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Question 6.

What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

For shooting the thriller opening, instead of using one of the school HD cameras provided we used a DSLR and in particular the Nikon D3100. The advantages of using this type of camera is that it offers a professional and cinematic image. Through the manual aspect of the camera this is created through the vast control it allows, this includes control over: aperture, shutter speed and focus. This allows more options when shooting and allowed us to create the blurred background to reflect the mind and sight of Edward.

When shooting we used an additional SD card for the camera. Some cameras have built in hardrives and therefore from the camera you connect it to the computer and convert the files straight from the device. By using an SD card, you have a lot more freedom in a sense. Converting the files to the computer is: quicker, less hassle (having to carry round the camera), youre at less risk of breaking equipment as you dont have to carry the camera round every time you want a file. When using SD cards, I learnt about the different classes. The specific class that we used within our SD card was class 10. Within the classes, the higher, the quicker the speed and due to us recording video footage, this meant larger files and therefore with a higher speed it made the whole process a lot smoother and less painful (metaphorically speaking).

When shooting we also used an external microphone. This was able to record the sound of the environment and the setting around us with clear, sharp recordings that we could then overlay onto the footage in editing. The reason for not using the sound from the original footage is that it is very raw, muffled and you cant hear the detailed sounds like the sound of feet on the ground from the characters running and their heavy breathing (all aspects we wanted in the sound). However, due to us using sound externally, this meant a little time in the editing process overlaying the additional sound over the footage, making sure it is all synced at the precise moments that the action is happening. Time consuming, but very effective.

Due to us using a DSLR camera and not a school provided HD camera, we had trouble with the format that the files came from. The original format the files from our DSLR were .mov, and the software we use to edit at school was premierpro CS4 which doesnt support this file. Due to this complication we had to go through the process of converting the .mov files to avi so that it was compatible to the software. To do this, we had to use a software called mpeg stream clip which compressed our very large files, into smaller compact files without reducing the quality. For me, I knew nothing about different file types and compatibility between the different types and so to come across this problem was a real eye opener to the concept of formatting.

The editing software that we used was premier pro. The biggest difficulty I found within editing was all the different tools and techniques that comes within editing. In my preliminary task I didnt take a hands on role within the editing, however before delving into editing my thriller I had a practise go on after effects creating my own titles sequence. It took me just under 2 hours to create 15 seconds. This definitely showed me how to be patient with the editing software that I find quite difficult to handle with. The tools that came most in handy were the: track select, ripple, ripple edit, razor etc. The colour within our thriller was altered a lot to create almost a surreal effect with the sharp images and colours combined. To do this, colour correction and colour grading was definitely present with alterations to: RGB curves, saturation, brightness and contrast. I didnt realise before, how little tweaks to the slightest colour balance can make the whole picture look completely different and is something I took into consideration. Not only this but within the titles, the technique of masking. Before making my thriller I had never heard of this before and wasnt at all knowledge on how to do this. By using key frames, we were able to make the titles look like the characters were revealing and hiding away the titles.

Within the sound I had a little bit of experience. I hadnt used anything as professional as premier when editing sound, I had only used free online software to cut music for my GCSE dance last year. However, this gave me a little knowledge on overlapping sounds. Due to the music having rise and falls in alternate places when combing the music together it doesnt quite mesh. A way to tackle this is to use a crossfade at the begging of each new sound. What this does is removes the jolt of a new sound so that the sounds combined are smooth and almost as if they were always together. All the music and sound came from the internet, the music coming from This was website proving free sounds and music, meaning when in editing the overlapping of music was hassle free. Although using different websites in research for the sound, this website proved to be best.