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Nicola Solomon: An Overview of the American Medical Writers Association

Based in Los Angeles, California, Nicola Solomon, PhD, is a medical and scientific writer and a member of the American Medical Writers Association (AMWA) where she earned her Essential Skills Certificate. Dr. Nicola Solomon has written or edited dozens of scientific and medical publications and is committed to the writing craft and the medical writing community worldwide. A non-profit professional organization based in Rockville, Maryland, the American Medical Writers Association benefits speakers, writers, translators, and all communicators specific to the field of medicine. Founded in 1940, AMWA today includes over 5,600 members worldwide who convene regularly in regional chapters to develop, institute, and adhere to a common standard of medical communication, especially in writing. With 19 chapters in North America, AMWA debates, defines, and governs the authorship of medical publications according to a uniform code of ethics. Members of AMWA have access to a wide range of workshops and training sessions on all aspects of medical communication. The Association also provides assistance to writers in search of work and issues a quarterly publication, the AMWA Journal, which serves as a repository of knowledge, skills, and techniques for medical writers and orators.