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Survey Project

Ms. Rothrauff has decided that she wants to create a survey to figure out how high school students feel about mathematics. She also wants to get an idea of what interests these students and what teaching strategies work best. She needs your help!!! Each group is responsible for coming up with a survey. Review the information we discussed in class to help you create and conduct the survey. (Page 20: Basic Guidelines for Planning a Statistical Study and Page 24: Some Potential Pitfalls of a Survey.) Consider the following questions before you begin.

Guiding Questions:
1. What types of individuals should be included in the survey? 2. What types of questions should be asked to the individuals? 3. What information might you want to know about the individuals? 4. Which sampling technique(s) will you use? 5. What might be some potential pitfalls of the survey? How are you going to take these into consideration? 6. What are different strategies that teachers use to help get students interested in math? 7. How should the survey be conducted? 8. Where should the survey be conducted? 9. When should the survey be conducted? 10. What might be some lurking/confounding variables? How are you going to take these into consideration? Create and conduct the survey. After you conduct the survey, answer the Guiding Questions about what your group did and the Reflections Questions.

Reflection Questions:
1. What were the general results? 2. What should/would you have done differently? 3. What problems did your group run into? Be prepared to discuss your groups survey, Guiding Questions, and Reflection Questions in class. At the end of the discussion, each student will individually complete the Survey Review.

Rubric: Guiding Questions (group) Creating the survey (group) Conducting the survey (group) Reflection Questions (group) Survey Review (individual)

Points: 20 points 5 points 5 points 10 points 20 points Total: 60 points

Survey Project Rubric


Staple everything together in this order. (Not the * items.) Rubric: Guiding Questions (group) Predictions *Creating/Conducting the survey (group) Reflection Questions (group) Survey Review (individual) 10 points 10 points 20 points Total: 60 points ________ ________ ________ ________ 20 points ________

Guiding Questions: Each question is worth 2 points.

Creating/Conducting the survey: Taking into consideration potential pitfalls of a survey: 4 points (Vague wording, hidden bias, interview influence, etc.) Questions that help to answer the main reasons for conducting the survey: 4 points (How students feel about math, what interests them, and what strategies work best.) Surveying an adequate number of students: 2 points

Reflection Questions: Question 1: 4 points Question 2: 3 points Question 3: 3 points

Survey Review: Each question is worth 4 points.

Name: _____________________________________________ Period: ____ Date: ___________

Survey Review
(Each question is worth 4 points. This is to be completed individually.)

1. List 4 qualitative variables about students that could have been included on the survey.

2. Which sampling technique would be the best to use? Explain why.

3. Should the students in your group have taken your groups survey? Why or why not?

4. List 4 things you could do to get high school students to say they like math.

5. What would be some confounding variables if the survey was given to high school students right after their Math Final.