyperbole EITHER one example of rhyme or one example of imagery The tone/voice The mood/atmosphere One example of symbolism Multiple annotations (underlining passages you dont understand, writing notes or questions in the margins, circling or highlighting repeated words or phrases) THREE higher level thinking questions that could be posed as discussion questions for the poem. Notes on what you like and dislike about the poem, how it affected you, and what you want to know more about, in regards to this poem.

Each of the items listed above is worth 2 points. Here is how the score will be calculated: 2 POINTS: Student successfully annotated the item 1 POINT: Student partially annotated the item 0 POINTS: Student did not annotate the item

There will also be 10 points awarded for the nature and depth of the insights you make. YOU MUST INDICATE WHAT EACH LITERARY DEVICE CONVEYS TO THE READER, AND HOW IT CONTRIBUTES THE POEM. The PAT content rubric will be used to assess this portion of your grade:
MEETS THE STANDARD OF EXCELLENCE 10..9 Exploration of topic insightful/imaginative, purpose deliberate, ideas carefully chosen a/o perceptive, supporting details precise and original, confident a/o creative, holds the readers interest APPROACHES THE STANDARD OF EXCELLENCE 8..7 Exploration of topic adept a/o plausible, purpose intentional, ideas thoughtful and sound, supporting details relevant and specific, considered a/o elaborated, draws the readers interest CLEARLY MEETS THE ACCEPTABLE STANDARD 6.5 Exploration of topic clear a/o logical, purpose evident, ideas appropriate a/o predictable, supporting details relevant but general, straightforward a/o generalized and occasionally arouses the readers interest DOES NOT CLEARLY MEET THE ACCEPTABLE STANDARD 4.3 Exploration of topic tenuous a/o simplistic, purpose vague, ideas superficial a/o ambiguous, supporting details imprecise a/o vague, writing uncertain a/o incomplete and does not appeal to the readers interest CLEARLY BELOW THE ACCEPTABLE STANDARD 2.1 Exploration of topic minimal a/o tangential, purpose incomprehensible, ideas overgeneralized a/o underdeveloped, supporting details irrelevant a/o lacking, writing confusing a/o undeveloped and does not interest the reader

CONTENT - explores topic - establishes purpose - chooses ideas - supports the response - considers the reader

10 marks