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Financial planning 9. Explain briefly any 5 points of importance of financial planning? (2005, 2010, 2012). 10. 11.

What is meant by financial planning (2006, 2010, 2010) ? State the two important objectives of financial planning (2009)?

Capital Structure. 12. What is meant by capital structure? Explain briefly any 5 factors which affecting the capital structure of the enterprises (2005,2010,2006,2008,2009) ? Capitalisation. 13. If you have joined as a finance advisor in a company and find that the company was under capitalised. The direction of the company do not agree with you as they are ignorant about the meaning of under capitalisation. Explain to them the meaning of under capitalisation and convince them by giving 4 reason in support of your view point? (2005). 14. State why the working capital needs of service industry are different from that if a manufacturing industry? (2008). 15. Explain any four factors affecting working capital requirement at a company (2009)? 16. Name two ingredients of sand working capital management? (2010). 17. Pranav is engaged in a transport business. Identity the working capital requirement of pranav. State the reasons in support in your answer? Pranav also went to expand and divensity his transport business. Explain any two factors that will affect his fixed capital requirement (2012). 18. 19. Explain 5 factors which affect dividend policy of the company (2006)? Explain 5 factors which affect dividend policy of the company ? 2006.