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BAD HABITS THAT DISTURB HUMANS LIFE PROCESSES 1. Some behavior or habits bring harm to humans life processes.

2. These bad habits are a. Smoking b. Taking drugs c. Drinking alcohol SMOKING 1. Cigarette smoke contains many poisonous substances. 2. These poisonous substances include: a. Nicotine b. Tar c. Carbon monoxide 3. All of these poisonous substances can damage the lungs. 4. Smoking is bad to humans health. 5. It cause many diseases and health problems such as a. Lung cancer b. Heart attack c. Severe cough d. Breathing difficulties 6. Smoking also causes bad breath and the yellowing of the teeth. 7. Therefore, we should never smoke. TAKING DRUGS AND DRINKING ALCOHOL 1. Drugs are substances that can affect the functions of humans body. 2. The examples of drugs are heroin ,morphine ,ganja ,cocaine and ecstasy pill. 3. Alcohol is a substance used to make alcoholic drinks. 4. Examples of alcoholic drinks are beer ,whisky and wine. 5. Taking drugs and drinking alcohol are bad to humans health. a. A drug addict may sustain brain damage, coma and even death. b. A person who drinks too much alcohol can damage the organs especially the liver. 6. The bodys response to stimuli becomes slower than normal. Below are a few examples. a. A person high on drug and a drunken person are not able to walk in a straight line b. They are also prone to driving dangerously. This can cause accidents.