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Reference list should be arranged alphabetically Reference to periodical: 1) Author's last name followed by initials, 2) "year" 3) Title of paper. 4) Name of periodical ( Use Index Medicus abbreviations), 5) Volume 6) First (and preferaply last) page of article. Eample: EI-Batawi, Y.A.,: EI- Mished, A.M.,: Mitkis, F.A., EI-Atreby, A. Ibrahim, A.A. and EI- Ahmadi, I.E.(1976): Senstivity and specificity of fluorescent treponema antibody absorption test in diagnosis of syphilis. Med. J. cairo Univ. 46: 79- 86. Reference to books: 1} Author1sname 2) "year" 3)Title of article/ chapter/ or book, Editor's name if any, pages 4) Publisher's name, 5) Place of publication. Example: Boseila, A.W.A. (1966): Endocrine influence on blood elements. In Hormones and connective tissue (ed. G. Asbose-H ansen) P. 38- 69, Munksgaard,Copenhagen.