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BRAINWAVE GENERATOR EXTRA BACKGROUNDS ===================================== Installation of the BrainWave when the Bgextra.dll file has folder.

If you have BrainWave restart it. You will then see dialog. Generator extra background has finished been extracted to the BrainWave Generator Generator running, please close and the new backgrounds in the Preset Options

Following is the list of the extra backgrounds: Animals: Baaing sheep (parametric) Animals: Birds Animals: Galloping horse Animals: Howling dog (parametric) Animals: Pigeons Animals: Tropical birds Man-made: Chopping wood (parametric) Man-made: Explosions (parametric) Man-made: Traffic Nature: Gushing river Nature: Wind

TROUBLESHOOTING =============== BrainWave Generator backgrounds are installed simply by copying the background DLL Bgextra.dll to the BrainWave Generator folder. If the extra backgrounds are not visible in the Preset Options dialog, you probably have the Bgextra.dll in a wrong folder. Please make sure that it is in the folder where you installed BrainWave Generator.